The Plight of a Superhero

Its been such a long time since I posted anything and to be honest I wasn’t sure that I was ever going to continue. In between exams and personal issues, it had been one hell of a couple of months. But during this passive period, I had been writing more short stories which I wish to start posting every week. I also want to get back to talking about movies and videogames soon. Today I would be uploading one of my short stories titled The Plight of a Superhero. It tells the tale of a man born with superhuman powers who becomes exploited from his infancy to his adulthood.


The air was humid, the sky was bright blue and noise echoed off the asphalt road as various cars honked and hooted at each other clearly in a rush to get to their destinations. Pedestrians walked busily along the pavement, most of them commuting to work. Bickering could be heard at the west side of the road as a couple of kids chatted loudly. Dogs barked incessantly as their owners directed them across the zebra crossing. Pigeons cooed off at the rooftops where they were perched. Typically all this information wouldn’t be able to be processed from such height and by a single individual. Marcus Dawn hovered over the city skyline surveying every information that he could absorb. Marcus drifted effortlessly across the sky with his power of propulsion and perched on a neighboring skyscraper. New York had never looked so gorgeous from this view. Marcus could hear all the noises and chats to the point of distinguishing the squeak of a sewer rat among the traffic gridlock. He could also spot the menu of a restaurant and read the information on the menu board from such distance. He could perceive the tantalizing aroma of a street side hot dog vendor stand in the midst of the dozens of odors. Marcus’ senses were extremely enhanced from an embroytic stage, he was born with superhuman abilities, due to his mum taking experimental drugs while she was pregnant with him. His father was a drug dealing baseball player who had knocked up his mother and immediately abandoned her soon after. Due to desperation and a lack of money, she volunteered for a drug trial as a test subject for some money, she originally contemplated aborting Marcus while he was still in the fetal stage, but she decided to opt for the drug test, as it was an experimental drug named EZ-18 that was meant to help pregnant women with their delivery by easing the pain and nourishing them. Unfortunately she reacted violently to the drugs and originally thought that she had lost the baby, which she took as a convenience for her, but to her surprise, Marcus was still alive and well and had grown tremendously in size and his enormous mass was starting to hurt her. She then decided to abort him at such late stage. The abortion was botched as Marcus’ body had been strengthened by the EZ-18 which had boosted his immune system and been able to neutralize the abortion drugs. His mother grew impatient with the tumultuous pain that Marcus caused as he grew bigger in her womb and she tried various other abortion techniques but all to no avail.

The media soon caught wind of her plight and she became popular around the country as the ‘lead lady’ as it was perceived that she was pregnant with a baby made of lead. Soon the military was also aware of her condition and she was taken to the military labs for different tests where the scientists were able to determine that her unborn child had absorbed the effects of the EZ-18 and it had inadvertently enhanced his primary senses namely sight, smell, touch, sound, mass and more. The military was pleased to have a superhuman in breeding that they could use to their advantages in battles. They accommodated Marcus’ mum until she was due. But by the time she was to deliver Marcus, she had weighed over 160 kg, and the strain during the labour was too much for her to bear thus she perished due to the stress. Marcus was swiftly adopted by the military where they nurtured and groomed him to be the perfect soldier. By the time he was about 10 years old, he could lift half a ton effortlessly. His senses had been heightened to an acute degree. He could see over 3km if he focused hard enough. He could hear ants scurrying in an anthill in the midst of a busy street. He could perceive various odors and distinguish them from each other. He also developed a mild form of telekinesis which enabled him to influence and touch objects that aren’t within arm’s length. He was eventually imbued with a military grade nano chip that granted him self propulsion and limited flight. At the age of 23, he had been fully recruited by the military and he did a lot of covert missions for them. He once rescued a group of hostages from a fanatic rebel terrorist group, he had also infiltrated a child trafficking ring and foiled the plans of a nihilistic megalomaniac known as the Axe, when he tried to unleash a nerve gas in a train station. However during most of his missions, he did suffer severe injuries during his missions, but he always woke up in the military infirmary without any knowledge of the incident that he had endured. He had a close friend who worked at the military base as a scientist named Arnold Quill. Arnold usually treated his injuries, and although Marcus’ immune system was stronger than that of a regular human, he could still be hurt significantly.

