Friday Foreword

Hello my fellow viewers,  as you all settle with your families, while eating candy yams and cranberry sauce and stealing some fruits from the cornucopia while waiting for the turkey to be carved, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Today I will be talking about Sony’s new plan for our friendly neighborhood web-crawler, a potential biopic for the creator of Middle-Earth and the new trailer for an upcoming bloodsucking educational institution. Let’s get it on.


Sony studios has revealed plans to expand the universe of their lone superhero character, the web-slinging Spiderman. This is due to the news of Fox studios’ plan on merging the world of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men in future movies. This is good for the character, because Spiderman has a ton of villains in its universe. When I heard of this, it stood out to me that a stand alone movie based on the character, Venom or Black Cat could be achievable in the next five years. Although Spiderman is almost the only hero in his own universe(as the rights to DareDevil and Punisher have been reverted back to Marvel studios), while other characters like Venom and Kraven are more like anti-heroes. I am curious to see what Sony plans for the future. Which character from the Spiderman universe would you like to see in his or her own stand alone movie?

    “We are all going to be in your movie, one way or another, spidey”

There have been confirmed reports about a biopic for the creator of Middle-Earth, the writer of the Lord of the Rings franchise, J.R.R. Tolkien. The movie is set to feature him in his youth, from his time in the army during World War 1, his job as a code breaker in World War 2 to his relationship with renowned author, C.S.Lewis. This sounds really intriguing, as many people who have seen the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movies are oblivious of its creator and it would be nice to know about the life of the author. What are your thoughts?


                “One idea to rule them all”

A new trailer for the upcoming supernatural movie, Vampire Academy was released recently, and unlike its first trailer, this one was pretty decent and got me interested in the movie. The movie is based on a series of novels, which seems to be what is in vogue now. the story follows a young dhampir(half vampire, half human) named Rose and her best friend Lissa who is a Moroi( mortal vampire) and of royal blood has they are sucked into a vampire academy where they discover that their world is just about to get more interesting. From the trailer, I could deduce that the movie is going to have comedic overtones that I hope do not make the movie too goofy. In a nutshell, I am still looking forward to this movie, because I am a sucker for supernatural movies(Twilight excluded). Are you stoked for this movie? Let me know in the comment section below, and please do not forget to subscribe for more movie related news. Till next time. Szia.

Wednesday Watchout

Hello out there my fellow viewers, as winter sets in, the weather gets colder and colder so I encourage you all out there to stay warm.  Today’s news is going to be short but I will be talking about the demise of a particular anthropomorphic dog from a beloved toon show and a potential title for the upcoming sequel to the kryptonian knight. Let’s get it on.


*SPOILER ALERT* In the recent episode of the Family Guy animated show, a beloved talking dog was killed off. That’s right, Brian the family dog was killed in an accident and replaced by a Sicilian talking dog, Vinny. The writers of the show stated that it was a highly controversial move on their path, and it was done in order to stir things up. Seth McFarlane the creator of the show has stated that he originally planned to end the show at season 7 but it just kept on going. I personally think that the producers of the show are trying to end the show, considering the fact that Brian was Seth’s favorite character. What do you think of Brian’s demise? Do you think that the new dog can carry on the show?


In a recent movie gist, a couple of domain names were released that could be possible names for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. The names are as follows.

  • Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel: Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel: Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel: Shadow of the Knight
  • Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

Phew, that is a lot of names, although only a few stand out to me such as Knight Falls, Shadow of the Knight and The Darkness Within. I must say that I like the fact that the titles begin with the phrase “Man of Steel” rather than the bogus Superman vs Batman. I would have loved if they went for “The World’s Finest ” subtitle like from the comics. What do you think of the names and which ones are your favorite. Please be sure to comment and subscribe. Till next time. Szia.

               “Have a wonderful Knight”

Monday Moorings

Hello out there my fellow viewers, today is the start of a new week( well in some countries it is). This weekend I plan on talking about the effect that video games have had in our modern society and debunk a few ridiculous myths on this Weekend Matter, but today I would be talking about the return of a particular beloved intergalactic trashcan looking robot to a sci-fi franchise, a possible sequel to an old classic movie, and the potential title for the sequel to our friendly neighborhood web-crawler. Let’s get it on.


It has been officially announced that everyone’s favorite R2 unit is said to reappear in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, this was prompted by the replicas that was built by two avid fans of the franchise(seen below) during a showcase at a Star Wars convention. Kathleen Kennedy, the CEO at Lucas Arts saw the R2 unit props and was so impressed that she insisted that they worked on props for the movie itself, this is definitely mind blowing for the two fans. Which other characters would you like to see in the upcoming trilogy?

“I have found a new bad robot for my company”

It has been reported that there have been plans to make a sequel to Beetlejuice, the cult classic movie which was originally released in 1988. Seth Grahame-Smith, the screen writer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows has been rumored to be the screenwriter for the sequel. Winona Ryder has also expressed interest in reprising her role has Lydia Deetz, but she insisted that she would only return if Tim Burton and Micheal Keaton where signed back on. I think that the sequel is a bit too late, about 27 years to be exact. What are your thoughts?


In light of the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spiderman, directed by Marc Webb( not to be confused with Sam Raimi’s original Spiderman trilogy), an international title has been released namely The Amazing Spiderman: Rise of Electro. Now this is not the official title, as this is just the title used in Brazil. I must say that I am a bit underwhelmed with this title as it is now common place for movies to add the prefix “rise” to their subtitles for example: The Fantastic Four: RISE of the Silver Surfer, RISE of the Planet of the Apes, The Dark Knight RISES, RISE of the Guardians and so on, I just hope the official title is more creative. What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment and subscribe for more movie related news. Till next time. Szia.

                    “RISE to your senses, Electro”

Friday Foreword

Hello once again my fellow viewers, I know that it has been a long while since I was consistent on my blogging acts, but since I got my laptop back in order, everything is going to be smooth sailing from here on. Today I would talk about a new trailer for an upcoming movie based on a video game, a possible sequel to the adamantium assailant, and a potential movie spin off to a particularly hilarious comedic duo. Let’s get it on.


A new trailer was recently released for the upcoming Need for Speed movie that offered more narrative, we see Aaron Paul(Breaking Bad) on a revenge spree trying to get back at an old nemesis played by Dominic Cooper(The Devil’s Own). The movie also features Micheal Keaton(Beetlejuice) among others. This trailer sold me a bit more unlike the first trailer, and since the movie is based on a video game that doesn’t have much of a narrative, I can see this movie being a moderate success, and I am glad to see that Aaron Paul’s career as picked up with the conclusion of Breaking Bad. What are your thoughts?

                               “Speed BITCH!!!”

It has been reported that there have been talks of a sequel to the Wolverine movie that came out this year. James Mangold, the director of the previous film confirmed that Hugh Jackman and himself are in talks to return for the sequel, and Mangold stated that the sequel would also be based on another Wolverine comic. With the success of the first Wolverine and a thankful removal of the Wolverine Origins movie from memory, I am thrilled to see what Mangold and Jackman have in store.

 “I assure you that the next Wolverine movie                    would not be a musical”

News has surfaced that the hilarious duo, namely Key and Peele are set to get their own movie and they are said to be collaborating with Judd Apatow on the project. This is wonderful news to my ears as I have been following Key and Peele since their appearances on MadTv. This comedic geniuses delivers the smartest and funniest of jokes, pairing them up with Judd Apatow just seems like an all round win to me. For those of you that do not know who Key and Peele are, here is a sketch from one of their shows. You can check them out on Youtube. Till next time. Szia.