Monday Musings

It’s been a long time since I last uploaded my frequent movie news, but now that I’m done with my exams, I’ve got some more spare time, in between playing Watchdogs and binge watching Chuck. Today I’m gonna talk about a potential sequel to the battle between Jaegers and Kaijus, getting into da choppa again and a certain Norse of god of thunder who could play 1930s brilliant archeologist. In light of the recent world cup surprises. Let’s get it on.

In a recent interview with Guillermo del Toro, the visionary director confirmed that he was currently working on a Pacific Rim sequel and that it would still consist of the major characters from the first movie. Although the first movie didn’t blow very big at the box office, the movie still made a lot of money in the foreign box office, and with a rich backstory I can see this being a franchise. He also discussed the possibility of seeing a Kaiju-Jaeger fusion. An animated series and a graphic novel have also been announced to be released as well. The sequel is set to be released in 2017. Are you excited for the sequel, the first movie was one of my favorite of last year.

"Had to much Jaegerbombs to drink"

In recent news, 20th Century Fox announced their intention to reboot the Predator franchise. The film is set to be directed by Shane Black, who is also known for his works on Kiss Kiss bang Bang and Iron Man 3. It was then announced that the reboot was going to be a sequel rather than a remake, with Shane Black still in the directorial chair. Black also had a role in the original Predator movie, which gives me comfort and some confidence that he is familiar with the source material and he would do justice to the movie. I actually kinda liked the 2012 remake starring Adrien Brody. What do you think about this sequel?

"I'm coming back soon, miss me?"

Shane Black seems to have his hands in a lot of cool source materials of recent, in a recent chat with a news source, he has expressed interest in directing a film adaptation of the 1930 pulp magazine publication Doc Savage which follows the adventures of Clarke Savage Jr. I’m not so familiar with this material but I know it’s a pop culture influence in the 21st century. Shane Black is interested in casting Chris Hemsworth in the role of Doc Savage, the Norse god has portrayed some egotistical characters in his career, it would be nice to see his portrayal of Doc Savage, Rush was my favorite movie of 2013, and Hemsworth portrayal of real life race driver James Hunt was phenomenal. I am interested to see what he has to showcase. What are your thoughts? Till next time. Szia.

"Hmm, this doesn't look like Thor's hammer"

Top Five Most Underrated Actors part 1

Hollywood is the home for actors to showcase their talents, ideally an actor starts out from small budget films to huge blockbusters but unfortunately some actors have not had that opportunity to break into the mainstream, it could be either because movie studios haven’t recognized their potential enough or it could just be a lack of opportunity to land a major role. Today I’m gonna list out my favorite actors that I think are underrated. This list is the first part of my underrated actors. These are my favorites, if you don’t see an actor you think is overrated, feel free to list him in the comment section. Of course, our lists may differ, but these are actors that whenever I see them onscreen, their presence just lights up the movie. These are actors that you might recognize from different movies but just can’t remember their names or just can quite locate them. In light of the new Man of Steel poster, let’s get it on.

This is one actor that really knows how to work with what he’s got, this is an actor who puts his whole charisma into the character he plays, either it being a winged mutant or a western outlaw, He held his own against Hollywood heavyweights like Russell Crowe and Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma. He also portrayed a drug dealer in Alpha Dogs, a role in which he added glaucoma eye drops to his eyes in order to mimic that of a drug dealer’s. He had an outstanding lead role in the sci-fi horror, Pandorum which he managed to stand out in, surpassing the performance of even Dennis Quaid. He also gave noteworthy performances in Rampart as the handicapped pal to Woody Harrelson, he was barely recognizable and in Contraband, opposite Mark Wahlberg. Although he had a minor role in X-Men: The Last Stand as Angel, his role was a major plot point to the overall story of the movie. He did have a lead role in The Mechanic, but it was obvious that that movie was made around Jason Statham’s character. Foster has been confirmed to star in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, hopefully this role would showcase his truly unique acting style, and grant him bigger lead roles in future movies.

