Top Easter eggs in film

An Easter egg is widely known as those little eggs that are decorated for the Easter bunny, but in the world of movies, an Easter egg is a reference or inside joke meticulously placed by the producers of a particular material just for the fun of it. For this Easter season I have decided to put up my favorite Easter eggs from film, now this is a totally subjective look at my favorite Easter eggs and the order that they are mentioned doesn’t really matter. I would later compile my favorite Easter eggs from video games. Before I move on, I want to wish you all a happy Easter.

One of the most beloved horror movies of its time, Saw was a sleeper hit that spawned tons of sequels after, and one particularly iconic things in the film is the Jigsaw doll called Billy. The director of the franchise James Wan has ingeniously placed Billy in his other works like Dead Silence and Insidious, the latter being a drawing on a black board.

"Darling, I promise no more Saw references, take me back"

Peter Jackson the famous director behind the Lord of the Rings franchise has a thing for making cameos in his movies. From either getting shot with an arrow or chomping on a carrot, reprising the latter recently in the latest The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Peter Jackson also made a little cameo in the Edgar Wright film, Hot Fuzz as a crazed knife wielding Santa Claus.

"You've been a naughty boy, Pegg"

In the three flavored cornetto trilogy, which comprises of Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, which are all directed by Edgar Wright, there is a cornetto ice cream cone in a scene for each movies that Nick Frost’s character is associated with. In Shaun of the Dead, there is a red colored cornetto, which represents the bloody and gory elements of the film, Hot Fuzz features a blue colored cornetto that represents the police elements and then The World’s End has a green colored cornetto which signifies the alien elements in the film. This was one Easter egg that really fascinated me.

"Having no black flavored cornetto doesn't make us racist, does it?"

Quentin Tarantino is another master of Easter eggs and references. Starting with the fact that Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs share the same universe, in which John Travolta and Michael Madsen’s character are actually brothers. Another recurring themes are two fictional products namely Red Apple cigarettes and Big Kahuna burgers which are evident in a couple of scenes particularly the Samuel L Jackson biblical scene. Add Quentin Tarantino’s laughable but memorable acting cameos and we have another sleuth of Easter eggs.

"Krabby Patty formula, mu***fu***, do you know it"

Marvel Studios has a really good rapport in the past years, and with the ever expanding universe, it’s really impressive as to see how connected the whole story is, from the Captain America shield cameo in Iron Man 2, the original Human Torch costume in Captain America: The First Avenger to the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor. The list goes on, but one of the most awesome and memorable things are Stan Lee’s cameos from the postman in the Fanstastic Four, the oblivious drinker in the Incredible Hulk to Hugh Hefner in Iron Man, Stan Lee never fails to amaze me. I look forward to his latest cameos in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man and the X-Men movies.

"I hate this job, nuff said"

We can’t talk about cameos and references without talking about the mouse in red shorts. Pixar has always referenced their next movies like Nemo in the Monsters Inc and the Paul Newman car from Cars in the Incredibles. Disney animation also have some really mind blowing Easter eggs like in Frozen, where Flynn and the princess from Tangled can be spotted at the wedding and also in Wreck-It-Ralph(which is one of my favorite animated movies) with its ton of game references. There are tons of other Disney movie Easter eggs which can be viewed on YouTube.

"Marlin will never find you with me, Nemo"

These are some of my favorite Easter eggs from films, what are yours? Which memorable Easter eggs have I skipped, feel free to share your favorite Easter eggs in the comment section below. Happy Easter once again and till next time. Szia.

Game of Thrones S04E02 review

First of all this was one hell of a week for me, partaking in a five day school excursion is fun but also pretty tiring. However that did not stop me from catching up on one of my favorite shows. I know this is way too late to review last Sunday’s episode considering the fact that the next episode airs tomorrow, but I will try to have more reviews available in the middle of the week. In light of a Mrs Doubtfire sequel, lets get it on.

The episode starts off on a rather rapid note, with a girl being pursued through a forest with two savage dogs on her tail, closely pursued by Ramsey Snow(who seems like he is going to be the second most hated character on the show), a random girl and Theon Greyjoy. The girl is eventually shot and mauled by the dogs and we see Theon staring in horror, cue the awesome intro. Back at King’s Landing, Jaime and Tywin have a  heart to heart discussion, especially regarding his right stump and inability to properly wield a weapon, Tyrion suggests that he trains, preferably in secret with the aid of his trusty bodyguard, Bron. Back at Dreadfort, Lord Bolton arrives to meet his bastard son, Ramsey Snow who has a loyal and tamed Theon(now called Rick) beside him. In a tense moment, Ramsey proves to Lord Bolton that Rick is no more than a mindless servant. Although I have my slight doubts of Theon/Rick’s transformation.

"I used to be a dick, now I have none"

Tyrion finally gets Shae out off King’s Landing, albeit with a heavy heart and also under the guise that he despises her. With the King’s wedding closing in, we see Geoffrey seated at a high table awaiting gifts from various wellwishers, where he once again shows his impudent side by mercilessly eviscerating the gift that Tyrion gave him. We are then taking to Stannis and his kingdom as he and Mellisandra watch as Stannis’ uncle and other people are staked up for a fiery sacrifice, and we watch as Stannis’ wife falls ever deeper into the worship of the Lord of Light, even seemingly more aesthetic than Mellisandra herself. Meanwhile, Bran Stark is busy playing possession with his DireWolf, before he goes to touch a tree where he gets a premonition and one of the fastest recaps of television in history.

