The fear of death is the beginning of living

Late for class again, I dash between unsuspecting pedestrians as I race for the public bus that would take me to school. Mrs. Funke would be furious at me for showing up late once again. I have promised myself several times that this time would be different but it seems to be wired in my genes to be tardy.

I’m close to the bus stop now, just need to cross the road to the other side and intercept it as it arrives to offload and take on passengers. The day is about to break as bright rays of sunlight stream through the clouds, lightening up the whole street.

I look around before crossing the street, no time to use the flyover, and that’s when I notice them there, as usual, floating above the heads of every single person walking by. A bright green bar hovers a few centimeters above their oblivious heads.

The first time I spotted this thing, I was horrified. I could not fathom their meaning at the time but eventually, I came to understand what they represented.

They were basically life bars that indicated how long a person was going to live. Over time, the green bar would devolve to an orange bar which meant they were closer to their demise steadily. Then a dark brown bar was next which inched them further to their expiry date and most times people with the brown bar had one health issue or were very elderly.

But the one bar I dreaded the most was the deep red bar which means that person was about to die very soon or within the hour. It could be a freak accident, a stroke, or a heart attack.

Whenever I was in public and I spotted a red bar, I did my best to try and save them from whatever impending danger might be lurking around for them before it turns grey, which was the final color that would float above the recently deceased

Often times I succeeded and some other times I failed, their deaths have weighed on me multiple times in the past but I made up my mind to save as many people as I could.

Hospitals were my least favorite places to visit, I would often witness a sea of brown and red bars littered everywhere as people desperately fought for their lives.

Despite this horrific power of mine, I have learned to see the beauty in things and despite my ability to see everyone’s life bar, I can’t seem to see mine which scares me often. I have stood in front of my mirror hoping to see it but nothing shows

I am still lost in thought when I approach the bus stop which was in front of an uncompleted building currently undergoing construction and was laden with a ton of construction materials and scaffolds.

I stood at the bus stop patiently still observing people’s life bars, a kindly old woman in a wheelchair rolled beside me also waiting for the bus, she had a diminishing brown bar which was gradually degrading to red. Her raspy cough indicated to me that she was towards her final years, I hoped she lived a full life.

She smiled and waved at me and I smiled and waved back, I put on my earphones and started listening to music from my phone, which tends to calm me down.

It was then I noticed something strange. A young man in a suit holding a briefcase was walking towards my direction. He was talking to someone on his phone but also glancing at his watch indicating that he was on his way to catch the bus as well.

He had a green bar which was not surprising considering how young and healthy he looked, but then it dropped rapidly to the orange state, I was taken aback, it was a steep drop.

The man looked to be at his prime, he was at the peak of the human physique and there were no visible signs of anything wrong with him. I was still contemplating what I was observing when the orange bar drooped down to a brown bar.

I am perplexed, he was walking on the designated sidewalk and there were no cars in any form of proximity to him. I frantically dart my eyes left and right, searching for what the source of danger could be.

Brown becomes red. Hairs on the back of my neck rise, goosebumps shoot all over my body as my blood turns cold with fright. This man was about to die and I had no idea how.

It was then I heard it. ‘CLANG’ ‘CLANG’ The sound of metal banging on metal. I immediately realize that we are both standing in front of the uncompleted building currently undergoing construction. There are several pieces of scaffolds around the building with a dozen of workers and artisans hammering nails and drilling in holes.

The man was barely ten steps away from me when I noticed his harbinger of doom. High up on the scaffolds, as the artisans tirelessly work away, a piece of scaffold metal had shifted shaken its content which was a workbench that contained a dozen metallic rebars on it.

The scaffold gave way, and rain of metallic rods cascaded down towards the young man. I raced forward and threw my weight at the man, knocking him and myself backward and out of the way of the metallic rain.

“Hey what are you doing?”, the man yelled angrily as he landed hard on the floor.

‘CRASH’ The metal rods, several centimeters thick, landed on the concrete ground. The force enough for some of the rods to be embedded into the hard ground, leaving them standing vertically.

The man’s eyes widened in horror at his luck. He could not believe that he had just escaped death by a hair’s breadth. He stared at where he would have been impaled to death if not for my intervention.

“Oh my God. Thank you so much”, he exclaimed as he was shaking me in a mix of fright and appreciation.

I looked up at his life bar and noticed that it has reverted back to a green color once more.

“How can I repay you?”, he asked

“Please just be more observant of your surroundings”, I reply as I move back towards the bus stop to intercept the bus that has arrived.

The man sat still on the ground, his eyes wide open as he played back the scenario in his head, people crowded him asking him if he was hurt and showing concern.

The man was still staring at me as I board the bus, I look at his life bar yet again and notice that it remained green, he looked up above his head as well, following my gaze and seeing nothing, further cementing his confusion.

“They would not understand”, I think to myself as I find myself a seat on the bus.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I approach my school.

Classes were already in full motion, I had already missed two classes, but at least I would not encounter the wrath of Mrs. Funke, for today that is.

I hurry into my third class, stealthily tiptoeing in from the back entrance to avoid attention from the teacher. I see down at the back of the class and scan my surrounding, taking note of my classmates.

Helen and Ali were seated in front as usual, still in denial of been infatuated with each other.

The nerds sat in the first line of the class, as usual, some of the class clowns sat at the far right, making jokes and gossiping.

Nimrod sat still at the far back corner as usual, taciturn and isolated. Kareem and Akeem were ogling the slay mamas in their full-blown makeup as usual.

Everything was going as normal and expected in school. I shiver lightly, my mind flying back to the near-accident from the bus stop. As much as I have faced death, it still bugs me when I encounter it.

I look up at all their green life bars and their cherry happy faces, living their lives as freely as possible.

The class ends and two more follow suit, my mind barely focused on the curriculum and teachers as my mind wander as normal.

“RING” the bell for the lunch break peels as we all pour out of our classrooms to the courtyard to have our lunches and take a break.

