Game of Thrones S04E08 recap

First I would like to thank you guys that take the time out of your significantly productive life to read my blog as I got a boost in my views recently. Also I would soon resume my regular movie updates as my exams are coming to an end. Today I would be reviewing last week’s episode of HBO’s number one most viewed TV show to date(beating out The Sopranos). The episode which I also call ‘The Villain’s Victories’ as it just seems like every bad guy was just getting what they wanted. In light of Luigi’s death stare, Let’s get it on.


The episode starts off with Sam’s oblivious girlfriend at the brothel in Mole’s Town as it comes under attack from the wildlings. They enter and slaughter everyone like a 7 year old playing GTA. We see Ygritte also join in the massacre but shows unexpected mercy to Gilly and her baby, Little Sam. Back at the Wall, Jon Snow and Samwell get the news with the latter lamenting Gilly’s possible demise. They also converse on the near impossibilities of stopping Mance Rayder’s army. Meanwhile at Meereen, Greyworm, a leader in the Unsullied army seems to show some interest in the beautiful Missandei, Khaleesi translator despite his lack of a pillar and stones. We then experience a Theonception, as Theon Greyjoy who has been recently coerced into a new identity as Reek masquerades as Theon Greyjoy in order to get the guards of Moat Cailin to stand down, granting Ramsey Snow an easy victory.

“Hmm, Theon Greyjoy, that name sounds awfully familiar”


We are transported to the Vale, where Lord Baelish is been tried regarding the death of Lady Lyssa, initially it seemed like Baelish had reached his last card and that there was no way to escape his fate until in a surprise twist, Sansa comes and testifies in his favour bailing him out in a very deceptive fashion, we are later shown that she did it cause he was the only one left to her that could secure her protection. Baelish then seeks to manipulate Robin, the son of Lyssa and the Lord of the Vale, and we see a newly transformed Sansa, with all her innocence put aside in a black attire descend with poise towards Baelish. Cut back to Meereen, Ser Jorah, the god of friendzones, gets implicated as a copy of his pardon from seasons past bites him in the ass, as Daenarys exiles him from her presence, I still have reason to believe that Tywin Lannister must have sent the letter in order to sow a seed of discord. At the North, Ramsay Snow gets accepted by his father and is given the new name Ramsay Bolton and made Warden of the North. I believe Ramsay is going to be a huge pain in the ass for future episodes, as I always predicted.

Back at the Vale, we see the Hound finally getting Arya over in order to secure his reward, just to get the news of Lady Lyssa’s demise, which leads to one of the funniest scenes of the episode as Arya lets out a huge bout of laughter that just confuses every other person around, it seems the Hound can’t just get a break. The episode wraps up at Kings Landing as Tyrion has one last chat with Jaime before the trial combat, where he talks about a certain simpleton of a cousin they had that just loved crushing beetles, this scene has lead to some confusion over the true meaning but I think it could be a reference to the unexpected and random deaths of different characters in the Game of Thrones world or a whimsical reference to George R. R. Martin, the author of the novels upon which the show is based. Then the highlight of the episode takes place as The Mountain and Oberyn engage in their duel, with Oberyn originally emerging victorious, but an overconfident show off leads to his untimely demise as the Mountain grabs him and pops his head, which perfectly encapsulates that pride literally goes before a fall. The episode ends with Tyrion’s fate decided as he is sentenced to death. What were your thoughts on the episode and what do you think would happen to Tyrion. Please refrain from book spoilers. Till next time. Szia.


Game of Thrones S04E07 recap

Wow it’s been really long this time, since I last uploaded anything, with exam period in motion, it has become increasingly hard to maintain a regular blogstyle. We didn’t get an episode last week, but the battle which everyone is looking forward to between Oberyn and the Mountain is imminent, in preparation of the upcoming episode, I would like to recap last two week’s episode. In light of just seeing X-Men Days of Future Past last night and making its way to my top superhero movie, let’s get it on.

