Godfall part 2

Seasons Greetings once again, I know most of you must be busy stuffing your faces with Christmas gifts and goodies by now and having a blast with friends and family. Today I would be posting more of the short story that I had previously started titled Godfall, which can be found in my old posts. Here is a link to the first part https://hybridbooks.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/godfall/

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Jenna looked up and saw the men, immediately understanding the situation, she bolted across the field towards the house. Jonas’ mom had also realized what was going on, she ran towards Jenna and whisked her into the house, bolting the door, telling Jenna not to unlock the door and stay put. The bandits were now standing in front of the house, surrounding it. One of them, supposedly the leader stepped forward to speak.

“Hello ladies and gentleman, my name is Oshi and my demand is simple, we want your farm”, he said with an evil grin “Comply with our demands and there shall be no bloodshed”.

“We shall do no such thing, this is our life”, Jonas’ mother replied “We’ve got some cowries, you can have them and take some of our crops but please leave the farm to us”.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, you see the corrupt wealthy men of this nation have made it increasingly difficult to raid , so unfortunately we have to settle for smaller farms like yours, simple rules of the survival of the fittest”, Oshi stated.

Jonas stared at both his mum and Oshi as they bickered back and forth, his mother continuously tried to reason with Oshi, who remained adamant and eventually got enraged and slapped his mom across the face.

“NOOO!!! Leave her alone, just take as much crops but please leave us alone”, Jonas yelled.

“Ahh, seeing as you are the only male here, I guess it’s safe to assume that daddy isn’t around” Oshi smirked, maintaining his vicious grin “So why don’t you run along before you harm yourself”.

This infuriated Jonas as he pounced on Oshi, knocking him off his feet to the ground. The other bandits run towards their fallen leader, they carried Jonas off him, and proceeded to beat him senseless.

“I tried to reason with you, I tried to go easy but now you have ignored my gesture”, Oshi bellowed with rage in his eyes.

“You are a maniac, there is no reason for you to do this”, Jonas retorted.

During the whole commotion, Jonas’ mom still laid sprawled on the ground watching the bandits beat her son, she couldn’t bare to watch any more, her maternal instincts kicked in as she pulled out one of her knitting pins that she had been concealing and lunged at Oshi, plunging the pin deep into his left shoulder.

“YEOW!!!”, Oshi yelped in pain “You stupid fool, what have you done?”

He said as he grabbed Jonas’ mother by the throat.

“This is on you!!!”, Oshi barked at her as he jabbed his cutlass into her abdomen and flung her to the ground.

“MOTHER!!!”, Jonas shrieked, ignoring the punches and kicks from the other bandits.

“Leave him be, let him have some final moments with his mother”, Oshi stated, ordering his lackeys to let Jonas be with his mom. He ran over to his mother, who was bleeding profusely, frantically clutching her open wound.

“It’s OK mother, just breathe, I will call for a doctor and you will be healed”, Jonas said with tears welling in his eyes. He turned to the bandits and screamed.
“You didn’t have to hurt her, just take whatever you want and leave us alone”.

“Oh we intend on doing that”, Oshi replied “Boys take as many crops as you can and torch the rest of the farm”.

“No, you can’t do that you sick bastards, the farm is all that we have” Jonas protested.

“Well you people had your chance to surrender without having us to resort to any form of violence”

“You shall all pay for this act one day, I promise you”, Jonas said with so much disdain in his voice.

Oshi and his bandits proceeded to uproot most of the essential plants that they fancied. They had gallons of fuel with them which they doused the farm in before setting it ablaze. Oshi and his gang walked off with their newly acquired loot. Jonas carried his injured mother and ran back into the house where his younger sister had been hiding from the bandits. He ran to and fro, combing every nook and cranny of the house in search of any medicine to mitigate his mother’s bleeding wound. The flames outside had began to engulf the entire landscape and smoke was beginning to sip into the house.

“It’s OK Jonas, it’s not your fault”, his mother said weakly “Grab your sister and run now before the flames kill you both”.

