A Tome of Poems: My high definition friend

I have been dabbling in poetry for a while now and then decided to try it out. This was my first poem and a repost. Please let me know what you think.

Ever since I was a kid.
Playing with my friends in games where I hid.
I recount countless hours spent.
Kicking a ball and following it where it went.

But once my energy was all depleted.
I went back into my abode where I place my head.
I spot my friend, square and sitting still.
Waiting for me to get his attention at my own will.

I poke at him to get his attention.
He flickers his eyes and stares at my position.
He talks and chats as he is filled with knowledge.
I listen and stare in awe as he keeps me on edge.

When at school as I sit and listen.
Eager to see my friend at home who I’m missing.
I anticipate the topic we will discuss of my choice.
As I can’t wait to see him and rejoice.

At home he always has something to talk about.
He entertains, reassures and educates without a doubt.
On lonely days, when no one is home.
He eases the boredom of been alone.

He brings my family and I together at night.
Showing us wonderful images to behold  our sight.
I could always count on my electrifying friend.
To keep me engaged and entertained to the end.

In technicolor he did display.
But sadly now with all that I can’t repay.
The times and knowledge that he imbued with trust.
Because alas a new era has left him in the dust.


Godfall Part 3

Hello fellow readers, I know its been a long while since I uploaded any short stories( a habit I aim to rectify). Today I will be continuing a story I started a couple of months back. I already uploaded the first two parts and will post links to the previous parts for reference.

https://hybridbooks.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/godfall/ : part 1

https://hybridbooks.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/godfall-part-2/ : part 2

Please feel free to check them out and post your criticisms and opinions about the story. This is the third part of Godfall.


Rerin was bored, as the god of laughter, been subjected to an indefinite curfew did not sit well with him. He was visibly displeased with Otun’s law that bans gods on Ecra from interacting with the humans of Arewa. He missed the sacrifices and adulation that the people of Jaiye usually made to him, for supposedly bringing smiles to their faces. When the indigents rebelled and stopped praising the gods, Rerin had been furious as well, he couldn’t believe that the humans would be so quick to forgo their ecclesiastical duties. As a minor god, he had nothing else to do on Ecra to pass the time unlike the other major gods like Omi and Osan, the gods of the sea and fire respectively who were always busy managing the forces of nature. He was the god of laughter and unfortunately nothing exciting happened on Ecra, most of the gods were wholly focused on their powers and duties. He often heard a couple of dwellers praying to him and asking for his blessings, but he had to ignore them due to the decree made by Otun, the elder god of sky and the leader of all the gods. He had been tempted on many occasions to answer just one prayer, but he knew there would be dire consequences if Otun ever found out. He was also the god of trickery and mischief and whenever he was bored(which was most times), he would play pranks on random inhabitants of Arewa for his own amusement. Rerin hated the curfew as it was the reason he lived such a mundane and uneventful life on Ecra.

However one day during one of his banal rest, he heard a plea from someone in Arewa, someone calling out for divine help. He looked down and spotted a teenager been bullied by four men. The teenager bows his head, cowering in fear and begs.

“Stop, please just leave me alone, I need to get home, help me oh gods, I incur your names Otun, Omi, Rerin, anyone help me”

“Hahaha, shut your mouth, the gods have abandoned us”, said the first bully “They have turned their ugly heads away”.

“I believe in them, I believe Omi or Rerin can say me”, the teenager replied.

“Really?! And of all the gods to call upon, you summon Rerin, the god of laughter?”, quipped the second bully “What is he gonna do to us? Make us laugh to death?”

Rerin tensed as he heard this, he didn’t really care much for the teenager, but he couldn’t bear to listen to the lowly bloodbags mock his name. He was fumed at how the humans at disregarded him. He was more irked at the fact that he wasn’t allowed to do anything to the disrespectful punks due to Otun’s law. He pondered for a while, the victim kept on yelling for his aid while the bullies still continued berating him and mocking Rerin’s name. Rerin decided that he had had enough, he wouldn’t sit back and watch various humans mock and degrade the gods. He raised one arm and the clothes on the bullies vanished into thin air. Embarrassed, they panicked and fled in horror at the sudden disappearance of their clothes. The victim gets up, dusting himself, looking puzzled as well at what had just happened. Then he smiled and said.