Helen and Ali giggle incessantly and disappear behind the admin office which is located far off from the center of the school, probably up to juvenile shenanigans.

The students all rush into the courtyard with their lunch boxes while some approached the food kiosks to purchase food. Nimrod rushed into the toilet, silent and passive as usual.

I unwrap my lunch and sit on a bench still pondering over fleeting thoughts. I was still deep in thought when the end of the break bell rang signifying that we return to our respective classrooms.

I pick a seat in the middle room this time so I could at least appear interested in the next volley of classes. By now everyone had returned into the classroom, Helen and Ali still giggling from whatever activity they had just completed.

Everyone was in except Nimrod, I figured he must have had a bad lunch and was suffering the consequences in the toilet.

Everyone was settled in as the teacher walks in to begin the class. I stare at everyone’s green bar again. seeing so many greenery usually calms me and makes me feel at peace

The class begins and then it happens. one by one, everyone’s life bar drops to orange, my blood turns cold as my heart skips several beats.

What could possibly be responsible for this mass decline?

My eyes start darting back and forth, as usual, looking for the source of the impending predicament.

The orange degrades to brown. I shift violently in my seat, cold chills run down my spine. The sharp drag of my seat draws everyone’s attention to me.

I ignore the looks still frantically searching for the danger when everyone’s brown bar drops to red.

I get up from my seat rapidly. my heartbeat pounding harder than a bongo.

“What seems to be the problem, young man”, the teacher calls out to me.

I gaze at a crimson wave of red bars, sweat drips down my face profusely. Everyone wears confused looks on their faces as they keep staring at me.

I inch backward slowly as the feeling of nausea rise within me, I do a full 360 degrees turn and spot my reflection in the classroom mirror located at the back.

My heart flies into my throat when for the first time ever, I see my life bar. Pulsating in a deep scarlet red, hovering over my head.

What could this mean? I have never seen my own life bar. Was I about to die with all my classmates form a freak accident?

I ran through so many questions in my head when “BOOM” the classroom door flies open. everyone exclaims in horror at what was at the door entrance.

I turn to see what the cause of the commotion is and see the teacher fly across the classroom with a grey bar, as a force throws him off his feet and unto the wall with blood gushing out of his chest. The gunshot was loud and deafening.

I trace the source of the shot and that was when I noticed Nimrod holding a 12 gauge shotgun with rage in his eyes and tears streaming down his cheeks.

I close my eyes and expect the inevitable.


A story of adventure and dread

“BEEP” “BEEP” Sandra jolts up from her bed, she groans in dismay as she sat upright on her bed still feeling sleepy. She glanced at her wall clock and sprung out of her bed like a jack in a box as she realized that she would be late for work. She had missed her first two alarms, most likely punishment from the universe for sleeping late the night before. She dashed into her bathroom to freshen up and rushed breakfast as she changed into her work clothes. Multitasking under pressure was her forte. She rushed out of her apartment and approached the gate that would lead her into the street.

“Good morning Sandra”, a voice called from behind her.

Sandra turned and noticed her neighbor greeting her. Silas was a tall, pale, and lanky man with a long face. He wore a crooked smile and a pair of large eyeglasses. His countenance always freaked her out as he would often stare at her and make her feel very uncomfortable.

‘Hope your night was good?”, he said with his permanent grin.

“Erm, yeah, it…it was fine”, Sandra replied as she fiddled with the lock on the gate desperately to escape from this conversation.

“You take care now”, he said as she exited the gate.

Sandra hastily walked towards the main road to hitch a ride in direction of her workplace. Ever since her car broke down and had been at the mechanic’s shop, she had had to hitch rides to work, an act that she had to endure out of necessity.

She got to the roadside and waved down various cars. She clutched down hard on her purse, she could feel the large wad of money that she had been entrusted with delivering to her boss. She hated the idea of having to carry such a large sum of money while hitching a ride with strangers.

“In a hurry, are we?”, a voice spoke behind her, startling her.

She turned to see an elderly man standing beside her, smiling as he looked at her.

“You look eager, young lady”, he added.

“Yes I need to get to work urgently”

“Ah yes, the hustle and bustle of youth”

Sandra smiled back at the man as not to appear rude but kept her eyes on passing cars still trying to wave one down.

“Ah I see, so you are going with the old school hitching?”, the old man added.

Sandra smiled at him once again but was silently praying to get a ride as quick as possible.

Alas, a car came to a halt beside her, in the vehicle was the driver, a front passenger, and two back passengers.

“You need a ride madam?”, the driver asked jovially

“Yes, very much, thank you”

The old man scanned the car and gently grabbed Sandra’s arm as she approached the car door to open it.

“Be wary of whose car you enter”, he warned “Not every smiling face is a friendly one”

“Look, old man, I’m almost late for work and don’t really have many options”, she sneered at him.

She got into the car and the driver turned the ignition key to start the engine. Sandra took one last look behind her to see the old man disappear in the distance, shaking his head disapprovingly.

Sandra shifted in her seat as the car drove on. She glanced at the other passengers beside her. One was a young man in a suit wearing glasses, clutching a briefcase while the other was a young woman in yellow braids. The front passenger was also a young man but in a bright green shirt.

“So where are you headed, madam”, the driver asked politely.

“My place of work is around Bastion, if you can drop me off around Harry Crescent, that would be fine”.

The car sped on along the highway, zooming past market places and pedestrians. She gazed at the bespectacled man beside her, he stared forward without blinking, evident that she was staring at him, but undeterred in his conviction to be bothered, Sandra figured that he was not in a chatty or expressive mood; the same mood she was in

“What’s a fine woman like you doing hiking?”, asked the front passenger in green

“My car is in the repair shop”, she replied dismissively, she didn’t feel like engaging in any conversations, she just wanted to get to work as soon as possible and get the money off her hands.

The front passenger kept engaging her in more banal conversations to which she kept responding as uninterestingly as she could.

“Erm, this route looks very different”, said the female passenger with the yellow braids.

