Voice Actors Anonymous

So when it comes to the acting career, we all usually acknowledge the actors in the particular motion picture, simply because the actor’s physical body can be seen and all his acts can be seen protruding from his or her lips. But when it comes to the world of animations and CGI, we are easily intrigued by the acts of the display of matrices and poly-metrics which appear in various forms in order to satisfy our visual and entertainment needs. But we easily waive the true voices behind this iconic characters, and this is gonna be my point of interest on today’s post. Today I am going to highlight my top 5 voice actors, and may I emphasize that this is in my own opinion, so feel free to add your own points in the comment.

5) Mark Hamill

“Gee, I just killed my half metal father and now I am at a ball,the force is really strong with me”

Now I know what most of us know him for his role as the famed lightsabre-dueling son of Darth Vader, but there is more, Mark Hamill is the dubious voice behind the Joker in both the Batman Arkham games and other various Batman installments. I decided to put up this particular picture because this looks way better than his sixty year old counterpart at present. But nevertheless, he has done various awesome voice roles either in the pilot of the series or in several episodes from Rocket Power to Afro Samurai: Ressurection and various video games. He has added various additional voices that actually don’t suck but would be felt if he messed them up. As for the Joker, Mark Hamill has always impressed in whatever Batman animation he might have voiced the Joker. Even at his current age, he still utilizes his voice box to entertain us, I personally think that he deserves an ample recognition.

4) Tara Strong

” hmm, I would really like to voice Marilyn Monroe in an animated short”

Now this is a really talented voice behind various iconic characters (even the “i luv you” function on Ted in the movie Ted). She voiced iconic characters like Bubbles from Power Puff Girls to Omi in Xiaolin Showdown. As a singer, she has also proven that she is a versatile person. She has starred in a number of cartoons that we matured while watching like Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, Teen Titans, Ben 10 and many more. She has also done a lot of English language localisations of  Japanese anime like Spirited Away. At a graceful age of thirty nine, Tara Strong has entertained us through various television media with her vocal talent and I cannot wait to see her next performance.

3) John DiMaggio

“I am gonna come for the next Comic-Con with blackjacks and hookers”

“Bite my shiny metal ass”. I would be damned if I did not included John DiMaggio to the list. Bender, the foulmouthed,alcoholic and suicidal robot  is my favorite character in the animated show Futurama. He has also done some really memorable characters including the beefed up locust-crushing war veteran, Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War franchise (still cant wait for GOW: Judgement Day). He has voiced several other characters like the Joker, Jake the dog and even the incoherent Rico from Madagascar. In all, John DiMaggio is an excellent voice actor who never fails to impress his viewers.

2) Dee  Bradley Baker

” Sheesh, I wonder if people actually act movies with their bodies in it”

Now this man is a singer/comedian/former game show host and also an awesome *wait for it* voice actor. He is known for his role as Klaus Heissler in the American Dad TV series. He also voiced the Olmec head from the popular Mayan game show  The Legends of the Hidden Temple. He equally voiced the six footed bovine acrophiliac named Appa and the winged lemur, Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He has voiced various interesting characters from different media sources that we enjoy including Captain Rex and Commander Cody from the Clone Wars franchise. Dee Bradley Baker has never failed to accomplish an awesome character and he would not fail us any time soon. I look forward to his next projects.

1) Nolan North

nolan north

“Drake in the animus, battling locust hordes? Now I’d like to voice that”

The list would be incomplete without adding my favorite voice actor, from Uncharted to Assassin’s Creed to Gears of War to Batman: Arkham City to……….puff *phew*. Trust me it is an endless list, but nevertheless Nolan North is an accomplished voice actor who is responsible for several remarkable voice works. He has been labelled  “the nearest thing the games industry has to a bona fide leading man.” I can not speak enough about his awesomeness, as of recent, it has been announced that he would be voicing Deadpool in the upcoming Deadpool video game, which I cannot wait for. Nolan North is also set to star in J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel, which I am highly anticipating. In all, Nolan North is a highly versatile voice actor with a specific take on the animated world.

This concludes my analysis on my top favorite voice actor, as usual feel free to air out your opinions.

