Madam Koin Koin

Like I had said previously, I have been working on a couple of stories during the Christmas break and this was on of them. This story was inspired by a popular superstition that was well known back in my high school that was conceived in order to prevent students from loitering around at night. I decided to adapt the mythology and make a horror story out of it. Please feel free to leave a comment about the story. Please be advised, there are some dark themes in the story. Constructive criticisms are appreciated.




It was a warm Tuesday night like any other, huge clouds covered the sky but left an undisturbed path for the radiant rays of the moon to shine through. The grasses were still damp from the downpour of the previous day as it was the raining season in Nigeria at the moment. Crickets chirped as they danced in the moist foliage around which was quite unfortunate for some as they gave away their positions to preying night birds. The security guards had all retreated to their sheds for the night. There was ambient silence everywhere apart from the sounds emitting from the motion of feet striding across the dew filled grasses. This was a high school known for its prudence and discipline. Brick City High was one of the most prestigious high schools in Nigeria, but at this very night, two teenage boys pumped up on testosterone and post puberty urges were up to some illicit teenage shenanigans, they were on their way to rendezvous with a couple of girls from their classes. Unbeknownst to them, a robed assailant stalked them precariously, gliding across the wet grass, it had the physique of a woman and was dressed in white and wearing a pair of red high heels that occasionally made a ‘koin’ sound whenever she walked over the concrete pavement. The teenage boys names were Timmy and Robert, the former was more of a rascal and the main instigator of this nightly stunt while the latter was more easy going but very loyal to his rebellious friend Timmy. They had known each other for over four years now. Timmy had suggested this risky adventure in hopes for them to meet and indulge in some fornicating with two girls from their classes that they had been courting for some time. Their names were Cynthia and Sharon, and they had agreed to meet the boys behind the girls dormitory. Meanwhile, as Timmy and Robert neared the female dormitory.

Robert began to feel quite uneasy, he remembered the tales that he had heard about the myth and legend known as Madam Koin Koin, a six foot robed ghostly apparition that has been known for brutally punishing naughty and disobedient kids in different high schools. She has a jet black flowing hair that reaches her back, and wears a white robe that has been partially singed on the edges by fire and her body also contained flame burns but her most distinctive feature are her red five inch high heels, which is were her name was coined from due to the ‘koin koin’ sound they make when she walks, they also happen to be her weapon of choice in dispatching her targets. She has been known to attack groups of teenage offenders, but usually sparing the least sinful to carry on her tale. Very few people had survived her attacks and she is still rumored to be a myth as there were never any clear evidence of her presence, just a trail of dead teenagers. No one really knows of her origins apart from a couple of stories that say that she was once a teacher at a high school that was brutally murdered by a group of obstinate teenagers who decided to burn her house down, oblivious to the fact that she was sleeping in it. It was said that her soul never left the world has she became a vengeful spirit that tortured other stubborn teens. She was also rumored to be a literal killer, usually slaying her victims in accordance to their fears and phobias.
“I’ve got a really bad feeling about this,” said Robert.
“Don’t tell me that the Madam Koin Koin stories have gotten to you too,” Timmy retorted.
“It’s just too quiet, do we really have to meet Cynthia and Sharon tonight,”
“Don’t you dare bail on me now, Robert, it’s just pure superstition nonsense used to scare kids,”
The boys eventually met the girls behind the dormitory, it didn’t take long for their carnal desires to take over as they fondled with each other totally unaware of the white robed assailant that had followed them here. Timmy had a phobia for spiders while Robert feared extreme heights, Cynthia and Sharon both feared blood and closed spaces respectively. This information was well known by Madam Koin Koin who was now approaching the lewd teenagers from the east side of the dormitory which was paved with concrete stones.


Her distinctive footsteps could be heard, Robert paused, he released Sharon(the girl he was smooching) and said
“Did any of you hear that?”
The rest of them paused as well but the sound was nowhere to be heard.
“Stop fooling around Robert, she is not real” Timmy said, visibly pissed at Robert for still dreading Madam Koin Koin.
The teenagers resumed their lustful acts when…


The sound could be heard again and this time Sharon heard it too.
“I heard something,” she said.
They all paused and looked around, they walked out from under the roof shed that they had been hiding, whilst tying to avoid the school’s security cameras.
“OH MY GOD!!!” Cynthia screamed with an insane pitch.
The others turned to face her direction, and there standing right in front of them, a woman dressed in a white robe, partially burnt, black flowing hair and red high heels.
“I can…she is…this can’t be…” Timmy stammered a he could’t believe that he was staring at Madam Koin Koin.
The kids instinctively decided to run for it, Madam Koin Koin just disappeared and reappeared in front of Cynthia. She was holding one of her red heels and she struck Cynthia on the forehead with it. Immediately she started bleeding from her forehead, but the blood didn’t stop flowing from there, it gushed out of her ears, her eyes, her mouth and any other opening on her body like she was a highly radioactive Ebola patient. She collapsed to the floor as her body shut down from the excessive blood loss. Madam Koin Koin went to her next victim, Sharon.
“Help, she is following m…”