“Oh yeah we are trying to beat the traffic along Tony Street” replied the driver as he turned a sharp corner.

They continued on for a couple of minutes before the bespectacled man asked.

“Why then are you taking such a rough route?”

The car had turned off the highway into a street that led into a forested area and had no smooth surface unlike the tarmac of the highway. The car galloped over multiple bumps, rocking the passengers like a ship on the rough seas.

“Trust me, this is a faster route to your destination”, the driver said hiding a smile which unnerved Sandra.

The car went on for a few more minutes before coming to a full stop deep in the forest.

“Why have we stopped?”, asked the man in glasses aggressively.

“If you don’t mind, I need to ease myself quickly”, the driver replied as he stepped out of the car and walked into the bush.

The front passenger in green also alighted from the car and beckoned at the remaining passengers to take this opportunity to empty their bladders before returning to the road.

Sandra felt exposed and uncomfortable deep in the jungle as the two men walked into the bush and disappeared. The suited man in glasses got down from the car as well.

“I might as well follow suit”

He then sauntered into the bush as well and spotted a large iroko tree which seemed like the ideal spot for him to relieve himself. Sandra got restless in the car and decided to stretch her body.

“Wouldn’t you come out of the car as well?”, she asked the other female passenger.

“No I am fine here”, she replied.

Sandra strolled about to stretch herself and aimlessly wandered about until she spotted the bespectacled man doing his business when she noticed something strange.

The front passenger in green was sneaking up behind him with a large wooden stick in his hand. Sandra’s eyes widened in horror as she could not believe what she was observing.

The assailant whacked the unsuspecting man “THUM” the bespectacled man collapsed like a house of cards. Sandra backed away in terror and clasped her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

She crouched low to avoid been spotted. She immediately dashed towards the car to warn the other female passenger of what she had just witnessed.

She got to the car to find the back doors wide open and the female passenger nowhere to be found. She heard a loud shriek erupt from somewhere else in the forest, she darted towards the source of the scream. She stood rooted at the spot at what she witnessed.

The driver knelt on the female passenger, who laid prone on the ground motionless and groaning in pain as the driver repeatedly plunged a long kitchen knife into her chest. Sandra could not contain herself anymore. She yelled in terror and the driver spotted her.

“Ok I know this looks bad, but trust me when I say that I will make it quick and painless”, the driver said as he inched towards Sandra, bloody knife at hand.

Sandra turned around to run towards the car when she bumped into the front passenger in green who had been trying to sneak behind her and knock her out as well. She knocked him over unintentionally as she hurried towards the vehicle. The driver pursued after her.

She got to the car, her heart pounding furiously against her chest like a caged animal. She prayerfully checked the ignition and was elated to find the key in it.

She swiftly locked herself inside the car and fidgeted with the keys in a desperate attempt to start the car. “CRASH” The side window smashed open, spraying glass all over Sandra as the driver grabbed on to her shoulder.

With panic running down her spine, she slammed her entire weight on the accelerator and zoomed off with the driver still holding unto her. The car picked up speed and the driver had to let go as the momentum dragged his body across the rough road.

Sandra steered and swerved the car as much as she could, fighting every ounce of anxiety and agitation. She managed to find the main road again and continued to drive on with the hope of finding the expressway and civilization. Her mind raced with so many chaotic thoughts. Should she go to work? Should she go to the police? Should she go back home?

Sandra drove on lost in her thoughts when “BANG” a heavy force slammed against her shoulder. She cried in pain as she managed to keep control of the steering wheel and not veer off the road.

She stuck her head out to see the source of such rude disturbance when she spotted the front passenger clinging on to the roof of the car with his trusty wooden club in his hand which he had hit her with.

She could not fathom what she was seeing as the front passenger struggled with her over the grip of the steering wheel, most likely trying to slow her down.

He must have climbed unto the car when she was struggling with the driver, she thought to herself. In a desperate state to relieve herself of this perturbance, she turned the steering wheel aggressively from left to right to throw off the assailant. This resulted in the rear end of the car fishtailing and losing control as she veered off the main road and into the hard embrace of a nearby tree. “BAM” Everything went black.



Sandra wakes up with a massive headache, her right cheek resting on the steering wheel, her ears ringing from the crash. A warm liquid trickles down her forehead and she raised her hand to touch it, quietly hoping it is not what she thinks it is, but to her sickening horror, blood oozed out of a cut on her head.

She was gaining her bearings when she realized what must have happened. The car had smashed into a tree, the majority of its bonnet wrapped around the tree like a violent hug. Sandra winced as she moved, she had sustained some minor fractures to her ribs but had not gone flying out of the car thanks to her standard intuition of wearing a seat belt.

The same could not be said for the fate of the front passenger who laid lifeless beside the tree with his skull cracked wide open from what must have been a violent collision with the tree.

Sandra eventually wiggled her way out of the damaged car with the money still in her hands. She staggered forward in the forest looking for the main road when she heard some voices coming off a location. People chattered and bickered like it were a marketplace. Sandra hurried towards the source of the sound, hoping to meet someone that would help her ordeal.

She dashed to the front of the supposed market and was greeted with a very intriguing sight.

“Oh my God”, she gasped.

In front of her, in the middle of the forest laid a large abattoir, festering with swarms of flies and oozing a rancid stench of dismembered meat parts. People walked back and forth, haggling prices and making purchases. They all looked unbothered by the putrid odor and swelting heat.

She inched closer and noticed a large wooden misshapen signboard bearing the name of the place. EATOPIA. Written in red, presumably blood, hanging above the gate entrance. Sandra got closer and made a second horrifying discovery. The cavalcade of meat and chopped body parts were all human.

A cold chill ran down her spine as she tried to understand what she was looking at.

“It can not be”

She thought to herself as she stood frozen in terror at the abomination she was witnessing. A human meat market in the middle of nowhere with dozens of people buying body parts like they were animal parts.

As she stood rooted, a deep voice called at her.

“Hello madam, are you entering or not?”

She snapped out of her trance as she noticed a hulking man in army fatigues and a rifle talking to her.