We begin the episode with a warm conversation between Tyrion and Jaime, with the former trying to convince the latter to be his champion. We are then shown Cersei’s champion, the undisputed Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. This just shows us the extent to which Cersei really wants Tyrion’s head on a stake. We are then shown Arya and the Hound approaching a ruined villa. The duo are attacked by a set of bounty hunters who reveal to them that King Joffrey is dead, we then see Arya descend further into the realm of independence and maturity as she slays one of the assailants.

"I hear I'm fighting a three foot ninja"

We rejoin Jon Snow at the wall as he tries to convince the egotistical and pompous highborns to block all paths leading to the wall, Jon tries in futility to convince them all, by explaining the things he had seen while he was at the base of the wildlings. At least he knows more now. Back at King’s Landing, Tyrion is seen talking to Bronn pleading for him to be his champion, but Bronn reconsiders as his life is going on smoothly now, I wouldn’t blame him though, one only live once in the world of Westeroes. Meanwhile, at Meeren, we see Khaleesi actually put her decision making skills to perfect use as she makes the best of both advices that she was given by both Daario and Ser Jorah. She is proving that she is a learned and wise queen. We are then shown a conversation between Mellisandra and Stannis’ wife, where the former keeps on messing with the gullibility of the latter, I personally think that the Red Queen uses some of her potions to mess with the realities of her subjects like Stannis and his wife, whenever she asks them to look into the fire.

"We have a wall, but they have giants"

Back with Arya and the Hound, we learn more of the Hound’s origin story of how he got his burn scars and we learn of how really despicable the Mountain is. We are then shown Brianne and her squire as they stop at an inn for food where they learn of Arya Stark apparent survival from a talkative Porkie(one of Arya’s newly acquired friends) which prompts Brianne and her squire to resume their mission. Final scene at King’s Landing shows Tyrion still in a desperate state looking for a champion and almost losing his faith, when Oberyn(definitely my favorite character now) saunter into Tyrion’s prison room and offer himself as his champion. The look of relief on Tyrion’s face perfectly explains my own facial expression when I pass an exam I was semi-prepared for. The episode ends with a perfectly satisfactory scene at the Veil, where Littlefinger professes his love for Sansa in front of a hidden Lyssa, who then, due to jealousy, threatens to throw Sansa through her moon door. Don’t even get me started on her little brat of a kid, who is probably the next annoying character after Jeoffrey. The episode ends with Lyssa doing a Michael Phelps through the moon door courtesy of Littlefinger. Now I can’t wait for the next episode, as we see the battle between The Mountain and Lord Oberyn AKA The Red Viper. The last episode while eventful, was a bit lower in intrigue compared to the beginning of this season but served as a nice tease for the upcoming episode. What were your favorite moments? Who do you think would win the upcoming battle(please refrain from spoilers from the books). Till next time. Szia.

"Oops should have gotten a gate for the moon door"

Game of Thrones S04E06 review

It has been long time since I uploaded anything related to GoT , tests and a bout of fever are the major reasons for this but I’m back now and I’m gonna continue uploading my reviews of the show. I might also put up a review of the new Godzilla movie, as I was fortunate enough to view the movie on its opening day.

We start off with Stannis and Ser Davos on their way to the Iron Bank in order to secure a loan, the initially adamant loaners are eventually persuaded by a heart warming message from Davos concerning his proposed king, Stannis. The delivery was well paced and this scene served as a really good opening for the episode. We cut to Yara, and a band of soldiers on their way to the Dreadfort to rescue Theon, which goes horribly wrong as Theon himself, now embodying the Reek personality refuses to leave, and causes a retreat by Yara, we also see what a really twisted fellow Ramsey Snow is. As he messes with Reek’s mind and hatches a plan. I initially thought Theon was playing along with the Reek personality, but it now seems like he has truly converted. A nice performance from Alfie Allen.

