Back Story: Phantom Labourer(concluded)

Hello again my fellow readers, so snow just started falling about two days ago in my area, after all the confetti we received through out December and early January, the Almighty decided to blow out a ton of winter cocaine on us finally. Today I would be concluding my back story on the Phantom Labourer. Stay tuned for my Monday Mooring post later today, in light of a Scottish river overflowing with whiskey and inadvertedly fulfilling Willie Nelson’s dream, let’s get it on.

A person cannot become a phantom deliberately, even if they plan on rescuing someone who is in danger, which is the reason why paramedics and firefighters are not necessary phantoms. One only becomes a phantom by saving someone randomly and spontaneously. A phantom cannot predict his or her own death, unless another phantom sees it. Every phantom has a trigger, which is the person that the phantom rescued in order to trigger his or her ability. The phantom’s trigger is a very crucial person to the phantom because triggers can be used as baits to lure a phantom, making them the Archilles heel to phantoms. A phantom can always perceive where his or her trigger is, by placing a “death shawl” on their triggers which serve as notifications for the phantom whenever the trigger is in trouble. If a phantoms trigger is killed, particularly due to the phantom’s laziness or lethargy, it can cause extreme dementia and insanity to the phantom. Another peculiar weakness that phantoms have is proximity to extreme heat. Phantoms are unable to see visions clearly when they are placed near extreme heat. Tartarians are known to carry around pyrolignums which taser-like rods that they use to stun or subdue phantoms. Although robbed off their visions when next to extreme temperature, phantoms can still use their secondary powers. The life of a phantom is no easy task, as they are constantly being pursued or hunted, but over the years, they have have helped balance the mortality rate and they still do till today. The next time someone saves you from imminent danger, be sure to show your appreciation, you never know it could be a phantom just doing his or her job. Watch out for one near you.

The End.

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Back Story: Phantom Labourer(continued)

Hello out there my fellow readers, it has been a while since I uploaded any content, but while I was busy battling an entity known as boredom and focusing on my upcoming books, I have found time to continue uploading more back story from my upcoming novel, Phantom Labourer. If you missed my previous posts, you can check them out in my most recent uploads. Let’s get it on.

The Tartarians are a group of over zealous extremists who seek out and hunt down phantoms, because they believe tha phantoms are a scourge to the earth, abominations that need to be destroyed. Tartarians are known for setting death traps which can be used to lure any nearby phantom to a scene, and since a phantom cannot foresee his or her own death, this makes them vulnerable to Tartarians. They are currently led by a ruthless leader named Mordecai LeMort, who was preceded by his merciless father, Obadiah LeMort. The Tartarians have existed since the popularity of phantoms started swirling around. Obadiah was the forerunner of the Cleansing(the darkest days in phantom history), he was primarily involved with the plans in the murder of two-thirds of phantom labourers worldwide, which plunged the surviving phantoms at that time into hiding. Today, the Tartarians work with corrupt organisations who sought out to carry out assassinations. Tartarians have also been known to work closely with Thanathorns(rouge phantoms). One would assume that a person with abilities as a phantom would like to become a hero. But there are some phantoms after realising and activating their powers decide to use it for personal gains.

Thanathorns are rouge phantom labourers who have decided to use their abilities for personal and monetary gains. A phantom can gradually evolve into a Thanathorn unknowingly if he or she intentionally ignores his or her premonitions, as it darkens the phantom’s conscience. Whenever they get a premonition of a high profile individual, they sell their knowledge to the highest bidder and because they are also phantoms, they possess secondary abilities as well. Various phantoms and thanathorns have clashed over time, which often led to violent results. They have also been known to work for Tartarians, acting as privateers for them. Enriquez Vasquez Da Kidd was a famed Thanathorn, a half Hispanic, half Scottish rouge phantom, who was infamous for his persecution of phantoms and his involvement in various government conspiracies. Enriquez also had the ability of teleportation which made it difficult for phantoms to predict his movement. Enriquez was also fond of kidnapping innocent people and using them as human shields. He also made the Thanathorns so popular that various crime syndicates, most notably was the Irish mob known as The Rick O’Sheas, hired them for their evil deeds. But due to Enriquez’s aggressive methods, which also included the murder of a spoilt child of the Rick O’Sheas’ crime boss, this led to the infamous Siege of Bliss, in which Enriquez and his crew were pursued and killed by the O’Sheas. The Thanathorns eventually laid low for a while. Thanathorns were also known to settle disputes by engaging in a fight to the death. Whenever a certain Thanathorn was displeased with his current magister mortis( the name given to the head of a squad of Thanathorns), he could call out his leader and challenge him to a fight to the death. Lionel Kevorkian was the most recent magister mortis ever recorded, he was also known as the Mano de la Muerte. He possesses the ability to create and manipulate electricity. Unlike Enriquez, Lionel was a more calculated and strategic Thanathorn. He persecuted various phantoms and is one of the wealthiest Thanathorns ever. He is still living today, but his current whereabouts are unknown. Other Thanathorns have tried to emulate his reputation.