“Are you going to buy something or are you just going to stand there?”, the man added.

As she moved to speak, she noticed him clutch his rifle hanging at his waist and deduced that he must be a guard watching over this obscene place. She thought to herself, she had to act like she was not there by accident.

“Ah yes, I am going in, I just had a minor accident on my way here, you know”, she replied with a forceful smile.

The guard beckoned towards her to enter Eatopia, Sandra walks in, holding back every ounce of anxiety and panic. She has to keep up the charade and then find an exit out of this horrid nightmare.

She walked deeper into Eatopia and saw more unspeakable abominations, human legs and arms hung from meat hooks, human guts, and intestines laid in bowls, swarmed by huge green bottle flies. Sandra was getting woozy from the terrifying sight and fetid odor when a familiar voice called out to her.

“Hey Sandra, I didn’t know that you shopped her as well”

The voice raised goosebumps on her nape as she turned around and saw her lanky neighbor Silas grinning at her.

He was carrying a bag that contained a human lap and casually gestured towards Sandra to join him. Sandra realized that she had to play long enough.

“Silas, wow funny running into you here, do you come here often?”, she said, smiling forcibly.

“Of course, very often, in fact, let me show you my favorite parts to buy”

Silas pulls her to a particular shed that was selling human legs. He pointed at several parts, touching them as he tried to decide which one to take.

“Won’t you pick as well?”

Sandra tensed at the unspeakable horror, she stared at the festering body parts and fought back the thoughts of whom those legs must have belonged too. A doctor? A student? A mother?

It did not matter, she had to make a decision quickly so she could get out of the place as soon as possible.

She realized that the driver and his friend must have been bringing them here to sell them off. She fought back the urge to vomit as she selected a leg of her choice.

The merchant mentioned the price and it shook her as to how costly it was. She grabbed her purse which contained the money she was meant to deliver to her boss. She had to pay for the leg or else she may arouse suspicion.

Silas continued poking at different legs, haggling with the merchant like it was a fish market. Sandra could not believe that she had been living beside a cannibal all this while.

She determined that once she was out of this hellhole, she would relocate from her current place of residence as soon as possible.

Eventually, she decided on the piece of leg she wanted and the merchant proceeded to wrap it up for her. She handed over a substantial amount of the money and collected the item.

“Enjoy tour meal”, Silas said as she walked away briskly.

She sheepishly smiled and waved back at him as she headed for the exit. She kept on fighting back every ounce of her body from retching all love as she reached the exit and bolted out of the market in search of the expressway that would lead her back to the city.

She staggered in exhaustion as the day had gone entirely off the rails. She realized that the leg was still in her possession and she shrieked in horror as she tossed aside the dismembered body part. She kept on advancing forward until she could hear the familiar whosses on speeding cars zooming past.

Her heartbeat quickened in relief as she dashed towards the main road. She gave off a tired smile as she waved her hands frantically at the various cars driving past. Fatigue was beginning to set in heavily as her eyes got weighty. She walked into the middle off the road, arms stretched out, and not having a care in the world before collapsing from all the stress and tiredness.

“BEEP” “BEEP” “HISS” Sandra slowly opened her eyes as various strange sounds echoed around her. She adjusted her sight and focused her attention on understanding where she was. a fan twirled lazily above her as strong odors of chlorine and antiseptics washed over her olfactory senses.

She inched upwards and made the realization that she was in a bed in a hospital. She touched her forget to feel a rough material taped to it, noting the plaster on her forehead. She was still a bit woozy from her experience.

“Good to see you awake”, a voice said beside her.

Sandra almost flew out of the bed as she noticed that there had been a second person in the room. The nurse wore a smile and asked her.

“Hope you are well-rested, a young officer has some few questions for you, if you don’t mind”

She gestures towards the open door of the hospital ward as a young man in a police uniform walked in.

“Good day, madam, my name is Officer Adams and I was alerted to your arrival into the hospital”

Adams inched forward, pulled a chair, and sat on it. He politely signaled towards the nurse to kindly excuse herself from the room to give him and Sandra some privacy.

“I was told that you were found on the highway deep in the Halcyon Forest, covered in bruises and cuts and nearly dehydrated”

Sandra nodded her head slowly as if she was worried it might fall off.

“Upon further investigation around where you were found, we came across a human leg which confused us”

Sandra’s eyes widened as she moves her lips to speak but her throat was extraordinarily dry. Adams noticed this and spotted a jar of water with a glass on a table right next to her, he moved to pour some water for her to drink.

“The thing is that we have actually been tracking a cannibal ring in that area for a while now and the leg served as a clue to where the location may be”

“Di…ididi..did you fiii..innd themmm?”, Sandra asked in a raspy voice as the water cleared her throat and airways.

“Sadly we did not, and so we are hoping to get some information from you that might help us solve the case”

Sandra sat up on her bed, cleared her throat a couple of times, and began narrating her ordeal. she narrated everything she could remember from the hitchhike to the crash to Eatopia and to her neighbor. Adams nodded intently as he listened to all she had to say.

” Wow, that is incredible, thank you so much. This should definitely help the case”

Sandra managed a weak smile, Adams got up from his seat and picked up a rag from a counter nearby, he walked over to the sink where an assortment of bottled chemicals sat.

“However…”, Adams said as he reached the sink, he opened one of the bottles and dabbed some of its content on the rag “…we can’t have you ruining our business”.

Sandra’s heart skipped two beats, she was not sure what she heard. Adams walked back toward her as she laid prone on the bed with the soaked rag in his hand.

“You have no idea how long Eatopia has been and how highly profitable it is”

“My Goo..ood, you are pa..part of them?”,Sandra muttered weakly.

“I’m afraid that I can’t let you go and ruin this for us, there are so many people involved and benefiting from it”

Sandra shifted violently in her bed, but the drugs that must have been administered to her, and her overall fatigue restricted her. Adams was standing over her now and she could smell the content on the rag. She was not a chemist but she did enough basic school chemistry to determine the smell of chloroform.