“No!! I won’t abandon you mother”, Jonas stated defiantly “I’m bringing you along and we are going to find a doctor”.

Jonas beckoned to his sister Jenna to carry some of the medical supplies as he carried his mother and they both bolted out of the smoke filling house. They ran through the back door, away from the blazing field and over a hill side where Jonas watched with a fallen heart at the raging inferno devouring their life’s work and home. Jenna began to weep as she grabbed his mother’s arm.

“Don’t you cry Jenna, your big brother will look after you when I’m gone”.

Jenna cried more as she heard this but continued on, creating more distance from the fiery fields.
They were far from the nearest clinic or any source of help, Jonas watched in horror as he noticed the life ebb away slowly from his mother due to her massive blood loss. Yet she managed a weak smile and said.

“Be strong son, great things are in store for both you and your sister”.

With that said, her breath paused and her heart ceased beating, her eyes stared blankly at the sky, recording no images. Jonas burst into tears uncontrollably, his mother had died and now he felt entirely empty and responsible, she did not deserve such cruel fate. He couldn’t just stand by and let her life end so abruptly. His muscles tensed as he clenched his fists.
“No, this can’t be, I will not let this happen”.
He looked at Jenna, his eyes completely filled with sorrow and hate. He wrapped up his mother’s corpse with some blankets he had taken from the house earlier. He hoisted her corpse on his shoulder, stared towards the east of their current direction. He gestured towards Jenna to follow him. She looked at her brother, also crestfallen from the loss of their mother, she could see the hate seething through Jonas’ eyes and could guess what he was planning on doing.

“Brother you can’t, there will be very cruel consequences if you… “.

“I’m sorry Jenna I can’t see any other way, mother did not deserve this”, Jonas said, interrupting his sister with his face turned away from her gaze “I am going to bring her back”, he paused, drawing his breath “even if it kills me”.


Deadpool Red Band Trailer 2 impression


I know this is a bit late but talk about one hell of a Christmas present. At approximately 12:01 on the 25th of December, Fox decided to treat all kids, nice or naughty with this cinematic treat. The latest Red Band Deadpool trailer dropped like a pack of hot pockets and it was glorious. It was funnier and more hilarious than the first trailer. It revealed a little more back story for casual viewers without giving away too much. I was surprised to still find more jokes in this trailer that weren’t in the first one, which makes me optimistic to the fact that not all the best jokes have been revealed in the trailers. We get to see and hear more quips from the titular Deadpool as well as glimpses of other characters like Vanessa(played by the sci-fi queen Morena Baccarin), Ajax, played by Ed Skrein( hopefully this film will lobotomize Transporter: Refueled out of our memory banks), Gina Carano as Angel Dust, a mutant character with the ability to doubling her strength by increasing her adrenaline and T. J. Miller as Weasel, a wisecracking sidekick to Deadpool. We also get to see more from the X-men characters Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead( phew what a mouthful).

After seeing this trailer and multiple interview appearances from Ryan Reynolds, I can safely say without a doubt that this was the role he was born to play. His mannerisms, quips and comedic timing is so spot on. It is also prevalent that Ryan regrets the portrayal of Deadpool in the abysmal X-men Origins: Wolverine movie and is willing to do the character and movie justice. The movie comes out in less than two months and I am super excited to see it now more than ever. And for anyone still doubtful of Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the mentally unstable and charismatic Deadpool should check out this dark comedy titled The Voices,  where Ryan plays a schizophrenic man with psychopathic tendencies. The movie is like a little introduction to the voices within Deadpool. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you also excited to see the movie? Let me know in the comment section? Till next time, enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year. Szia.

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings readers and a Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you are all enjoying some quality time with your families or partying with friends or doing as your heart sees fit. Share the holiday cheer far and wide. Sit back and binge watch some classic Christmas movies like Home Alone, Scrooged,  A Christmas Carol, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life and even Die Hard(yes that’s right even Die Hard). Once again I wish you all a festive season and a Happy New Year to come. And I hope to see you all in the coming year. I’ve got new plans coming, I might soon quit my blog for a while in order to focus on developing a YouTube channel, but don’t you worry I shall keep you all in the loop but I will still be posting my stories here. Stay tuned for more. Till next time. Szia.