“You answered my plight Rerin, I am grateful for your grace”

Rerin grins at his seat as he heaves a sigh of satisfaction at how he had dispersed the bullies. He laughed for a couple of minutes, he had not had this much fun in a while. He looks upon the disheveled man that had just thanked him, which made him realize how much he had missed helping the lowly humans. He was still reveling in his victory when the door to his abode burst open. A crackle of lightning spread across his entire room, as a thick blanket of fog poured into his room, after a couple of seconds, the fog dissipated and in its place stood a 8 foot figure donning a white robe that ran from his head to his toes, his robe was lined with gold at its edges. He wore a thick but smooth black beard and long flowing black hair that sparkled with lightning, his eyes were pale white and his physique was domineering like he could crush an elephant’s head with one hand.

“How dare thee defy my decree, Rerin”, the figure spoke, his voice sounded like a hundred cannons been fired at once, as the room shook with every word he said.

”Oh my lord, Otun the host of Ecra and all”, replied Rerin as he knelt down respectfully ”I beseech thee to not be wrath against thy humble servant, it was a simple act that meant nothing”

”Simple or complicated, I explicitly stated that no gods must render aid to any of the human swine until my approval”, Otun bellows

”Approval?! Thy ego was challenged by the ungrateful humans, which was understandable my lord, but to sever ties completely seems extreme O great One”

”Dost thou challenge my judgement?!” Otun asked enraged, clearly not expecting an answer.

”My lord, I have been idle for years now and only sought to amuse myself”

”Your folly shall be your undoing”, Otun replied scornfully.

”Banish me not dear lord”, Rerin pleaded ” This act shall repeat itself no more”

”You directly opposed my word and hence an example must be made, I hereby banish thee from Ecra and cast you to dwell amongst the lowly beings until thou hast learnt your lesson”

”You can’t my lord, this is outrag…….” Rerin stuttered as the floor beneath him vanished and he plunged through the hole . He plummeted through the clouds and watched as Ecra became distant to him, disappearing into the clouds. He looked down and saw the spherical earth become larger as he fell towards it.


A Tome of Poems: Petrichor

Hello oxygen inhalers of this wonderful planet, today I would be uploading another poem. This one is really brief and concise and was done in a spur of the moment. When I was younger I used to love standing over my balcony when it rained and breathe in the sweet moisture that the incoming gale of wind brought. I was inspired to write this on a recent raining day. Enjoy.


What’s that rumbling in the sky

That causes playing children to run and hide

That causes the birds to cease to fly

What’s that sweet odor that tends to abide.

Oh come rain, oh come rain

Spill your essence on us all

Wash away the heat and the pain

Release unto us that sweet petrichor.

A Tome of Poems: Lights Out

Hello beautiful inhabitants of the third rock from the sun, hope you all had a fine morning and are having an eventful day so far. Today I will be serving up another slice of poetic pie for your literal consumption. Today’s poem was inspired by the erratic electric behavior that we experience in my country(I’m sure any Nigerian out there can relate). Enjoy.


Oh what a shame

Look no further who to blame

You change your name

But your service remains the same.

Where is the light

So sharp and bright

Have mercy on our plight

The heat is what we fight.

Cease this madness

Give us fluorescence

Alleviate us from this stress

So we can abscond away from distress.

A Tome of Poems: Innocence Lost

Hello there again fellow readers, I will be posting another poem today and this one was inspired by my growing change in perspective from the naivete and ignorance of childhood to the pragmatism and reality of adulthood. Enjoy.


I remember a time when all was black and white

When I believed life was like that of a rose

I remember a time of no fight or flight

When my biggest worry was hurting my toes.

As I grew I learnt that there was gray in between

That life was not a great elegant ball

As I grew I learnt you can have a friend or a fiend

And throughout life, one is bound to fall.

Now I know that there are layers

And life goes on whether you like it or not

Now I know to deal in wisdom and prayers

And whatever happens could be anyone’s fault.

A Tome of Poems: Hypocrite

Hello world once again, as I said previously, I have been dabbling in new projects during my hiatus, subsequently I have picked up an affinity for poetry which I started writing a couple of weeks back. I’ve written a few ones so far and plan to continue as long as I get inspired. Rest assured, I shall still post short stories, this is merely an addition to my uploads in a new category titled Tomes of Poems. Today’s poem is titled Hypocrite and it is influenced by my personal interactions with past individuals who I thought to be friends at first but revealed their true nature in due time.