Adams shoved the rag onto her face, holding her down as she struggled under his weight. She tried holding her breath but it was a futile effort as the chemicals traveled down her nostrils and relaxed her entire system until she started slipping into unconsciousness.

She passed out from the chloroform and laid motionless on the bed as Adams beckoned to some strange men that had been waiting outside the ward. They came in and carried her unresponsive body away

She had escaped the lion’s den but ran straight into the belly of the beast.


Godfall Part 7(Conclusion)


“Who are you?”, Jonas demanded ”Show yourself”

”Very well then”, the voice said as a sheet of white light materialized in front of Jonas’ vision.

In front of him stood the figure that had initially fallen to the ground, except this time he wasn’t rotting away but maintained his golden aura.

”We seem to have experienced a celestial fusion successfully”, the figure said ”This hasn’t been done in decades”

”Who the hell are you?” Jonas asked again impatiently ”And how are you talking in my head”

”Oh do forgive my impudence my young blood bag”, the figure replied with a cunning smile ”Behold, I am Rerin the god of laughter and mischief, Chief Lord of the Court of Smiles and host of Ecra, I had done wrongfully before the eyes of our king and grand-master, Otun himself and hast thus been reprimanded accordingly by having my title stripped off and cast down to dwell amongst you lesser creatures. However in order to maintain my survival on this damned planet, I require a host lest I wither away into obscurity, hence your opportuned arrival, by locking grips we were able to merge into one, although utilizing your fleshy vessel as residence, I have been able to ensure my survival”.

Jonas looked stumped, he heard what the figure had said but wasn’t sure he understood.

”You mean you are a god, and you are trapped inside me?”

”Precisely, however there are benefits to my tenancy as my occupancy within you imbues you with certain godly abilities and oh, pay no attention to the other blood bags, they can’t see me”, Rerin stated, referring to Osi and his men.

”What the hell happened? Who is he talking to?”, Osi’s men murmured among themselves.

”My gods!!! I think he has been possessed by a god”, the second thug exclaimed ”I’ve heard of this things before”

”Nonsense, he must simply have had a seizure”, sneered Osi ”and thus clearly gone insane”

Osi branded his machete and walked towards Jonas, attempting to strike him again, but as he approached, arm stretched, he suddenly stopped mid step, his arm still in the air, he tried to move but his body wouldn’t obey. He was frozen in place. Jonas turned and looked at Osi, realizing that he was the cause of Osi’s inert situation.

”Hahaha, thou art a swift learner”, Rerin chuckled ”Already utilizing my abilities”

Jonas continually stared at Osi, who was visibly distressed, before nudging his head forward. This action lunged Osi a couple of metres across the ground. Jonas had just used telekinesis due to the presence of a god within him.

”Oh gods, he has been possessed by a demonite”, yelled one of the thugs.

”Not a demonite”, Jonas retorted ”A god”

With that said, Jonas opened his right palm, summoning Osi’s machete from the ground and willing it into his open palm. He then hurled it at the shoulder of the thug, causing him to squeal in pain like a shot deer as he ran away bleeding, the other thugs saw this and took flight as well, leaving Osi behind.

”What are you?”, Osi asked frightfully ”What happened to you?”

”Supernatural inspiration”

Jonas walked over to Osi and levitated him with his mind, before proceeding to slam him to the ground. He picked him up again and repeated the action several times until Osi was bleeding from various parts of his body.

”Stop, please, I beg of you”

”Did you show my mother mercy?”, Jonas said, his voice echoing throughout the open field, his eyes bright gold and his hair swirling in every direction as if he were underwater.

”Your days of preying on the helpless are over, I will cast you down to the fiery pits of Delious were you shall suffer a million times for all of eternity, first I will give you a little taste of what to expect”

Jonas snapped his finger which prompted flames to burst out and envelope Osi as he hovered in mid air, he screamed in agony as the flames devoured every inch of his skin. The flames were unearthly as they dripped from Osi like lava from an angry volcano until there was nothing left but a bloody mess of flesh and bones. Jonas collapsed in exhaustion.

“Ah beautiful isn’t it, alas do not over exert thyself lest ye bring permanent bodily harm to thyself”, Rerin said, his voice echoing within Jonas’ skull.

”That was overwhelming”, Jonas voiced out ”I have never felt anything like that before”

”Oh dear boy, that is what it feels like to be a god”

”It’s a strange yet satisfying feeling Rerin, I can do so much good with this”

”Actually I do concur your remark, I believe if I do enough good on this forsaken surface and show adulation as well, Otun would accept me back into Ecra”

”Ok I see, you just want to use my body for your selfish gain and leave when you are done”

”No hard feelings, blood bag, I am a god as thou hast witnessed and I don’t bother myself with the petty squabbles of you vermins”

”Do you gods really think this lowly of us?”

”Well there is a reason Otun shut the heavens to you folks, you lot became self indulgent and neglected thy duties to give adulation and perform obeisance towards the gods”

”Ok you know what I would propose we do?” Jonas said ”Why don’t we help people in need together, free enslaved individuals, rid lands of vicious scums like Osi and also restore the faith the people of Jaiye which will in turn lead to the people praising the gods once more”

”Hmm, I adore your pathway of thinking blood bag, perhaps our alliance can truly be fortuitous, what is thy first order of business?”

”First stop calling me blood bag, my name is Jonas, you gods have to give us more credit, we are stronger than you think”

”Hmm, that yet remains to be seen”

”And secondly, I plan to go to Delious to rescue my sister”

”Hmm, I can see why thou would pursue such an adventure”

”Once Jenna is back, we will ensure that Jaiye is returned to its blissful age” Jonas said with an optimistic smile as he turned east and began walking towards the prior conjurer’s hut in hopes of getting a pathway to Delious to rescue his sister. He walked away from his destroyed house, brimming with energy and hope as he ventured on, having lost his mother, he was not going to let his tragedy befall any one else ever again. He pondered on all the potential adventures awaiting him and as if reading his thoughts, Rerin snickered and said.