"I take my roles seriously"

This is another talented actor who always gives his best into the character he portrays, he appeared earlier on the sci-fi thriller tv show, The X-Files, he was also part of the awesome ensemble of actors to appear in the World War 2 epic, Saving Private Ryan where he portrayed a dying soldier to the teeth. It wasn’t until Boiler Room, where he plays the role of Seth Davis, that Robison caught the eye of various filmmakers. Although he has appeared in a couple of blockbusters like Gone in Sixty Seconds and Avatar, he is yet to star in a major lead role and I feel like he deserves it so far. Ribisi has also excelled in comedy, his role as the teddy bear obsessed Donny was priceless and was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Robison was recently playing Warner Wittemore in the parental comedy Dads before it was cancelled, he has also shown his range in tv shows as well. Robison is set to appear in Selma, an upcoming drama based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery march. I hope to see him in future movies soon.

"Who pinched my butt"

Before I get mauled by the comment section, I will have to explain why Taylor is on my list, despite his run ins with box office bombs recently I still rank him as underrated. Taylor was a model before he went into acting, he might be best known for his performance in Friday Light Nights as Tim Riggins and many people might not even recognize him as the guy in Snakes on a Plane that was frolicking with a girl in the plane toilet before they got killed by snakes. He then appeared in The Covenant, a personal guilty pleasure movie of mine. His first major appearance didn’t come until in the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as the kinetic mutant Gambit. Despite my dislike for the actual movie, I did like Taylor’s portrayal of the card tossing mutant. Eventually in 2012, Taylor got a lead role in the box office flop, John Carter. Although the movie was met with disappointing box office returns, Taylor’s performance was credited, which still earned him a role in the sci-fi action movie Battleship. Another box office failure, Battleship didn’t stand out as more than a mediocre sci-fi movie riddled with cliches and wooden acting. These two Hollywood blockbusters which should normally throw an actor into the limelight, did little to nothing but rather masked Taylor’s talent with the stench of their critical reception. Taylor still managed a major role in Oliver Stone’s Savages but his performance didn’t really get enough recognition. As of recent, he also appeared in the Lone Survivor. Taylor Kitsch, in my opinion is still going to be considered an underrated actor cause he manages to stand out even in lackluster movies. It’s probably the reason he still gets role offers despite his involvement with a couple of mediocre movies. I look forward to more of his acting prowess.

"No matter how hard I fall, I'm gonna keep coming back"

This is an actor that instantly lights up the screen once he comes on. He is known for completely disappearing in to his role. He is most probably known for his role as Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger. He first wowed audiences with his singing talent in Mamma Mia. He also received critical acclaim for his dual roles as Latif Yahia and Uday Hussein in the underappreciated The Devil’s Double. He also played a suave vampire in the not so fang sinking movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. He has also appeared in tons of indie movies, it’s a wonder that he hasn’t gotten a major lead role yet. He is also set to star in the upcoming Warcraft adaptation, hopefully a casting agent will recognize his full potential and cast him in a lead role in a blockbuster movie, although I must say, he is particularly good in supporting roles as he knows how to work with eccentric second characters.

"They say glasses make you look more opulent"

An underrated list of actors is not complete without mentioning one of Sam Rockwell, his turning point was in the 1996 movie Box of Moonlight, where he played an erratic adult baby who masquerades as David Crockett. Sam also spooked audiences with his role as the villainous William Wharton in The Green Mile. He also warmed up our hearts as the fidgetive crew member in Galaxy Quest. Rockwell never disappoints in producing the best supporting character in his movies as evident in movies like Matchstick Men, The Assassination of Jesse James and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Rockwell landed a major role in the George Clooney directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. He also played the eccentric weapons mogul Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, delivering yet another noteworthy performance in a lackluster movie. In 2009, Sam Rockwell wowed audiences and critics alike in the sci-fi drama Moon, where he plays Sam Bell, two clones who try and figure out a conspiracy on the moon. He received high praise for his dual performances. Rockwell has also appeared in amazing indie films like Seven Psychopaths, The Way, Way Back and Better Living through Chemistry. Sam Rockwell has played tons of unique characters, at this rate, the 45 year old actor still seems to be on a hot streak and doesn’t seem to slow down any time now. He is yet to receive an Academy Award nomination, but at this rate, there would be one right around the corner. This is my list for the first part of my top 5 underrated actors. Stay tuned for the second part. Feel free to comment on other actors that you think are underrated. If you don’t see them on this list, they are probably going to be on the next list. Till next time. Szia.

"Can you smell that Oscar coming around soon?"

