Character Profile 2 : Code Red

Calvin trained vigorously with Tex and eventually got initiated into the O.R.C.B. under  project whisper. He was the second assassin of the whisper squad (which was named the ghost squad previously). He worked hand in hand with Jarvis Escoba, who was the first assassin of project whisper. Calvin’s code name was Apparition, his weapon of choice are dual assault eagles which are SMGs embossed with eagle insignia. he was armed in a special agent suit that harbored small spherical balls that proved effective when thrown across enemy lines. The spheres produced perfect 3D holograms and decoys that fooled enemies. Calvin and Jarvis embarked on several missions together, yielding positive results.

Calvin’s signature kill was a straight shot into the victim’s heart, and he always crossed the hands of his victims and placed a bronze eagle on their foreheads. The bronze eagle was his family’s insignia. But all did not work perfectly for Calvin, while on a mission to Siberia to investigate and thwart the spread of a deadly and illegal drug known as gastrone, Calvin noticed a serial killer’s dirty work. The killer always made a scar that looked like a crooked crocodile-like smile on his victims, this prompted the O.R.C.B. to name the killer the Leviathan. Philip Mosley, who was now a registered O.R.C.B. desk agent and detective worked on the case for years and realized in horror that the Leviathan was Trey from the orphanage. Apparently he had survived the fall from his brawl with Calvin, his parents had showed up and had him taken to the best doctors for his recuperation. Trey’s fall had damaged some of his bones permanently and these parts were replaced with bionic parts, Trey had also lost a lot of his pain nerves prompting him to be a ruthless fellow. When Trey had fully recovered, he continued to live a life of tyranny and was not too long before the terrorist organisation known as F.L.A.M.E. noticed him and recruited him. Trey killed his parents in a rage over an argument and this impressed F.L.A.M.E. a lot that they made him their special assassin.Trey took up the moniker, Leviathan due to his sick signature he left on corpses. When Calvin learnt about this, he decided to hunt Trey down which made Trey his ultimate nemesis.

This is the end of Calvin Hooper’s life history.

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Character Profile 2 : Code Red

One time, a couple of bullies led by a certain bully, Trey decided to pick on Philip again, but Calvin stepped in and knocked them out save Trey, who proved to be a difficult assailant to Calvin. Trey was not an orphan, but a spoilt brat who stole a very large portion from his parent’s wealth and decided to run away. He had a very swollen bank account and therefore he could take care of himself, his parents begged him to return home, but it fell on deaf ears. Trey and Calvin brawled for a couple of minutes before Calvin eventually bested him and tossed him off the side of the building in a feat of rage.
This led to Calvin’s eviction from the orphanage. As fate would have it, an anonymous bodyguard to his parents simply known as Tex shows up and adopts Calvin at the age of eighteen. He claimed to work for the O.R.C.B. ( Organisation for Rapid Control of Belligerence ) and he promised Calvin that he would avenge his parent’s murder. This surprised Calvin because he thought his parent’s death was an accident, but unknown to him, his parent’s plane was sabotaged by a terrorist organisation known as F.L.A.M.E. ( Fury Lives As Man Eats ). Calvin’s parents were heavy sponsors of the O.R.C.B. and were considered as critical ends to be exterminated.
To Be Continued.
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Character Profile 2 : Code Red

Code name : Apparition
Real name : Calvin Hooper
Weapon of choice : Assault Eagle
Ability : Decoy, Holograms
Origin : England

Life History
Calvin Hooper was born in Liverpool, England to Thomas and Jane Hooper. He schooled at a private establishment due to his parent’s affluence. He undertook martial art lessons at the tender age of six. At the age of eleven, his family relocated to the United States. He lived in New York for an extensive period. By the time he was sixteen years of age, his parents were claimed in a fatal air crash, which orphaned Calvin. Calvin was adopted into an orphanage where he lived a very uncomfortable life. He was often taunted by other orphans, as he was nicknamed “the rich pauper” due to the change in his financial well-being since the demise of his parents. Calvin kept on training during his time in the orphanage. He eventually attained a true friend, Philip Mosley. Philip was of a very small stature, prompting him to be the easiest to pick on. Philip was a very intelligent youth as well who found his way into the orphanage due to abandonment. His underage mother had him out of wedlock and decided to abandon him by a riverside, where he was later found. Calvin and Philip became really close friends. But their friendship was just the beginning of several episodes in their later life.
To Be Continued.
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The Phantom Labourer (continued)