X-MEN APOCALYPSE Official Trailer first impression


Ho ho ho, merry apocalypse, now this is one hell of an early Christmas present. The latest trailer for the upcoming X-men: Apocalypse just dropped without any prior warning to us mere mortals. I have just gotten my ticket for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and was watching its latest international trailer, when I got a sudden notification and behold I spot Oscar Isaac in his apocalyptic make up glory in the video thumbnail. I was pleasantly surprised that the trailer was a full length trailer and not a thirty second teaser. The trailer was well cut and properly edited, there are a couple of minor unfinished special effects shots but with a couple of months to go, I am certain that all that would be patched up soon. I am going to talk about the trailer and list out the things I loved about it and give my general impression of the overall trailer.

First of all, I would like to point out the new characters, which are mostly younger versions of the main X-men characters from previous movies like Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Storm. Recurring characters also return to reprise their roles like James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Rose Bryne as Moira McTaggert and Lucas Till as Havoc. We get brief glimpses of the main antagonist i. e. En Sabad Nur AKA Apocalypse, an ancient and powerful mutant that has existed over centuries. I love his new appearance as its quite similar to its comic book counterpart and it’s an improvement to his original design. We also get to see his iconic four horsemen from the comics which, based on solely the trailer seems to consist Magneto, Storm, Angel and a fourth character that I’m not sure of. In the comics, Apocalypse was known to convert other mutants into his minions and also imbuing them with extraordinary powers. Another aspect of the trailer I really loved was the fact that Apocalypse stated that he has had different names over the years like Ra, Vishnu and Yahweh, which insinuates his direct effect on religion in the X-men universe. It also hints at his mass power and authority that he must have amassed over the years. My favorite line from the trailer was when Havoc states that Apocalypse must have gotten the idea of the four horsemen from the Bible, but then Moira McTaggert retorts saying “or the Bible got it from him” further indicating Apocalypse’s ancient origins and influence on modern religion.

Furthermore we see Professor X gasping as horror at the sheer amount of power that Apocalypse inhabits as he utilizes the cerebro device. We see another scene featuring Professor X using the cerebro yet again but this time his eyes have gone black and he says that he has never felt so much power which might indicate a possible possession by Apocalypse. Mystique is also shown to be leading the younger new generation X-men namely Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Cyclops and Magneto also seems to have been converted into one of Apocalypse’s horsemen.

Overall the trailer blew my mind away and has gotten me super pumped for the final product. One of my greatest hopes is that the character of Cyclops is more fleshed out this time around unlike the original X-men trilogy. What did you think of the trailer? What were your favorite parts? Let me know what I might have missed. Till next time. Szia.


Hello once again people that matter, I am back with yet another one of my short stories. Today I would be posting the first part of a story that I am still working on titled Godfall, it has to do with themes of theology, transgressions, revenge and redemption. Feel free to check it out and give your thoughts on it.