"I was a good boy, so I got a bath, which is nice'

Next we see a farmer herding his goats over a seemingly peaceful pasture, well so it seems, until a huge ass fire breathing beast of extreme noticeable proportions swoops in and has a roast goat meal in seconds. Daenarys’ dragons are getting bigger every time we see them and this is a truly dominating force that King’s Landing should be wary off. The scene changes to Meereen, the city that the Khaleesi had just recently taken over, she sits at a throne(pretty sure she wished it was the Iron Throne) and resolves issues going on with the inhabitants like the recently bereaved goat herder and the young man with daddy burying issues. The scene particularly with the Hizdahr zo Loraq was spot on, depicting what general punishments can do to the innocent few.

"Change of meal, roast goat meat is on the new menu"

We are then taking to King’s Landing where various cases are being discussed from the Hound’s bounty to the rising strength of Daenarys’ army. A nice little conversation occurs between Lord Varys and Oberyn, in which the latter questions the former’s interest, to which Lord Varys simply nods towards the Iron Throne. That was a well developed scene, as it leaves most of the scene to the subtle nod. Is Varys also after the throne? The episode ends on a very climatic trial, in which everyone denies and accuse Tyrion. But none other than Shae’s testament struck a huge blow to Tyrion who decides to give a scene stealing speech that would creep the hell out of any man. The episode ends with Tyrion demanding trial by combat, which has led many to wonder whether he would fight for his own honor or who might fight for him. I personally think the council would select the Mountain as their champion which would led to Oberyn AKA the Red Viper to take the chance to avenge his sister’s death by volunteering as Tyrion’s champion. In all this was a really strong episode that picked up from the last one. What do you think? What are you anticipating the most in the next episode? Let me know in the comment section below. Till next time. Szia.

"I could have been playing blackjack during the battle at Blackwater Bay instead"

Game of Thrones S04E02 review

First of all this was one hell of a week for me, partaking in a five day school excursion is fun but also pretty tiring. However that did not stop me from catching up on one of my favorite shows. I know this is way too late to review last Sunday’s episode considering the fact that the next episode airs tomorrow, but I will try to have more reviews available in the middle of the week. In light of a Mrs Doubtfire sequel, lets get it on.

The episode starts off on a rather rapid note, with a girl being pursued through a forest with two savage dogs on her tail, closely pursued by Ramsey Snow(who seems like he is going to be the second most hated character on the show), a random girl and Theon Greyjoy. The girl is eventually shot and mauled by the dogs and we see Theon staring in horror, cue the awesome intro. Back at King’s Landing, Jaime and Tywin have a  heart to heart discussion, especially regarding his right stump and inability to properly wield a weapon, Tyrion suggests that he trains, preferably in secret with the aid of his trusty bodyguard, Bron. Back at Dreadfort, Lord Bolton arrives to meet his bastard son, Ramsey Snow who has a loyal and tamed Theon(now called Rick) beside him. In a tense moment, Ramsey proves to Lord Bolton that Rick is no more than a mindless servant. Although I have my slight doubts of Theon/Rick’s transformation.

"I used to be a dick, now I have none"

Tyrion finally gets Shae out off King’s Landing, albeit with a heavy heart and also under the guise that he despises her. With the King’s wedding closing in, we see Geoffrey seated at a high table awaiting gifts from various wellwishers, where he once again shows his impudent side by mercilessly eviscerating the gift that Tyrion gave him. We are then taking to Stannis and his kingdom as he and Mellisandra watch as Stannis’ uncle and other people are staked up for a fiery sacrifice, and we watch as Stannis’ wife falls ever deeper into the worship of the Lord of Light, even seemingly more aesthetic than Mellisandra herself. Meanwhile, Bran Stark is busy playing possession with his DireWolf, before he goes to touch a tree where he gets a premonition and one of the fastest recaps of television in history.