"My wife believes in the lord of Light more than the Lord of light himself"

Now we come to the highlight of the episode, which teaches us that in the world of Westeroes, weddings are not a thing of joy and bliss. First we get the infamous Red Wedding from the previous season and now this. The wedding commences on a rather light note, with music and jester acts, then we see Cersei, who is bitterly regretting the fact that she is no longer queen, dump her anger on every living thing around her, we also see a tense conversation between Oberyn and Tywin, from here things get pretty steamy, as Geoffrey taunts and mocks Tyrion and also presents a rather offensive reenactment of the battle of the five kings which burrows a deep hole in Sansa’s memory. And just when we thought nothing could escalate any higher, Geoffrey starts to choke in the most effective and satisfying way ever imagined like he was suffering from the Ebola virus. The episode ends with his slow but surely painful death and Tywin been blamed for his murder.

"I should probably reconsider this wedding"

This episode had everything I wanted from it which makes me rate it at a solid 5 out of 5, especially with the demise of King Geoffrey, which leaves the question about who was responsible. I personally think it was the fool that had spoken to Sansa earlier on, because right after Geoffrey’s death, he beckons to Sansa to follow him, but then he could have also had a cohort. What will Geoffrey’s death now accomplish for the other rival kings, will Mellisandra use her ritual as the intervention of the Lord of the light and will this hasten the return of the Khaleesi? Let me know in the comment section, and who do you think was responsible for poisoning Geoffrey? Stay tuned for more Game of Thrones news and till next time. Szia.

Game of Thrones S04E01 review

Okay so this is a new addition to my blogosphere and this is mainly due to the return of the medieval fantasy tv drama. I planned on doing this also for The Walking Dead but the fourth season had gone for a while before the thought occurred to me. Just to clarify, this is a totally subjective approach to the episode that aired on Sunday. Feel free to comment and air your own opinions. And oh one more thing.

The episode starts off with a cold open on a rather sombre note as we see Tywin Lannister unsheathing a huge ass sword which belonged to none other than the noble Ned Stark. He orders it to be smelted into two blades. Then the awesome intro plays. Jaime Lannister is back at Kings Landing, however not in one piece, he is missing his trusty right palm following the events of the past season. However Jaime is met with such lukewarm welcome from both his father and sister/lover, the latter citing that he was wee bit too tardy in his return.

"I should be a Bond villain"

Then there is everyone’s favorite imp, Tywin Lannister who is trying to uphold his diplomatic skills which no one regards, the episode also introduces us to a Dawnish Prince, whose name I have a hard time pronouncing, and who has a personal vendetta against the Lannisters and who might also be one of my favorite characters yet. Skip to Daenarys and her dragons that are now human size and still do not play well with others including the Khaleesi herself, she seems to be on her way to conquer another city. Back to our favorite imp, Tywin can’t seem to make peace with his newly wedded bride, Sansa who we can’t honestly blame for being in a sore mood, we leave off with Tywin and Shae and their possibly doomed affair, as a spy is seen eavesdropping on them.

"Hey mom, when can we see Smaug our big brother"

Over the wall, we can see the wildlings planning their attack on the Knightswatch, we see them join alliances with a cannibalistic horde. Back at the wall, we see Jon Snow facing the council of the Knightswatch who have accused him off treason, which Jon merely counters with his knowledge of their plans, at least he knows something now.

He knows something now

My favorite part of this episode must definitely be the scene with Arya and the Hound, we start to see Arya embrace the darkness and evolve into a more violent and mature person, which she displays with utmost precision when she takes the life of the guy that killed her friend earlier on in the previous season. This episode also shows the extreme love that the Hound has for chicken. The only pet peeve I had with this episode was the change of the actor that plays the character Darrio, I felt like the actor from the previous episode fitted the role more in comparison to the current actor, but there are more episodes to come for me to adjust to the new actor. In a nutshell, this was a fantastic season premiere that didn’t waste any time in jumping right back into the action and drama that we’ve all be anticipating. I give the season premiere a solid 5 out of 5. It got me pumped for the next episodes. What were your thoughts on the season 4 premiere. Let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Game of Thrones news. Till next time. Szia.

Friday Foreward(late entry)

Hello my fellow readers(if you still follow) I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I last uploaded anything. This is mostly due to school work and my extensive editing of my blog, as I soon plan to upgrade it to a website. The Oscars was last week, but i have not been able to see the full show just some clips and moments, but I will get to that later when I have watched the full show. Today I would upload the regular movie news, but when my website is fully established I will have broader topics from video games, books, everyday musings and much more. Today I would be talking about brewing storms happening in two major movie blockbusters, a potential movie adaptation of a recent post-apocalyptic video game and an upcoming trilogy to a concluded movie trilogy. In nonrecognition of Adele Dazeem, let’s get it on.