They say seeing is believing, but then a contradiction employs us to often take a leap of faith into the abyss. The latter was the case in a small village located in the heart of Arewa, a country that comprised mostly of agricultural and theological culture, Jaiye was a relatively unknown village at the time which mostly consisted of farmers going by their day to day activities. Eventually the economy of Jaiye boomed out of nowhere. The farms over-bloomed with resources and crops which skyrocketed the economy of Jaiye making it one of the most lucrative and comfortable places in the whole of Arewa. The increasing influx of the crops were enough to alleviate the status of the village. However this sudden development didn’t change the mindset of the indigents of Jaiye. They maintained their humble and simple lifestyles, but soon the secret of their growing success became evident. The natives of Jaiye always prayed and offered adulation to the gods of Ecra(which was an elysium where the gods resided) on occasion. They would offer portions of their crops and livestock as offerings, thanking the gods for the blissful season. Otun, the sky god and the ruler of all the other gods would open the clouds in response to the prayers and sacrifices from the dwellers of Jaiye. As long as they offered praise to him, the gods responded by blessing them with a lush climate that consisted of adequate rain and a steady weather that aided the bountiful harvest of the farms. Soon Jaiye became a tourist spot where visitors would go to the streams to take portions of the blessed waters for domestic uses back home. The natives of Jaiye flourished for years and basked in the glory and kindness of the gods. But all this began to changed slowly, as the natives got cocky and gradually ceased praying to the gods. Some stopped believing in the presence and existence of the gods as they claimed that they had never actually seen any physical manifestations of the gods. They got complacent and began to exalt their own selves. This angered Otun and the rest of the other gods, prompting them to seize the clouds and halt the downpour of rain entirely on Jaiye. At first the natives didn’t seem to notice because the village had had so much rain in the previous season that there was enough food and resources for a while.But eventually people started to notice the absence of the rain as there hadn’t been a single downpour in months which was very unusual. The crops on the farms began to starve due to the lack of rain to nourish them and they withered slowly. The indigents of Jaiye began to panic as agriculture was the major source of income and revenue for the village. Then the drought worsened as the clouds disappeared altogether. The people could still use water from the streams and rivers to water their plants, but this was not enough. Then a huge famine struck as most of the livestock began to perish due to a lack of vegetative nourishment. Panic and hysteria spread around the villagers like a plague, yet they refused to acknowledge the gods or ask for forgiveness for their negligence.

Eventually, desperation set in as some of the dwellers sought after dark magic to solve their problems. They consulted with herbalists which were sorcerers that dabbled in occult magic by conjuring demons from Delious(which was a hellish realm) which could grant wishes to those in need albeit temporarily, as there was always a price which usually featured a literal repercussion, much to the amusement of the demons, for example if a person wished to be as rich as a well nourished garden, they got their wealth albeit they would also slowly turn into a literal garden by sprouting leaves. People became aware of this literal consequences but this didn’t stop them from pursuing temporary satisfaction, it also helped that the demons manifested themselves physically. All this further enraged Otun and the gods, leading them to totally forsake the villagers of Jaiye as Otun ordered the rest of the gods to no longer attend to the needs of the people until they proved their loyalty once more.

“How dare these ungrateful wretched blood bags seek aid from creatures of Delious”, Otun bellowed “They have turned their faith from us and therefore I hereby decree that never more shall a god interfere with the well being of these human traitors, any god that forsakes my word shall be cast down to dwell with the vermin for all of eternity, heed my word lest you lose your place on Ecra”

After Otun passed the law, all the gods stopped their interactions with the people of Jaiye, leaving the village in turmoil. Some of the people began to pray to the gods once more, pleading for their mercy but this was to no avail. They came to the grim realization that the gods had fallen on deaf ears to their pleas. Years and years passed and soon the knowledge of the gods was almost entirely forgotten. Jonas Irapada was a lowly farmer in Jaiye currently struggling to maintain his crops. Once in a while, a little rain would fall(as the gods weren’t entirely heartless) but then stop for the next couple of months to a year. Jonas had a little sister called Jenna and a single mother. His mother sold most of the cash crops from the farm and also handmade clothing. Jonas’ father had left his mother while he was young and as the only male in the family, a huge burden responsibility had fallen on him, he had hated his father for that and was also unhappy with the gods for not providing for his family after. He had began tending to the family farm at a very young age, handling the monetary status of the family as his mother was also struggling to make ends meet. They were making just enough cowries to sustain the family. Cowries were the main currency in Arewa, they were made from special sea shells that were oval in shape. The country also had other sources of legal tender in the form of gold or even cash crops, but cowries were the generally accepted form of currency. The days were getting increasingly difficult with Jonas managing to get by. He had heard of the dealings with demons but he was also aware of the direct ramifications. He had been tempted on several occasions to visit a conjurer in order to summon a demon and wish for an instant agricultural boom for his farm, but he was afraid of the unexpected consequences of such request. He had been told that it was possible to trick the demons with some clever word play, for example there was a man that asked for cowries each day as the number of strands in his hair, the repercussion been that for every cowry he got daily, he lost a strand of hair, which wasn’t  a terrible consequence for a slow acting wish. The idea often floated into Jonas’ mind but he learnt to forgo the idea completely.