”Well the hour presents itself as though it is going to be a long and arduous journey for both of us, Jonas Irapada”


I hope you guys enjoyed the tale of Jonas Irapada, feel free to comment, like and subscribe for more novellas like this.

Godfall Part 6

Salutations to all and sundry, I hope you all are basking in the warmth and ambiance of the new year. Today I will continue the story that I have been uploading for some time now. The story of Jonas Irapada, a man haunted by loss and in an act of desperation, while trying to recover his loss, unintentionally forfeited even more. Here is a link to the last part that was published previously:


Jonas returned to his charred home and burnt farmland, he sat next to the family house which was now nothing more than a scorched waste. Jonas laid sprawled on the ground, with his legs outstretched and his demeanor sour. He appeared crestfallen as he went over the scenario that had just taken place moments ago. he had lost both his mother and sister due to negligence and abrasion and now he was feeling hopeless. Across the distance, he spotted a cavalcade of human figures approaching, they seemed to be hauling goods and materials in a large wagon which was being drawn by two oxen. Jonas sat up to investigate further and to his disappointment, realized that it was Osi and his ragtag group of bandits, transporting extra products which had most likely been robbed off residents of the neighbouring farms. As they got closer, Osi noticed Jonas again and said.

”What do we have here now, the prodigal son returns”

”You already took everything from me, what else could you possibly want?”

”Nothing, as a matter of fact though, I was hoping to come across that delicious little sister of yours”

Jonas eyes widened, a vein struck his forehead as he became enraged.

”I lost them, I lost them all because of you!!!”

Jonas yelled at Osi, before picking up a large rock laying nearby

”I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, Osi sneered ”You do remember how this ended last time right?”

”I don’t care, you have taken everything from me”, Jonas bellowed, tears trickling down the sides of his face ”I shall take your life for Jenna’s”

With that said, Jonas lunged at Osi with the rock in his hand. he swung his right arm violently , trying to land a blow but Osi effortlessly dodged his attacks and laughed at him.

“You will have to do better than that soldier boy”, Osi continually teased and jeered at him.

Jonas continued swinging his arm, trying to hit Osi with the rock but to no avail. His mind was clouded with rage and he wasn’t thinking straight. Osi eventually got bored and pushed him to the ground.

”Enough I am going to put this sad oaf out of his misery”, Osi said, beckoning to one of his thugs to hand over a machete.

Osi walked over to Jonas, who laid prone on the ground in defeat and sorrow. Osi lifted up his arm, wielding the machete with intention to strike Jonas down when ‘BOOM’. A loud sound like that of thunder resonated from the skies as the sky cracked open and a huge ball of fire plummeted down at an unprecedented velocity towards Jonas, Osi and the rest of the bandits. The bandits looked up and saw the flaming ball which prompted them to run amok. Osi stepped away from Jonas as he anticipated the destination of the incoming fiery mass. Jonas stood in terror as he tried to comprehend the situation. The flaming ball got closer and hotter, Jonas snapped out of his trance and ran away from his smoldered house just in the nick of time as the spherical inferno slammed into the burnt building, decimating the charred remains and spewing hot flames and debris everywhere. Jonas and the rest had covered enough ground which put them at a safe distance from the explosion. The dust eventually settled and Jonas stared in awe at the completely disintegrated ruins of where his house once stood.

There was nothing but a large hole in the ground which was the point of impact from the fireball. Jonas walked towards the hole and looked in, to his amazement he spotted an radiating figure laying spreadeagled at the center of the crater. The figure had a golden robe on with long black hair that had probably once been elegant but now looked singed from the flames. Around the figure oozed out gold from its body which seemed to be the blood of the humanoid. The figure raised his head, wearing a weary smile, as it did so, its robes began to lose its shine and turn brown, his radiant skin began to deteriorate and decay.

”I presume that I have become the pit of the joke”, the figure said weakly ”Assist me blood bag, my essence fades”

Jonas was confused, the figure stared at him, his arm outstretched asking for aid as his golden pupils slowly turned to rust brown. Jonas, still bamboozled, reached out to grab the figure when ”FWOOSH”. A lambent ball of light swirled around Jonas, his skin lit up like a mid afternoon sun. His hair lit up and stood tall as he smelt a burning sensation in the air, yet his skin was not immolating. The incandescent glow transpired across his entire body as he slowly levitated from the ground, eyes wide open and mouth ajar. Then his body suddenly stung him as if he had been hit by a lightning bee multiple times simultaneously. Osi and his thugs were witnessing everything and gathered around the levitating Jonas in abject wonderment. A bright light then shot out of Jonas’ body horizontally, briefly illuminating the entire dusking landscape and then it was over. Jonas collapsed to the ground, his body emitting smoke. He coughed a couple of times and tried to assume an upright posture before collapsing. He looked at his body for scars or injuries but found none. He turned his gaze towards Osi and his men, which prompted one of the thugs to speak.

”His eyes, they have turned pure gold”

Out of the debris of the house, there were some broken glass, Jonas sauntered towards them and glared at his reflection. Lo and behold, his two eyeballs were totally golden in color, both pupil and iris.

”Your mortal coil took well to the procedure”

A voice spoke in Jonas’ head which stunned him, he turned around wondering where the source of the voice was, it was then Jonas realized that the figure from the crater had disappeared.

”Dost thou not feel empowered with all this energy coursing through your veins”.



Godfall Part 5

It’s been a while since we embarked on the journey of Jonas Irapada, a desperate and determined man, hell bent on bringing his mother back from the dead by any means necessary.


”I am Jonas Irapada, a lowly farmer”, Jonas said amidst fright, as his voice quivered in fear ”I have summoned you for the purpose of your aid”.

”And what purpose art thou summoned me for?”, Akana retorted.

”I wish for you, O great one, to please bring my mother back to the land of the living”

”Hahaha”, Akana laughed, his laughter echoing throughout the entire room ” A resurrection? What doth thou possess to trade in for this gesture?”.

