10 DC characters in the CW’s Arrow so far part 1


Alright I would like to begin by saying that Arrow is a pretty cool show, first of all I was shocked to see the trailer when the show was about premiering its pilot episode, this show is a modern take on the popular DC emerald archer, The Green Arrow. It circles around the plot of a billionaire playboy who is shipwrecked to an island for five years and then learns that everything in life ain’t gold(or emerald). While on the island, he trains himself into becoming a master marksman before being rescued by a cruise boat that returns him to his home town, Starling City. By the time he arrives, he sees how his beloved city has succumbed to the greedy grip of wealthy shysters and businessmen, this prompts him to don a new identity and become the green hooded vigilante of Starling City. The show is well into its ninth episode and some memorable characters have popped up so far, but here is a list of characters that have been shown and some that are yet to appear.

  • Felicity Smoak

Hmm I wonder if the arrow is the only piercing thing that the vigilant possesses”

This is your typical know-it-all savvy female technician, except with a pretty funny charm. She is a very intelligent and hardworking worker at Queen Consolidated who is capable of handling almost any IT related issue. I particularly like her for her funny but awkward poise. She has also stood out as an exceptionally character by her fierce courage to tackle mysteries. Watch out for Smoak folks, she is packing the heat for coming episodes.

  • Walter Steele

“My current wife killed her former husband who was my best friend, but I am cool with it”

A very calm and smooth talking entrepreneur of the Queen Consolidated, this cool headed fellow seems to know a lot surrounding the death of his friend, Robert Queen, but he won’t rest until he solves the mystery even at his own risk and even after learning that his new wife was involved. Walter Steele might not look much but he is definitely going to be a catalyst in coming episodes.

  • Merlyn

“I am better than the green arrow, I am certain of it”

Before you all scream for my head, I warned you all about spoilers, now it is not certain yet for me whether Tommy Merlyn or his father would be the infamous league of Shadow assassin, Merlyn. As in current episodes, Arrow encountered a certain copycat whose get-up is mostly black, but then it is revealed that the man behind that mask was Tommy Merlyn’s father, not Tommy himself. But then again, this particular black archer could not be wholly confirmed to be Merlyn from the DC comics. We just have to stay tuned to further stories to unveil the truth.

  • China White

“I may not be Lady DeathStrike now, but I still pack a lot of heat”

This Pacific Rim drug lord moves most of the opium that is existing the drug market, she has made many appearances in Arrow, played by Kelly Hu(X2), she has sparred against Oliver several times, and we hope to see more of this “woman without a heart”.

  • Constantine Drakon


“Hope this jacket makes me look badass”

This Greek assassin appeared in the pilot episode but seemed to be presumably killed off, its a pity though cause, according to the comics, this is actually one of the few Green Arrow villains that as managed to best the emerald archer in a one on one fight. These are the first five characters that have appeared so far, stay tuned for more uploads soon and leave any comment below. Till next time. Szia.


Summer Movies of 2013

Happy New Year everyone, either in Europe, Africa, America(that means both of them), Asia, Antarctica and probably Mars. I hope you all had a blast last year, because I certainly did. Speaking about entertainment I must say that I for one enjoyed a plethora of amazing movies last year, for example, I spun my webs to see The Amazing Spiderman, and later rose to witness The Dark Knight Rises, pleasured my humor bone by watching Ted, exploded with excitement at the viewing of  The Avengers and the list goes on. But nevertheless, this year seems to offer more than the previous with much anticipated blockbuster movies heading our way this summer, namely :

Iron Man 3- 3rd May

Kicking off this summer, is our gold-titanium clad action hero who seems to be facing the biggest threat of his career and could possible be his last stand, the trailer did not reveal much but it seemed to portray Tony as a more desperate hero who even gets his beautiful mansion razed to the ground(almost wept there by the way). All I can say is for everyone to kick back and watch our favorite genial, philanthropic, playboy billionaire save the day.

The Great Gatsby- 10th May

“No one could ban me for this long”

This legendary masterpiece had been banned in the past while it still existed on paper, apparently it has been adapted for the screens and would be erupting at local cinemas this May. Although I have not read the book, the trailer seemed good and the cast seems to be worth an hour plus of fixative attention.

Star Trek: Into Darkness- 17th May

“Elementary, my dear klingons”

The appraised J.J. Abrams sequel is returning with a new cast member, Benedict Cumberbatch joining the ensemble. The prequel seemed to impress audiences and I am willing to bet that this sequel would not disappoint. Stay tuned my dear Vulcans and live long and prosper.

Fast Six- 24th May

“The faster, the more sequels”

This new installment to the popular vehicular action movie is going to hit theaters this summer, gear up your seatbelts as the ride is going to get intense from now till its premiere.

After Earth- 7th June

“Son, that is the side of the planet where I was born and raised till my maam got scared”

M. Night Shyamalan presents a father-son collaboration in this sci-fi featuring the fresh prince himself and the karate kid, we have all known Shyamalan to be a tepid director, with good-bad movie syndromes, I just hope this movie falls on his good side. And it would be another chance for us to see Jaden’s talent develop further, though with a little push from his pop. These are the series of the first set of summer movies that I look forward to, I am sure that I have missed a lot, please feel free to comment below and air your own opinion. For now let us stop here, wishing u all a happy new year once more. Szia.