All this changed on a faithful day, while Jonas was at the farm inspecting the crops, his little sister was out in the field playing around with some toys, his mother was reclining on a chair out on the porch, busy knitting. Suddenly they heard aggressive footsteps approaching, as they saw a group of men walking towards them. Jonas spotted them and immediately figured out what they were from their scruffy attire and gruff demeanor. They were local bandits that often raided huge plantations, robbing people blind. They usually demanded a lot of possessions from their victims and would occasionally harm or kill people that resisted or refused their demand. But what surprised Jonas was their presence, normally bandits would raid the plantations and houses of the wealthy, cause they were sure that they had the money. But now things had gotten really bad economically, most of the wealthy dwellers had tightened their security and made it increasingly difficult for the bandits to raid them. Thus prompting the bandits to go for less fortunate and poorer communities that lacked adequate protection. Jonas was weak with fear, he never believed that a bunch of bandits would ever stoop so low to raid their lowly farm. He spotted about seven men wielding cutlasses and sharp daggers. He glanced towards his sister and yelled with all his might.

“Jenna, run into the house! NOW!!!”



I wake up this morning, getting ready to assume my venture to my scholastic abode when I casually decide to browse through YouTube. Lo and behold, I am blasted with the newest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer opens with Bruce Wayne attending a prestigious dinner where he is approached by Clark Kent, in his reporter disguise of course. The two of them banter back and forth about who is basically better, Batman or Superman. There is tension on the screen as they stare each other down and then Lex Luthor comes to interject, stating that he is glad that he has brought them together. Cue the action montage where we see Batman and Superman throwing down against each other. The trailer reveals that Lex is clearly the one manipulating the fued between Batman and Superman.
Then we see the corpse of Zod been wheeled into a operating room where it is experimented upon, leading to the creation of Doomsday. His arrival halts the battle between the Son of Krypton and the Demon of Gotham. Doomsday proceeds to decimate them with his high intensity heat vision, clearly from the powers of Zod. A huge explosion ensues and when the dust settles, Wonder Woman is shown to have deflected the heat blast with her sheild which stuns both Batman and Superman as they question her origins.
Personally I still prefered the first trailer as I thought that was well cut and it showcased some underlying sociopolitical themes whereas this trailer was more linear, revealing to us viewers most of the things we already know like Batman fighting Superman, Lex Luthor manipulating the fued, the creation of Doomsday, and Wonder Woman’s presence. With that been said, there were a couple of things I did like about this trailer like the opening scene where both Bruce and Clark stare down at each other, I also like most of the action shots like the batplane and the fight scenes which clearly highlight Zack Snyder’s touch. But on the other hand, I had a couple major issues with this trailer, first I’m still not sold on Lex Luthor at all, Jesse Eisenberg is a good actor but Luther was not the role for him. He comes off as an evil Richard Branson with a lot of money and no true friends with an inferior complex bent on putting two powerful people against each other for sheer amusement. He was more or less like a joker without makeup. I would have preferred Bryan Cranston in the role of Lex Luthor. Doomsday’s reveal was also a bit underwhelming for me, his design is not bad but neither is it spectacular as he just looks like a generic super monster, he looks like the close cousin of the trolls from the Lord of the Rings. We also get to see Wonder Woman again albeit without dialogue once more as I am still ambivalent about Gal Gadot’s acting chops.
Overall it was a decent trailer, not as exciting as the first one and with some minor gripes I still can’t get over until the movie is released like Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. I still maintain an iota of optimism about the movie and would be first in line to see it opening week. What were your thoughts on the trailer? What did you like and what did you hate? Sound off in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.