”I know it is has barely been done before, but I offer you something great in return” Jonas paused briefly, turning to face Jenna ”My life”.

”Nooooo! You can’t do this brother” Jenna protested ”It’s not worth it, trading your life for mother’s”

”Your sibling speaks true, for I canst accept the life of the summoner, such action renders the transaction null”

”Ok, alright I can offer something else”, Jonas said.

”IT IS DONE!!!”, Akana bellowed.

Jonas appeared surprised, Akana had accepted to bring his mother back to life without stating his price. He was wondering what it meant when ‘SZINHK’. A bright light washed over the room, illuminating every corner of the room and eliminating every shadow or shade. The light source emanated from the top of Jonas’ mother’s corpse. A hole appeared out of the thin air as a pathway manifested with a bright and shining figure descending down the pathway. The figure was clothed in a celestial robe radiating with a golden glow. The figure had a female face with long blonde and glowing hair. She reached the edge of the glowing portal and looked towards Jonas and Jenna. She opened her mouth and spoke.

”My beautiful children, it’s so lovely to see you again”

Her voice sounded like a clash of cymbals. Jonas stared bewildered, hot tears streamed from the corner of his eyes. He was looking at his mother, the same person he had lost a couple of hours ago. He opened his mouth to speak but no words were found, Jenna, equally amazed noticed her brother’s shock and decided to speak instead.

”It’s so great to see you again mother, we thought we had lost you”

Jonas finally found his wit and got up from his crouching position, he stretched out his hand to touch his glowing mother.

”Enough! Our deal hath been concluded, I have retrieved your mother from the afterlife”, Akana interrupted ”It’s time for thou to honor thy end of the bargain”

”Yes I know, but you said you couldn’t take my soul”

”I know, but there exists another soul in this immediate vicinity”, Akana replied with a sly grin.

Jonas stood perplexed at first, then came to the sudden realization of the situation.


”Hahaha, thou hast offered thy soul, but alas I canst take thy soul, hence I have to make due with the next available soul”

“That was not the deal, I will offer something else, anything else, just leave her alone”, Jonas pleaded, his heart racing with panic and fear.

”Negative, the deal hast been done, well cast thine eyes upon thy mother and bid her farewell”

”What do you mean?”

Jonas’mother faded away and the glowing portal closed up, leaving his mother’s lifeless body in its wake.

“NOOO!!!”, Jonas screamed ”Bring her back!!!”

”Dost thou really think that a demonite could resurrect an individual? Anyway it was a pleasure engaging in business with you, I shall take my leave with my prize”

With that said, black smoke emitted around Jenna and grew thicker exponentially, it gradually enveloped Jenna as she began to fade away from reality.

”Brother, help!”, she screamed.

”I wont let you go sis, hold tight”

Jonas grabbed unto her hands but slowly began loosing his grip as he felt her body become intangible, she was becoming transparent.

”Leave her Akana, I beg you, take me instead”

”My apologies young one, that canst be done”

”Leave her alone or I will kill you!!!”, Jonas screeched with tears welling up in his eyes, He reached for any object lying around, he picked up an iron rod and hurled it at Akana, but before the rod could make contact, it simply dissolved into nothingness.

“You dare strike a demonite, you insolent vile creature”, Akana bellowed, then he waved his hand and threw Jonas across the room without even touching him. Jonas hurtled across the room before slamming into the wall.

”I bid thee farewell”, Akana said as he disappeared, shortly after Jenna became entirely see through and vanished as well.

”Jenna I will bring you back, I swear it”, Jonas called after his sister but she was gone ”This is all my fault, the demonite, it tricked me”

The conjurer who had been silent throughout the entire ordeal, sauntered over to Jonas and helped him off the floor.

”I’m truly sorry for your loss son, I told you it was risky”

Jonas turned to the conjurer and grabbed him by the collar, demanding that he knew about all this. The conjurer objected, insisting that he had no idea that things were going to be this bad.

”I have to get Jenna back here”, Jonas muttered, his shoulders slumped and his lips quivering in lachrymose.

”Look kid, that’s impossible”, the conjurer stated ”The only way one can venture into Delious safely is by using power bestowed by the gods or absorbing the soul of a god which I doubt is even possible now”

Jonas looked around the room, his heart heavy with guilt and pain as he realized that he had lost not one but two people that cared about him in a single day. Jonas sat down sluggishly, his arms spread out in fatalism as he tried to think of any solution to his current predicament.




Godfall Part 4

Hello esteemed readers and bibliophiles, join me as I continue the story of Jonas in this epic fantasy tale of loss and desperation. I will post the link to the previous chapter for those unfamiliar with the story. Without further ado let’s just back into the story.

Godfall part 3:-

As always feel free to read through the story and voice your thoughts, opinions and criticisms.


Jonas was still clutching his mother’s corpse which had been wrapped in a blanket, his eyes wet and heavy with hot tears. Jenna was close behind him, her eyes red from crying as well. They had spotted a hut a while back and were approaching it.

”Brother, you don’t have to do this”, Jenna said ”You have no idea what you could be walking into”

”Jenna, we’ve been over this, I’ve got to try, Mother did not deserve this”

”I know, but sadly we’ve lost her already, you don’t even know if it is possible”

”Well I have heard of different kind of requests that people have made, I believe we can still bring her back”

”But Jonas I’ve never heard of any demonite bringing someone back from the dead”

”Just because it hasn’t been done before does not mean it is impossible” , Jonas retorted, visibly angry and fed up with his sister’s incessant questioning.

”I know it’s hard to see Mother go, but we—-”

”ENOUGH!!! I am doing this with or without you”, Jonas bellowed ” Those bandits are gonna pay for what they have done”

Jonas stops and turns to his sister, he knew she was trying to help and console him, but he wasn’t going to let her deter him from grasping any chance he might have to bring his mother back from the dead. He gave his sister an apologetic look as he realized that he had been unnecessarily mean to her and apologized to her. They ventured further until they reached the entrance of the hut. It was a brown baked hut with a thatched roof made from dried leaves and twigs,which wasn’t uncommon in the outskirts of Jaiye. Jonas approached the wooden front door and pounded on the door without hesitation. He waited in anticipation before proceeding to bang on the door a second time, still no response, he got restless and used all his might against the door.

