Dominion S01E03 recap

Another Friday has passed which means two things, I tried to beat my high score in TowerFall or a new episode of Dominion is out. Evidently the latter is the case, I am going to recap the last episode of Dominion, I would highlight my pros and cons of the episode and please feel free to leave a comment below.

The episode starts off with Alex driving away from Vega as he hasn’t come to terms with the whole chosen one drama, he hallucinates about Claire following him on his runaway trip, I could understand why he would want to get away, the bane of being the chosen one is really huge and it puts the lives of those around him in danger as showcased by the previous episode when Felicia, the hand maiden attacked him and wounded Claire. Alex’s runaway trip is abruptly interrupted by Michael who gets word of his exile from one of Alex’s friends. Michael convinces Alex to follow to a particular stop which turns out to be Alex’s old home where his father Jeep worked tirelessly to decode the then tattoos that were on him.

Around Vega, things start to take climatic turns, William Whele, the son of David Whele is seen consulting with Gabriel at a local diner, Gabriel notices the mortal weakness in William and proceeds to murder the people in the diner in order to show him violence at first hand, and to charge him with turning his followers into ruthless obedient pawns. General Riesen is seen conversing with his angelic mistress, her own involvement hasn’t been revealed yet, and more on the relationship between her and General Riesen is yet to be known. Back at Vega, David Whele tries to reason with Arika, a handmaid from Helena, who had already tried to blackmail David in the previous episode while she was still a prisoner. Michael is also brought before the council and questioned, David tries to accuse him of probable treachery to which Michael shrugs off as he threatens David. Furiad, a higher Angel that has joined Gabriel’s army starts to pester Gabriel into just sneaking into Vega and claiming the chosen one, to which Gabriel replies about having faith in the chosen one coming on his own free will.

Back at Vega, Michael decides to convince other higher angels to join his cause or leave Vega. General Riesen rounds up random civilians that could be potential suspects as angels masquerading as humans just like Felicia, he finally reveals to Claire about his sickness. Arika gets a nasty surprise as her sister’s corpse is mailed to her as a warning from Evelyn, the ruler of Helena. Michael explains to Alex the real reason of his father’s disappearance. Meanwhile Furiad and some other angels pursue after them. David uses the death of Arika’s sister to negotiate a deal with her. Michael and Alex are attacked by Furiad and his angels, which leaves Michael mortally wounded. William manipulates his followers into being fearless. We then see Arika trigger some sort of ominous beacon. Gabriel is infuriated by Furiad’s attack on Michael without his consent. The episode ends with Alex driving a wounded Michael back to Vega. Overall this episode did well to show various story plots happening simultaneously, I feel like Michael let himself get stabbed in other to encourage Alex to take on the role of the chosen one. I also wonder if Furiad would rebel against Gabriel. I rate this episode a 7.5 out of 10, it gave us a deeper look into the overall lore of the show, a little more back story into Helena would help though. I also did not really like the fact that Michael was injured by Furiad so easily, I do like the duplicity of William and I hope the show deals with his complexity well. David Whele is still my favorite character so far. Let me know in the comment section what you thought of the episode. Till next time. Szia.