The second mugger charged after Marc, as he approached, Marc simply sidestepped and weaved the mugger’s clumsy punches, returning a devastating blow to the nape, the second mugger staggered up and thrust his wielded dagger towards Marc’s abdomen, the dagger went clean through his ribs………………..subsequently causing no damage.
“Wat sorta sorcery is this?” yelled the second mugger in extreme puzzlement.
The second mugger took another swing of his dagger but got the same result.
“Ya think ya can mess with moi?” said the second mugger with his exposed multicolored dentition.
Then the second mugger tried to tackle Marc from the abdomen, but it was to no avail as he simply passed through Marc.
“He is messing with us, Jack shoot him” the second mugger beckoned to his fellow mugger.
Then the first mugger presumably named Jack withdrew a pistol.
(This was something Marc didn’t see in his vision)
Jack straightened his armed hand and fired a bullet at Marc’s chest.
‘BLAM’ the 9mm went right through Marc coronary muscles and exitted his back…………….without any damage.
Jack fired another bullet at Marc but got the same result.
“Porosity is a bitch, right?” sneered Marc.
With that said, Marc grabbed the second mugger and landed an earth crunching elbow on his neck, this immediately sent the second mugger into an unprecedented slumber.
Jack was now fidgeting with the gun in his hand, then Marc gradually walked towards him saying
“My job is a very risky and difficult one, you see I see things before they happen and therefore have the capability to prevent them, and you sir are a victim of my premonitions”
“Wh…….at a….ar….are y…..yy…” Jack stammered as he couldn’t believe what he had just seen or heard.
“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, some call us phantom labourers” replied Marc.
“Us? So there are more of y..” Jack didn’t finish his sentence before he was knocked out.
“He was asking to many questions” Marc said, referring to the young man with the necklace who watched the whole ordeal in awe.
“You are amazing” said the man.
“Ok run along now, you have a wife waiting to hear your impossible story” Marc said as he walked off. His job here had been done.

The Phantom Labourer (continued)

Marc sprang from his bed, his vision had just showed him that this particular stranger was going to perish in fifteen minutes time.
Marc just put on some casual clothes and dashed out of his apartment. He ran across the lawn and scaled the fence, he dashed towards the main road and was almost hit by an approaching vehicle. He crossed into a random man’s garden.
“Curse you”, yelled the old geezer who owned the property.
Marc ignored the man’s several vituperative comments as his eyes caught a waiting taxi.
“Take me over to the 26th”, Marc barked at the taxi driver.
“But I am waiti…”, the taxi driver didn’t complete his sentence when a large wad of paper notes landed on his lap.
“Take me to the 26th”, Marc repeated himself in a calmer tone.
The taxi driver couldn’t believe his luck, the amount of money on his lap at the moment could not attained for in a whole week’s work.
He pushed his foot to the pedal and zoomed off at full throttle. While in the car, the vision hit Marc continually, the man….the jewel….the muggers….then ‘BUMP’ the taxi driver had just run into a pedestrian. The taxi driver came out of his car to assist his victim, Marc got out of the taxi, he noticed he was just two blocks away from his target, he pondered why he didn’t see the pedestrian incident in his vision but then he realized that the current objective had overshadowed his precognitive senses. He was now half a block away, when he heard the man’s voice
“What do you want”
Marc ran into the commotion and saw the two muggers.
“Oh sorry, am I interrupting something here?”, asked Marc sarcastically.
“Oi, back off ya filthy scum”, bellowed the second mugger with his mouth odour that still emitted a two week old burger.
“I’m sorry but that is not possible”, replied Marc.
With that said, the second mugger withdrew his dagger and ventured towards Marc.
To Be Continued.
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Phantom Labourer(continued)

“What do you want?” asked the man
“Oh I see you just purchased a fine piece of silver” retorted the first mugger.
“Yah I noticed that too, what do you want with it?” asked the man again.
“Ya aren’t that dumb now, are ya now
?” asked the second mugger in a foreign accent, wielding a dagger.
“No way, you cannot have it” said the man defiantly.
“You are really willing to lay down your life for that piece of silver” said the first mugger with an evil grin.
“Well…..if yo….u want th….th..the sil…..silver you have to pa……ss thr…..u me fi….rst” stammered the man.
“As ya wish” said the second mugger.
With that said, the man pushed the first mugger and was about to make a run for it, when the second mugger grabbed him and said.
“Hand over the silver, boi or you gonna get carved”
The man elbowed the second mugger but was caught by the first mugger who pushed him to the second mugger’s horizontal hand wielding the dagger as the cold knife sank into the man’s abdomen.
“Oww” the man groaned in agony as he slumped to the ground.
“Ya shuld have listened boi” said the second mugger sniggering, as the two muggers departed with the dying man’s necklace. The dying man kept on moaning sprawled on the ground in pain as he gradually faded from existence……………………………………………Marc Frasier tapped out of his vision, the time was quarter past six, a man living some blocks from him was going to die in fifteen minutes. He had to act fast.
To Be Continued.
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The Phantom Labourer

This is an excerpt from another working title of mine. It is titled phantom labourer because the plot revolves around a special group of people who can see fatal premonitions of people who live around them. This is the first chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 1
The tall average sized man entered the jewelry shop and walked to the jeweler.
“How much is that ruby necklace”
The man asked pointing over to a necklace resting in one of the show glasses.
“Five hundred and fifty dollars” replied the jeweler.
“Okay, no sweat” replied the man, unaware of the two hulking figures behind him.
The man purchased the necklace and ventured home pleased with the gift he had just bought for his wife’s birthday.
He kept on walking totally oblivious of the muggers behind him. He had reached a street that had been named 42nd and Crow, he then looked at his watch and it revealed that the time was half past six. He kept on muttering to himself about the necklace and how his wife would love it when a voice bellowed at him,
“Hey you, stop there” the voice carried anger and desperation.
The man turned around and saw one of the muggers beckoning him to stop.
To Be Continued.
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