To Be Concluded.

Back Story: Phantom Labourer(continued)

Hello once again my fellow readers, I hope you all are having a great Sunday, I just finished cooking one of the most exhausting meals ever, but now I am done and ready to blog. Today I would be continuing the back story of the world of phantom labouring. If you missed my last post, you can visit it in my last upload as this is a continuation of the story. Let’s get it on.

After the events that occurred on Tobias’ farm, phantom labourers were still not taken serious, but this was about to change as in the dawn of the 20th century, Diana Fowler, a young woman who also happened to be a phantom was on a train travelling across countries when she had a premonition of the train derailing and killing everyone on board, she voiced her concerns, but most people thought she was just paranoid and nervous. Diana kept on seeing the visions periodically, she eventually got out of her seat to warn the train driver but she was restrained, she kept on seeing the vision and it got clearer and clearer as she noticed that the derailment was going to occur underneath a yellow bridge. The train continued on its journey until Diana noticed the upcoming yellow bridge from her vision, without warning she pushed her way towards the small windows at the side of the train and without hesitation, she leapt through the tiny gap and landed outside the train on the hot desert ground. She sustained minor injuries, but her injuries were highly infinitesimal compared to the horror that befell the train as it reached beneath the yellow bridge, the steel tyres came loose and the train careened to the side as it swooshed across the desert ground unto a rocky hillside, a spontaneous combustion occurred that incinerated every single soul on board. Diana’s story was well known and many people started believing in phantom labouring, Diana went on to predict three more fatal disasters, and was able to successfully prevent two out of the three from occurring. Diana went to live her life to a ripe old age and passed on. There were several other cases of phantom labouring that were reported that changed history.

A particular case of phantom labouring that could have changed history was in the case of the assassination of President J.F. Kennedy In 1963, a phantom foresaw his assassination, down to every single detail from the type of gun used, the number of shots fired and the location of the shooter. The phantom was named Harvey Bernstein, he lived a couple of blocks away from the Dealey plaza. He aired his concerns on various news outlets, but no one believed him, to the extent that he was jailed for murderous intentions. After the assassination of JFK, Harvey became a prime suspect until he was proven innocent. This led other phantoms around the world to gather together and they formed a coalition that sought out to save thousands of people around the world from premature deaths. The coalition was called O. P. U. D. (Order for the Prevention of Untimely Demise). They operated discreetly and swiftly, swooping in to save people for various domestic and aggressive incidents and attacks before disappearing without even accepting gratitude, they helped foil hundreds of assassination attempts. Major corporations hired phantom labourers whenever the CEO or head of the company was going for a major event or interview. Eventually it became known to many regular people on how various phantoms got their abilities. Next time I would talk on the procedures to becoming a phantom labourer and the various foes that an average phantom has. Till next time. Szia.

To Be Continued.

Back Story: Phantom Labourer

This is a new segment that I have decided to add to my blogosphere, I would not be able to upload movie news as frequent as before due to a lack of a laptop at the moment, but this would give me time to upload some backstory on some of my upcoming novels. Today, I would be uploading a backstory of an upcoming supernatural action novel titled Phantom Labourer, it is a story of people with the ability to see premonitions of people in certain danger around them, and task themselves with saving as many people as possible. Their involvement in preventing certain deaths eventually caught the interest of several corporations whose assassination plans have been foiled on several occasions by the phantom labourers. This prompted the phantom labourers also called phantoms for short, to be high priority targets for several huge enterprises. The main character is a young phantom by the name Marc Fraiser who becomes involved in a huge quagmire of conspiracy that sets him up for an untold adventure. I would begin today’s post by uploading the origins of phantom labouring. If you like the series and would like to read more, please like and leave a comment below. Let’s get it on.

Phantom labouring is the ability bestowed upon a few people which gives them the power to predict and see death premonitions of people around them, which can enable them to prevent the event from occurring, the stronger the phantom, the wider the range of people he or she can perceive. The true origins have never been unveiled, many believe that aliens must have made contacts with man and given us the power, some others believe that it is a gift from the supernatural realm, while others believe that it could be the effect of scientific experiments gone wrong. Whatever the truth is, we will never know.

Phantom labouring has dated back as far as the early 19th century, a young man by the name of Tobias Freeman once had a premonition of a cattle stampede caused by a thunderclap from his farm ranch that caused the death of a couple of passerbys, he was so worried of the vision because he kept on seeing it repeatedly for two days. He told several people of his vision, but no one believed him. Eventually, on a rainy day, a thunderstorm occurred and the roar of thunder scared Tobias’ cattle that they burst through his fence and ran down a couple of passerbys just like he had predicted. After the event, people still did not believe Tobias, everyone merely assumed that it was a a coincidence. The story of Tobias was known everywhere and several other people experienced premonitions that eventually came to fruition, no one was really taken serious. But all that was soon going to change, as an eventful train ride soon grasps the attention of the world and changed the world of phantom labouring forever.

To Be Continued.