Sharon didn’t finish her sentence before ‘BOOM’ Madam Koin Koin red heel struck her firmly at the back of her head. She fell down and cried in agony but no words came out. She looked down to her mouth and realized that her lips had been sealed together. She placed her palms on her head in a panic and realized that she couldn’t hear anything else as her ears were also sealed shut. Next her vision began to fade as her eyes started to seal shut as well. Then it set in, her greatest fear, claustrophobia. She writhed on the ground like an earthworm in a salt pit as she tried to prevent her nose from closing up by sticking her fingers into her nostrils. Unfortunately this didn’t stop it from sealing shut, trapping her fingers, she kept on panicking on the ground in confusion as she couldn’t see or hear anything and with her nose and mouth fused shut, she asphyxiated due to the lack of air.

Timmy and Robert were now running towards the boys dormitory hoping to escape the clutches of Madam Koin Koin, but what this poor saps didn’t know was that once she has you in her sights, there was no escaping. Next she materialized in front of Timmy and struck him down with her shoe. Timmy stumbled to the ground and tried to get back up, suddenly he felt a rumbling in his tummy as he puked out a black substance, Timmy stared in confusion at the black mass that he had just vomited, then the black mass moved, it produced eight tiny legs and scurried across the wet grass. Timmy stared in horror, he had just puked out a spider, but then he felt more rumblings as he puked out more black spiders. His ultimate fear was spewing out of his digestive tract like a demonic waterfall. Timmy couldn’t stop puking out more spiders, he kept on vomiting until his weight decreased significantly. Now most of the spiders that he had puked started to crawl back into him, they swarmed his body and bit him on different parts of his body. Timmy eventually succumbed to the excessive bites and the projectile vomiting and slumped down like an organic rag doll. Meanwhile Robert now stood transfixed on what he had just seen and couldn’t move as he stood paralyzed with fear. Madam Koin Koin sauntered towards him and stood in front of him. Robert broke out of his passive state and started running again, only this time he noticed that he wasn’t on solid ground anymore, he still tried moving his limbs as fast as he could but by the time he looked down he was now over a hundred meters above the ground. Vertigo kicked in, his fear for heights enveloped him like a possessed gift wrap. Robert remained motionless in the air and then ‘SWIP’ he started falling back to the ground, Robert closed his eyes and expected the end only to find himself sitting on the wet grass, Madam Koin Koin stood in front of him. She stared at him and Robert could hear her voice in his head.
“I shall spare you for your renowned fear in me, but you must spread my tale, tell every wayward child of my presence, tell them to take heed lest the fate of your friends befall them”
With that said she vanished into thin air, Robert stared blankly, he couldn’t believe what had just transpired. He looked over to the corpses of his friends. He just sat on the wet grass unable to fully understand what had just happened. He sat still for another ten to fifteen minutes and then passed out due to exhaustion.

The next morning, Robert woke up surrounded by paramedics and policemen, there were other students and teachers standing behind a yellow tape that had been drawn around the corpses laying in front of the girls dormitory.
“He’s awake!” yelled a paramedic as he ran towards Robert
“What happened here son?” asked a second paramedic.
“….ree…reea..reall” Robert stammered as he was still shaken from the events of the night before.
“You probably hit your head son, we want to know what happened to your colleagues?” asked the second paramedic “You probably had a really bad nightmare and need some rest to recover”
The paramedics stared at him in confusion, one of them gave him a blanket. Robert was then escorted to one of the ambulances. He sat up and rested close to the door as one of the paramedics gave him a bottle of water. He thought about the events that occurred the previous night, could it all have been a dream? Robert turned around to look at himself in a nearby mirror mounted in the interior of the ambulance. Robert jumped from his sitting position, his face pale as snow as he saw an image of Madam Koin Koin behind his reflection staring at him again, she then speaks to him telepathically as if to reassure his doubts about the events from the previous night
“It was not a dream, tell them about my tale”

Knightmare Chronicles

It’s been way too long since I committed to my blog and I feel like I should put more effort into it. Recently I had been battling some personal issues. I had been working on some short stories of mine and I would like to share them on my blog and hope for some constructive criticism. School has resumed for me and so that is going to keep me occupied for a long while. I would also post some of my other stories shortly. During my break, I also worked a little on my YouTube channel where I would talk about miscellaneous topics ranging from movies, video games, social commentary,  philosophies and many more, I would add a link once it’s up and ready. Follow the link below to read one of my short stories and please feel free to comment on it. It’s a sci-fi thriller that deals with themes of treachery, espionage and intrigue.

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