In recent news, Chris Evans, who is probably best known for his performance as the stoic, goody two shoes Captain America was reported to have stated that he would be retiring from acting for a while after Avengers 2, as he plans on delving into other aspects of the movie industry like directing. This is not new in Hollywood, as a lot of actors have been known to go on hiatus for a while, but what does this hold for future Marvel movies that involve the Captain. Do you think that this is a bold move on Chris Evans path? In other news Scarlett Johannesen has been revealed to be 5 months pregnant, which is huge as she is yet to shoot her scenes as the formidable Black Widow, her scenes have been rumored to have been moved up. On the other comic movie spectrum, Zach Snyder stated in a recent interview that the upcoming Man of Steel 2 would not explore the already established mythology of both Superman and Batman, but would be a completely new story arc. He feels that this could anger some fans but it could also appease some other people who feel like they do not need an old story arc that they are already accustomed to. With the recent announcements from Warner Bros and casting news(don’t get me started on Jesse Eisenberg), are you glad or mad about the Man of Steel sequel making a completely new story?

“Screw everything else, all new e’erything”

As of yesterday, the 6th of March, news broke out that Screen Gems are going to distribute the film version of an upcoming The Last of Us movie, which is based on the widely successful video game from Naughty Dog that was released last year. Sam Raimi(Spiderman, Evil Dead) has been confirmed to produce the movie. As  an avid video gamer like myself, this news initially bothered me for two reasons. Firstly, no major film adaptation of any video game franchise has been enormously successful and secondly I felt that it was still to early and slightly unnecessary to adapt the video game, as the video game itself felt like a movie. But with the recent announcements of other video game properties like Assassin’s Creed and World of Warcraft, and the intricate details of these movies, my faith in this movie is fairly solid. What are your thoughts. As for the lead characters, I would like to see Hugh Jackman and Abigail Breslin or Josh Brolin and Hailee Steinfeld respectively play the roles of Joel and Ellie. Who are your top picks.

“Look, Joel a movie adaptation is coming this way”

Lately, Latino Review reported that a new Matrix trilogy is set to be produced by the Wachowski siblings and Warner Bros. This is really surprising considering the negative reception that the last movie got. Although it does make sense considering the amount of money that the first three films made. Not much else has been reported about this upcoming trilogy. What are your thoughts? This is all for now, I would continue to work on my website and I will keep you all posted on any new developments. Please do not forget to like and subscribe for more movie news. Till next time. Szia.

“Ready to go deeper into The Matrix?”

Top Six Tidbits about Game of Thrones

Good to be back again, I’ve decided to ditch my former blogging style as I was told that it was too formal. I mean someone actually thought I was a descendant of grumpy cat or something. I’m just a lively teenager with a love for movies and other miscellaneous things. Among these things is one of my favorite shows of all time, that’s right I’m talking about the land of Westeroes. In light of the season premiere of Game of Thrones this Sunday, here are six little nuggets of everyone’s favorite show(except you are a nun I guess). As a heads up, there might be some mild spoilers and some of you might be already familiar with some of these tidbits. You’ve been warned. In light of the season premiere this Sunday, let’s get it on.


George R.R. Martin, the author of the books that the show is based on has revealed the proposed ending to the show producers, just in case he kicks the bucket before the show ends. With his current body size, one could get really worried for him though.

“I think I need a salad”

Sibel Kekilli, the actress that plays Shae, the whore that is in love with Tyrion Lannister was a former adult entertainer before she got her big break on the show. Although her family allegedly disowned her after hearing about it. Two additional pornstars have been added to the show’s fourth season. Feel free to search for them for research purposes.

“I am quite familiar with medieval PORNishment”

In the Dothraki language, which is a fictional language in the show, the word “Lost” means to disappoint. This is due to a friendly feud that existed between George R. R. Martin and the creators of the TV show Lost. I guess you could say that the finale of Lost was it’s own name.

“The sex was a bit ‘lostat’, my dear”

HBO asked a couple of hip-hop rappers to make a Game of Thrones themed mixtape titled Catch the Throne. Among these rappers are favorites like Common, Big Boi and many others. This was done by HBO in other to promote the show. Well music and hardcore drama fantasy is the sure way to go.

“Tryna do sumthin off my head, Oops I think I’m off like Ned”

Alfie Allen , an actor on the show who plays Theon Greyjoy the adopted son to the Starks, is actually related to singer Lily Allen, who is his sister and she actually has a song dedicated to him titled Alfie. At least he has a real family outside Westeroes that cares for him.

“I should have gone into music like Lily did”

In the infamous scene where Daenarys has to eat a horse’s heart, actress Emilia Clarke was actually chomping on a large cluster of gummy bears and liquid sugar in order to give the visceral look. But she had so much sugar on her body that she got stuck to the toilet seat when she went to the bathroom. I guess you can say she found herself in a sticky situation.

“You are tearing my heart apart, Daenarys”

These are my top tidbits from the popular HBO show, feel free to comment on some other ones that you know. Stay tuned for more awesome news of your favorite movies and TV shows. Till next time. Szia.