"My wife believes in the lord of Light more than the Lord of light himself"

Now we come to the highlight of the episode, which teaches us that in the world of Westeroes, weddings are not a thing of joy and bliss. First we get the infamous Red Wedding from the previous season and now this. The wedding commences on a rather light note, with music and jester acts, then we see Cersei, who is bitterly regretting the fact that she is no longer queen, dump her anger on every living thing around her, we also see a tense conversation between Oberyn and Tywin, from here things get pretty steamy, as Geoffrey taunts and mocks Tyrion and also presents a rather offensive reenactment of the battle of the five kings which burrows a deep hole in Sansa’s memory. And just when we thought nothing could escalate any higher, Geoffrey starts to choke in the most effective and satisfying way ever imagined like he was suffering from the Ebola virus. The episode ends with his slow but surely painful death and Tywin been blamed for his murder.

"I should probably reconsider this wedding"

This episode had everything I wanted from it which makes me rate it at a solid 5 out of 5, especially with the demise of King Geoffrey, which leaves the question about who was responsible. I personally think it was the fool that had spoken to Sansa earlier on, because right after Geoffrey’s death, he beckons to Sansa to follow him, but then he could have also had a cohort. What will Geoffrey’s death now accomplish for the other rival kings, will Mellisandra use her ritual as the intervention of the Lord of the light and will this hasten the return of the Khaleesi? Let me know in the comment section, and who do you think was responsible for poisoning Geoffrey? Stay tuned for more Game of Thrones news and till next time. Szia.

Game of Thrones S04E01 review

Okay so this is a new addition to my blogosphere and this is mainly due to the return of the medieval fantasy tv drama. I planned on doing this also for The Walking Dead but the fourth season had gone for a while before the thought occurred to me. Just to clarify, this is a totally subjective approach to the episode that aired on Sunday. Feel free to comment and air your own opinions. And oh one more thing.

The episode starts off with a cold open on a rather sombre note as we see Tywin Lannister unsheathing a huge ass sword which belonged to none other than the noble Ned Stark. He orders it to be smelted into two blades. Then the awesome intro plays. Jaime Lannister is back at Kings Landing, however not in one piece, he is missing his trusty right palm following the events of the past season. However Jaime is met with such lukewarm welcome from both his father and sister/lover, the latter citing that he was wee bit too tardy in his return.

"I should be a Bond villain"

Then there is everyone’s favorite imp, Tywin Lannister who is trying to uphold his diplomatic skills which no one regards, the episode also introduces us to a Dawnish Prince, whose name I have a hard time pronouncing, and who has a personal vendetta against the Lannisters and who might also be one of my favorite characters yet. Skip to Daenarys and her dragons that are now human size and still do not play well with others including the Khaleesi herself, she seems to be on her way to conquer another city. Back to our favorite imp, Tywin can’t seem to make peace with his newly wedded bride, Sansa who we can’t honestly blame for being in a sore mood, we leave off with Tywin and Shae and their possibly doomed affair, as a spy is seen eavesdropping on them.

"Hey mom, when can we see Smaug our big brother"

Over the wall, we can see the wildlings planning their attack on the Knightswatch, we see them join alliances with a cannibalistic horde. Back at the wall, we see Jon Snow facing the council of the Knightswatch who have accused him off treason, which Jon merely counters with his knowledge of their plans, at least he knows something now.

He knows something now

My favorite part of this episode must definitely be the scene with Arya and the Hound, we start to see Arya embrace the darkness and evolve into a more violent and mature person, which she displays with utmost precision when she takes the life of the guy that killed her friend earlier on in the previous season. This episode also shows the extreme love that the Hound has for chicken. The only pet peeve I had with this episode was the change of the actor that plays the character Darrio, I felt like the actor from the previous episode fitted the role more in comparison to the current actor, but there are more episodes to come for me to adjust to the new actor. In a nutshell, this was a fantastic season premiere that didn’t waste any time in jumping right back into the action and drama that we’ve all be anticipating. I give the season premiere a solid 5 out of 5. It got me pumped for the next episodes. What were your thoughts on the season 4 premiere. Let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Game of Thrones news. Till next time. Szia.