Dominion(What Legion could have been)

So recently I came across a new dystopian supernatural tv show titled Dominion( it’s legit and not a porn site category). It’s a supernatural show based on the 2010 supernatural sci-fi movie Legion. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie but I was impressed with the lore and plot, I just felt that the direction of the film wasn’t well executed. Dominion still follows the story from the movie, albeit it is set 25 years in the future. The story still follows a waging war between the archangel Gabriel and his angel minions against archangel Michael and humanity. The pilot aired over a week ago and I must say that for a tv show on the SyFy channel, it was pretty good and fun to watch. The effects were ok and some of the actors were good in their roles. Paul Bettany and Kevin Durand have been replaced as Archangel Michael and Gabriel respectively. Humanity has built high walls in Nevada and have made a city called Vega, which was formerly Las Vegas. Humanity believes in a chosen one that would lead them all in a battle against Gabriel and his army. The baby was conceived towards the ending of Legion and Michael helped in protecting him. In order not to get into spoiler territory, I would just talk about my first impressions and the overall feel of the series thus far.

"Dante ain't got nothing on this folks"

Carl Beukes and Tom Wisdom take over the roles as Archangel Gabriel and Michael with some impressive portrayals. Christopher Egan plays the main character who I am yet to warm up to, maybe later episodes would change my mind about him, but of right now, I can only see him as a whiny mini Anakin Skywalker. The best performance so far has to be from Anthony Head who plays a very eclectic and cunning politician. The fight sequences are great and apart from just a couple of cgi defects and some mediocre performances from some lesser characters, Dominion has proven to me to be an apocalyptic show worth watching with a strong supernatural plot and political intrigue to keep the ball rolling. Having seen the first two episodes, I can see a pretty decent storyline unveiling, I just hope it doesn’t get too convoluted that it collapses on itself. I would start doing Dominion episode recaps just to keep you all in the loop. If you are a fan of supernatural action packed post apocalyptic tv shows, this is one to check out. Till next time. Szia.

Game of Thrones S04E08 recap

First I would like to thank you guys that take the time out of your significantly productive life to read my blog as I got a boost in my views recently. Also I would soon resume my regular movie updates as my exams are coming to an end. Today I would be reviewing last week’s episode of HBO’s number one most viewed TV show to date(beating out The Sopranos). The episode which I also call ‘The Villain’s Victories’ as it just seems like every bad guy was just getting what they wanted. In light of Luigi’s death stare, Let’s get it on.


The episode starts off with Sam’s oblivious girlfriend at the brothel in Mole’s Town as it comes under attack from the wildlings. They enter and slaughter everyone like a 7 year old playing GTA. We see Ygritte also join in the massacre but shows unexpected mercy to Gilly and her baby, Little Sam. Back at the Wall, Jon Snow and Samwell get the news with the latter lamenting Gilly’s possible demise. They also converse on the near impossibilities of stopping Mance Rayder’s army. Meanwhile at Meereen, Greyworm, a leader in the Unsullied army seems to show some interest in the beautiful Missandei, Khaleesi translator despite his lack of a pillar and stones. We then experience a Theonception, as Theon Greyjoy who has been recently coerced into a new identity as Reek masquerades as Theon Greyjoy in order to get the guards of Moat Cailin to stand down, granting Ramsey Snow an easy victory.

“Hmm, Theon Greyjoy, that name sounds awfully familiar”


We are transported to the Vale, where Lord Baelish is been tried regarding the death of Lady Lyssa, initially it seemed like Baelish had reached his last card and that there was no way to escape his fate until in a surprise twist, Sansa comes and testifies in his favour bailing him out in a very deceptive fashion, we are later shown that she did it cause he was the only one left to her that could secure her protection. Baelish then seeks to manipulate Robin, the son of Lyssa and the Lord of the Vale, and we see a newly transformed Sansa, with all her innocence put aside in a black attire descend with poise towards Baelish. Cut back to Meereen, Ser Jorah, the god of friendzones, gets implicated as a copy of his pardon from seasons past bites him in the ass, as Daenarys exiles him from her presence, I still have reason to believe that Tywin Lannister must have sent the letter in order to sow a seed of discord. At the North, Ramsay Snow gets accepted by his father and is given the new name Ramsay Bolton and made Warden of the North. I believe Ramsay is going to be a huge pain in the ass for future episodes, as I always predicted.