Oh you hypocrite

Looking for someone to trick and mistreat

You pretend to be what you aren’t

To steal my trust, however little or giant.

Oh you hypocrite

Fooling me as I live and breathe

You cast your lure like the angler fish

To entrap me against my wish.

Oh you hypocrite

Lying at the speed of a heart beat

Farewell to your crafty ways

As I take my leave away from your gaze.

Wardom 2099

Hello readers, this is a very short story that I had written some years back for a writing competition. It’s an excerpt from a story I was developing which takes place in a future where the countries of the world had been purchased by two mega corporations, shortly after the corporations took to colonizing other planets due to their immense wealth and power. However these two mega corporations were at a never ending war over the years for battle and control over virgin planet territories. During the colonization of the planets, labor was required in order to move and utilize materials, soon the two mega corporations decided to breed human animal hybrids called Abraxxas for labor, but over the years some of these once mindless brutes evolved and developed sentience and intelligence. They were soon considered a threat by both factions, especially when the Abraxxas requested independence from their masters. Unfortunately a small percentage of the Abraxxas bore a genetic defect that turned them into blind and savage monsters, an opportunity the two corporations seized in order to label the entire Abraxxas race as ferocious beasts that required culling, employing special agents to track them down and terminate. The story deals with themes of xenophobia and dehumanization. Please feel free to read and comment on the story.


The street was glistening with wet rain as night light reflected off the black polished surfaces of the road. A long streak of thick red liquid ran across the cobbled stones. The rain had washed  away a significant amount of the thick red liquid but had left enough for the two approaching figures to notice.

”It came down this way,” said the first figure ”The blood trail leads here”.

”It should be easier to track it here, Horace,” replied the second figure.

The two figures were cladded in black military style attires, with their pistols not holstered and armed. The precariously walked along the pavement following the trail of blood until they reached an alleyway, Horace whipped out a device from his pocket which had a screen and a form of antennae at its base. He dipped the base of the device into the pool of blood and gathered some readings.

”Yah there were definitely two markers here, Jasper,” Horace said ”One belongs to our Abraxxas target and the other seems to be human”.

”Well that confirms that it has a hostage then”, replied Jasper ”We have to tread carefully”.

The two men continued down the alleyway, painstakingly scanning their environment for any sign of trouble. Focusing on every nook and cranny of the dark alleyway. ”CLANG” The two men spontaneously turned towards the source of the sudden loud sound. They trailed the sound back to its origin and spotted the propagator of it who also happened to be their target. Trapped in a mesh of metal and forage was a 7 foot creature, it had the torso of a human covered in fur, the feet of an ostrich, the arms of a giant ape and the head of a lion. Clenched in its right hand was a seemingly unconscious man, also donned in military attire, bleeding from the right side of his head. Horace and Jasper were astonished at the creature they were looking at.

”Please don’t hurt me,” the creature said ” I don’t want any trouble, I’m not one of the savages”.

”My goodness Horace!,” exclaimed Jasper ”It speaks!!!”.

”I know, I can hear it,” replied Horace ”Take it out before it does any more damage”.

”Please don’t kill me,” the creature pleaded ”I have a name, I am Menkar of House Mam”

”Look at it Horace, its sentient”

”Doesn’t matter we have our orders,” Horace replied coldly as he pointed his pistol at Menkar’s head.

Jasper grabs Horace’s arm, beckoning him to lower his weapon

”Wait, you can be serious, its clearly not a savage and our orders were to terminate the savages, let’s just call it in for extraction, the council will decide what to do with it”

”Our orders are to exterminate the Abraxxas,” Horace retorted ”Besides they are all abominations”.

Horace looks at Jasper and then glances back at Menkar, who was visibly pleading for mercy. Horace raises his weapon once more and fires two bullets in between the eyes of Menkar, killing him instantly. Jasper recoiled in disapproval and said.

”It was begging for its life”

”A life that never belonged to it, call in the medi-evac so they can attend to the bleeding guy, our job here is done,” Horace replied walking away from the scene.

Jasper turned to look at Menkar’s corpse, whose lifeless eyes stared blankly into the sky, Jasper felt a pang of empathy and pondered the morality of his job.