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I am done uploading an excerpt from Helix and i will start posting some pages from my next novel, Specter High, which revolves around a high school student who is locked in an age-long war between humans and monsters and then discovers that he plays a crucial factor in the war.

I have resumed schooling, so my posts would be less frequent but please bear with me.

Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

In Drakenpolis, the architecture of the land is very similar to the design of the modern day Chinese pagodas. Guards soared the air on top of pterodrakens( winged fire-breathing pterodactyls). The culture of the city is known to be very rich and filled with orderly gestures. The inhabitants live very opulent lives. They have been rivals with Orthodox for years due to a feud over the center of the Xenopolis which Orthodox won after a brief war and this caused a permanent grudge between the two cities. However the Drakenpolis occupants boasts of their long and jagged-edged mountain chain called the Drakensberg, which is home to various wild creatures including the fearsome and insectile Drakenmantis.

In the courtyard of the Drakenlord, two figures converse.

“He is going to the Hail mountain, afterwards the Quake Cavern”, said the first figure.

“Good, when he leaves the Hail Mountain and is on his way to the Quake Cavern, send some men to pay him a visit”, said the second figure.

Meanwhile Helix had gotten ready for his perilous journey, he went to Oberon to pay obeisance before embarking on his journey.

“May the gods be with you Helix,” said Oberon.

Helix left Orthodox on a horse heading for the Hail Mountain, he saddled up and rode out off. Helix rode for hours before he saw the peaks of the grand Hail Mountain. He rode closer and started hearing clatters as he rode closer and then he saw it. At intense velocities, chunks of frozen ice hit the ground around the Hail Mountain occasionally sparking up some flames. Helix got off his horse and walked towards the hail, he knew that the stones would not touch him but he was still reluctant. With a whiff of breadth, Helix stepped into the hail with his eyes closed and then opened them, he looked around himself, the hailstones fell on every other spot apart from the space he occupied.

“Wow I can not believe it”, Helix said.

He proceeded up the mountain until he got to the peak, he expected to see his father’s apparition already but nothing appeared, Helix was puzzled as he waited a couple of minutes. Then he yelled

” Father! ”

After some time, nothing happened then suddenly a large bolt of lightning tore the air like a piece of paper then a huge ghostly face appeared and formed into Delux’s face.

“Hello my son”, said Delux.

Helix just stared in awe.

End of Chapter One.

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Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

A week had passed since Oberon reigned in Delux’s steed, he then summoned Helix to the throne room.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”, Oberon asked Helix.

” No, your highness”, replied Helix.

“Helix you do not have to refer to me like that, I am still your uncle”

“Okay uncle”

” Well the reason I have called you here today is because, when your father died, his enchanted sword, the ruby sabre was conjured back to its original spot”

“And where exactly is this original spot”, asked Helix.

” Well you may not like this but it is located in the Quake Cavern, you kn…”, Oberon did not finish his statement before

” WHAT!” Helix interrupted. ” The Quake Cavern is the deadliest cave known to man, if anyone goes in there and steps on a rock a dozen more falls on him, its a natural booby trap”

“Helix, get your manhood together, your father had to go there to claim the sword and his right to the throne, only the bravest can go in there”, replied Helix.

” So you want me to enter the deadliest cave in the world, claim the most enchanted sword in the whole Xenopolis and return here?”, asked Helix rhetorically.

“Oh did I also mention that you have to cross the Phoenix Desert”, said Oberon

” But the Phoenix Desert is filled with thousands of  Barsets, those blood thirsty scorpions would kill on sight”, said Helix

” I know Helix, but time is running short you need to get the ruby sabre before any other person does”, said Oberon.

A guard rushes in

” My Lord we just got word that Demus is hiding in Drakenpolis “, said the guard.

” That is no good news, Demus knows the blueprint of the whole of Orthodox city, he is going to sell us out to our own enemies” said Oberon ” You have to get the ruby sabre quick Helix”

” Okay I would be on my way soon”, replied Helix

” And on your way make sure you go to  the Hail Mountains first to talk to your father’s apparition”, said Oberon.

” My father’s what?” asked a perplexed Helix.

” You should have listened more often in your studies, your father now has a place in Ecra as a god, you have to go and seek his counsel first” said Oberon ” Do not worry you are a child of a god no hailstones would hit you on your way up the Hail Mountain”.

” Wow that is a lot to digest, I will go tomorrow on the first light”, replied Helix.

To Be Continued

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Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

“Who sent you?”, asked a guard

The assassin had been apprehended by a group of guards and he was taken away to the interrogation room. Meanwhile, in the temple, the council held a meeting to determine the next king of Orthodox because Helix was not yet of age.

” I cant believe that the King’s armour was compromised”, said of the council members.

Helix waited outside the temple for the decision of the council, Oberon met him outside and told him to not fret. Oberon then returned into the temple.

“Demus sent the assassin, but he fled the city during the commotion”, said the first elder

“We must send guards in search of Demus, Helix said he heard the assassin commune with a figure through the act of golden magic, it seems the enemy behind this plot is the Drakenpolis”, said the second elder.

“But now we need a King, I suggest Prowler, Leader of the Tigris ( a group of talking tigers) “, suggested the first elder.

“We should make the Julius, the head of the sentry army King”, said another elder.

“Why don’t we make Oberon King?”, asked the second elder.

“WHAT! Not even over my brother’s dead body would I chose to be King”, protested Oberon.

“Listen to me, Oberon, it’s only for a while before next year, when Helix is of age then you can battle him in the heirloom brawl”, said the second elder.

Oberon reluctantly agrees and then goes outside to tell Helix.

“No problem uncle, it’s just a year”, said Helix.

“Yeah you are right”, muttered Oberon ” just one year”

To Be Continued.

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