Back at the Vale, we see the Hound finally getting Arya over in order to secure his reward, just to get the news of Lady Lyssa’s demise, which leads to one of the funniest scenes of the episode as Arya lets out a huge bout of laughter that just confuses every other person around, it seems the Hound can’t just get a break. The episode wraps up at Kings Landing as Tyrion has one last chat with Jaime before the trial combat, where he talks about a certain simpleton of a cousin they had that just loved crushing beetles, this scene has lead to some confusion over the true meaning but I think it could be a reference to the unexpected and random deaths of different characters in the Game of Thrones world or a whimsical reference to George R. R. Martin, the author of the novels upon which the show is based. Then the highlight of the episode takes place as The Mountain and Oberyn engage in their duel, with Oberyn originally emerging victorious, but an overconfident show off leads to his untimely demise as the Mountain grabs him and pops his head, which perfectly encapsulates that pride literally goes before a fall. The episode ends with Tyrion’s fate decided as he is sentenced to death. What were your thoughts on the episode and what do you think would happen to Tyrion. Please refrain from book spoilers. Till next time. Szia.


Game of Thrones S04E07 recap

Wow it’s been really long this time, since I last uploaded anything, with exam period in motion, it has become increasingly hard to maintain a regular blogstyle. We didn’t get an episode last week, but the battle which everyone is looking forward to between Oberyn and the Mountain is imminent, in preparation of the upcoming episode, I would like to recap last two week’s episode. In light of just seeing X-Men Days of Future Past last night and making its way to my top superhero movie, let’s get it on.

We begin the episode with a warm conversation between Tyrion and Jaime, with the former trying to convince the latter to be his champion. We are then shown Cersei’s champion, the undisputed Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. This just shows us the extent to which Cersei really wants Tyrion’s head on a stake. We are then shown Arya and the Hound approaching a ruined villa. The duo are attacked by a set of bounty hunters who reveal to them that King Joffrey is dead, we then see Arya descend further into the realm of independence and maturity as she slays one of the assailants.

"I hear I'm fighting a three foot ninja"

We rejoin Jon Snow at the wall as he tries to convince the egotistical and pompous highborns to block all paths leading to the wall, Jon tries in futility to convince them all, by explaining the things he had seen while he was at the base of the wildlings. At least he knows more now. Back at King’s Landing, Tyrion is seen talking to Bronn pleading for him to be his champion, but Bronn reconsiders as his life is going on smoothly now, I wouldn’t blame him though, one only live once in the world of Westeroes. Meanwhile, at Meeren, we see Khaleesi actually put her decision making skills to perfect use as she makes the best of both advices that she was given by both Daario and Ser Jorah. She is proving that she is a learned and wise queen. We are then shown a conversation between Mellisandra and Stannis’ wife, where the former keeps on messing with the gullibility of the latter, I personally think that the Red Queen uses some of her potions to mess with the realities of her subjects like Stannis and his wife, whenever she asks them to look into the fire.

"We have a wall, but they have giants"

Back with Arya and the Hound, we learn more of the Hound’s origin story of how he got his burn scars and we learn of how really despicable the Mountain is. We are then shown Brianne and her squire as they stop at an inn for food where they learn of Arya Stark apparent survival from a talkative Porkie(one of Arya’s newly acquired friends) which prompts Brianne and her squire to resume their mission. Final scene at King’s Landing shows Tyrion still in a desperate state looking for a champion and almost losing his faith, when Oberyn(definitely my favorite character now) saunter into Tyrion’s prison room and offer himself as his champion. The look of relief on Tyrion’s face perfectly explains my own facial expression when I pass an exam I was semi-prepared for. The episode ends with a perfectly satisfactory scene at the Veil, where Littlefinger professes his love for Sansa in front of a hidden Lyssa, who then, due to jealousy, threatens to throw Sansa through her moon door. Don’t even get me started on her little brat of a kid, who is probably the next annoying character after Jeoffrey. The episode ends with Lyssa doing a Michael Phelps through the moon door courtesy of Littlefinger. Now I can’t wait for the next episode, as we see the battle between The Mountain and Lord Oberyn AKA The Red Viper. The last episode while eventful, was a bit lower in intrigue compared to the beginning of this season but served as a nice tease for the upcoming episode. What were your favorite moments? Who do you think would win the upcoming battle(please refrain from spoilers from the books). Till next time. Szia.

"Oops should have gotten a gate for the moon door"