Prince Aladeen and Dr Sheldon Cooper : The most ignorant set of human beings


Please do not confuse this Aladeen with the street rat turned prince who promised a princess a world new world ( although he was capable with the help of his genie ) rather I am referring to the ignorant tyrant of Wadiya. Less we digress, I would like to analyze the various similarities that I noticed between the ignorant dictator and the egotistic theoretical physicist. First, I would like to say that these are based on my opinions, so feel free to comment below and place your own points.


From the acclaimed movie, The Dictator, we can see the complete platter of ignorance that Prince Aladeen grew up on, due to his uncle’s meandering motives. Aladeen grew up to believe that he was born to be a tyrant and that fellow humans were born to serve him his entire life. He believes that it is not mandatory for him to care about the value of human life. Due to his complete ignorance, it also made him highly gullible as it was noted in the movie.

An epitome of total ignorance and badassery

Like his counterpart, Dr Sheldon Cooper is another interestingly ignorant character, his source of ignorance, unlike the terror tyrant listed above, is based on the fact that he believes he is intelligently more superior than other human beings. Although it is noted that he achieved a lot of scientific goals at a tender age, Sheldon grew up believing that his intellect should be recognized by everyone and this led to the slate of ignorance that befalls him now. He is the super typical bookworm nerd that never grew to understand the importance of social life.

Hi, my name is Dr. Sheldon ‘Ignorance’ Cooper


Born into an astronomically wealthy family, Prince Aladeen never understood the life of the average man. His ego was the size of a solar system, this drove him into various ridiculous acts like changing half of the words in the Wadiyan vocabulary into his name, Aladeen. Now that’s an ego, even after his secret impeachment that left him stranded on the street, Aladeen was still in the belief that he was still in charge (until he met the hobbit called Anna Farris and learnt a thing or two about human interaction).

‘The Dictator’ Movie Review: Sacha Delivers But Plot Suffers

His eagle is called Ego the Swift

Now, how could we talk about ego without mentioning the ever boastful Dr Sheldon Cooper. This guy flaunts his IQ once every two hours to his friends and he cannot imagine how his body can contain all his intellect. Once he got upset with the bus transportation because the bus had to stop to pick other people up. On another occasion, he got a female acquaintance that helped him his research work, only to send her away at the end of the project to prevent him from sharing his glory with her. If Prince Aladeen’s ego is the size of a solar system, then Dr Sheldon’s ego is strong enough to create two Big Bang Theories. *ba dum tss*

“Leonard, did you think up another idea again coz I can perceive the rancid odour”


One does not simply analyze the Prince of Persecution without stating his complete negligence of sarcasm. Aladeen is a man who can literally kill someone over a misunderstood sarcastic joke, this is noted in the movie through his various gestures to his executioners to kill a particular person. He wants to always be the source of humor, so any puns that are told to him, and that he doesn’t understand, he views as a whimsical threat to his humor confidence.

“No more yo mama jokes as long as they refer to my mother”

To crown it all, who else could be infamously known for anti-sarcasm other than our beloved Dr Sheldon Cooper who once assumed that anyone that would crack a sarcastic joke could as well carry up a sarcasm sign. He finds sarcasm so amusing that it is like he discovers a new element every time he encounters a sarcastic statement. Sheldon still works hard to understand sarcasm, to the extent that virtually any word that comes out off anyone’s lips could be considered a sarcastic statement. Once Penny uttered a sarcastic statement about an ass shoe-removing doctor and Sheldon actually tried reasoning it. I do not know about your opinion, but in mine I think Dr Sheldon Cooper is the most anti-sarcastic organism on planet earth.


This concludes my points on the most ignorant set of characters in showbiz. But of course, this is in complete, so feel free to comment below and add your own suggestions. Personally, I cannot really decide who is more ignorant between the two of the characters that I mentioned above, so feel free to pour out your own opinions. Till next time, Live long and Prosper.

“This is Dr Sheldon ‘Spock’ Cooper signing out”

School Begins

So school officially starts for me next week, which means it’s time to carry a book and erase all the fun I had this summer. I have been a bit late in my blog lately due to school registration and stuff. I’ve got a big test coming up and I would not available for a while. I noticed that I missed uploading my Friday Frizzles for last week, so this is it. Enjoy.