“It’s a mystery Arnold, why is it that I never remember what happens to me after an accident?” Marcus asked.

“It’s probably a side effect of your powers”, replied Arnold.

Marcus reported to General Max Morales, the head of the military base. General Morales was usually the one that briefed Marcus before his missions. Despite working for the military for so long, Marcus still wanted to live a normal life, but he knew he couldn’t. After his conception, the military hid his identity and told the media that he had died during birth. This was to preserve his identity and to be able to send him on all his missions without the knowledge of the press. He assumed the moniker “The Sense” cause of his extraordinary ability of perceiving the five senses. Soon Marcus saved people in the streets and alleys. He always appeared in costume and flew over the city, watching over the people of the city. He regularly stopped robberies and apprehended car thieves. During one of his patrols while surveying the city for malignant activities, he heard a mugging going on at an alleyway. Marcus quickly flew towards the source and saw a lady in her late 30s being harassed by four assailants wielding knives and guns.

“This should be easy”, Marcus muttered to himself, as he pummels into the first assailant knocking him out instantly. The second mugger pulls out his pistol and fires at Marcus, who simply dodges the bullets due to his enhanced reflexes and knocks the mugger off his feet. The third assailant rushes at Marcus brandishing a knife, Marcus sidesteps letting the mugger run straight into a wall that was behind Marcus.

“Do you really want to do this”, Marcus says to the last mugger.

The fourth mugger drops his weapon and sprints away leaving his fallen brethren behind. Marcus then walks over to the frightened woman.

“Its all over ma’am”, Marcus says with a wry smile “You are safe now”.

“Thank you so much”, the woman replies “I can’t believe I was saved by the Sense”

“Its all OK now, you can go home”

“But how can I ever repay you”

“You don’t have to do anything ma’am”, Marcus says amidst smiles “Just doing my job”

“At least you deserve a kiss, my hero”

“If you insist”

The woman leans forward and places her lips on Marcus’. She pulls his head firmly onto hers. Marcus closed his eyes and shut out everything from his mind. He had never kissed a woman as intimately as this before. He had dated a couple of women back at the military base but he had never had never been able to maintain any serious relationship due to his naivete, secrecy and busy, heroic lifestyle. The woman’s lips were warm and gentle, Marcus had never felt so alive in a long while without the whistling of bullets or the cacophony of explosions. He decided that he was going to ask her out for a date, he felt like he could tell her all his secrets, all this coming from one pleasant kiss. As Marcus remained in this eternal bliss, he heard a click and felt a sudden cold bit of metal pressed against his chin, but before he could react and gather his thoughts.


Marcus’ head fell back as he tumbled to the ground, blood spewing from a large hole beneath his chin. He looked up and saw the woman holding a smoking pistol, she stands over his body and says.

“The Axe sends his regards”

Marcus couldn’t believe it, for once in his life when he had let his guard down and made himself vulnerable and now he had paid for it. The woman had drawn her pistol and placed it on Marcus’ chin while they were kissing, the bullet had pierced Marcus’ skin due to his negligence. She was working for the Axe, a nemesis of Marcus who had been responsible for tons of illegal activities around the world. Marcus had been foiling his plans for many years, finally the Axe had sent this woman and lured Marcus into a trap by staging the mugging to draw his attention.



The woman fires a second and third shot into Marcus’ chest before holstering her pistol and running off. Marcus stared out into the sky as he bled profusely. His breathing slowed as he lost an enormous amount of blood and he gradually passed out, as his eyes slumped backwards in their sockets and then everything went black.