”Whatever has the poor door done to you”, a voice from within the hut responded ”If you were patient and observant enough, you would have noticed that the door is unlocked”

The speaker opens the door and sees both Jonas and Jenna, crestfallen and disheartened.

”So what can I do for you both”, the man asked in a friendly but forced manner while wearing a crooked smile.

”Sir I need your help, please help us, its very urgent”, Jonas blurted out incoherently

”Hey slow down kiddo, this is no race”, the man replied ”How may I help you”

”Please I know you are a conjurer, I—-We need your help in reviving our mother”

”Reviving?! not healing?! So she is dead?”, the conjurer asked.

”Yes she is, but I am aware that you know magic, you can bring her back, can’t you?”

”Sorry son, this has never been done successfully”

”Please can you at least try?! I will pay you whatever you want, I just want to see her smile again”, Jonas’ voice was raspy and croaky as he fought back tears.

”I feel your pain kid, but like I said it’s never been done, you would be wasting your money”

”I don’t care about the amount, I just want to try it”

Finally after much persuasion, the conjurer reluctantly accepted Jonas’ offer after seeing his resolve. He directs both Jonas and Jenna into an inner room where he had tons of magical totems and hollow bowls. The room smelled like old tobacco. There was an altar placed in the center of the room which had a large engraved bowl, filled with a strange looking liquid substance, sitting in its center. The conjurer turned to Jonas with his palm outstretched, gesturing toward him to pay first before he begins the ritual.

”Alright kid pay up and let’s get started but remember you and you alone is responsible for the repercussions”

The conjurer gathered a couple more engraved bowls and placed them on the altar as well. He then proceeded to cut off a lock of hair from the head of Jonas’ mom as well as some nail clippings. He poured them into the initial bowl that sat on the altar before lighting the contents on fire and chanting some spells.

”Oh great lords of the below, I beckon until thee that know, grace us with your presence, so we may bask in your essence”

The conjurer finished his chant and looked up at Jonas and Jenna, beckoning them to step forward.

”Now I’ve done my part, all we can do is wait and once the demonite arrives, you make your request known to it”

”Ok I understand”, Jonas replied, itching with anticipation.

A few long minutes pass by but nothing happens. Jonas stares disappointingly at the altar, he had become bored of waiting. He looks at the conjurer sternly, demanding an explanation. The conjurer swallowed saliva nervously.

”Maybe I misspelled a word in my chant or…or…maybe if I—-”, the conjurer was saying when ‘DHOOM’. A sound erupted out of thin air as the smell of sulphur filled the air. The color of the room’s atmosphere turned a deep red, as hung candles lit up with red flames. The temperature expanded quickly rendering the room extremely hot. Jonas and Jenna embraced each other in fright, the conjurer hid behind a table. Then everything cleared out and returned to normal. In the place of the engraved bowl on the altar stood a tall figure. A creature looming at a height of eight feet, it had blood red eyes and two black horns protruding from its forehead. It wore a long black robe, which was red on its edges, it had hind legs with hooves like that of a goat. Its arms were long and jaggered with sharp talons. Its shoulder had red protrusions jutting out of them. It also bared sharp fangs and a forked tongue as it smiled with a sly grin. On its back were two leathery wings. It turned its head scanning the entire room before opening its mouth.

”I am Akana, demonite ruler of the seventh layer of Delious”, it spake with a rough and sharp voice that sounded like two grinding stones been crushed together ”To what purpose doth thou beseech me”

Jonas and Jenna stood paralyzed with fear and shock at the entity that had just materialized in front of them.


Godfall Part 3

Hello fellow readers, I know its been a long while since I uploaded any short stories( a habit I aim to rectify). Today I will be continuing a story I started a couple of months back. I already uploaded the first two parts and will post links to the previous parts for reference. : part 1 : part 2

Please feel free to check them out and post your criticisms and opinions about the story. This is the third part of Godfall.


Rerin was bored, as the god of laughter, been subjected to an indefinite curfew did not sit well with him. He was visibly displeased with Otun’s law that bans gods on Ecra from interacting with the humans of Arewa. He missed the sacrifices and adulation that the people of Jaiye usually made to him, for supposedly bringing smiles to their faces. When the indigents rebelled and stopped praising the gods, Rerin had been furious as well, he couldn’t believe that the humans would be so quick to forgo their ecclesiastical duties. As a minor god, he had nothing else to do on Ecra to pass the time unlike the other major gods like Omi and Osan, the gods of the sea and fire respectively who were always busy managing the forces of nature. He was the god of laughter and unfortunately nothing exciting happened on Ecra, most of the gods were wholly focused on their powers and duties. He often heard a couple of dwellers praying to him and asking for his blessings, but he had to ignore them due to the decree made by Otun, the elder god of sky and the leader of all the gods. He had been tempted on many occasions to answer just one prayer, but he knew there would be dire consequences if Otun ever found out. He was also the god of trickery and mischief and whenever he was bored(which was most times), he would play pranks on random inhabitants of Arewa for his own amusement. Rerin hated the curfew as it was the reason he lived such a mundane and uneventful life on Ecra.

However one day during one of his banal rest, he heard a plea from someone in Arewa, someone calling out for divine help. He looked down and spotted a teenager been bullied by four men. The teenager bows his head, cowering in fear and begs.

“Stop, please just leave me alone, I need to get home, help me oh gods, I incur your names Otun, Omi, Rerin, anyone help me”

“Hahaha, shut your mouth, the gods have abandoned us”, said the first bully “They have turned their ugly heads away”.

“I believe in them, I believe Omi or Rerin can say me”, the teenager replied.

“Really?! And of all the gods to call upon, you summon Rerin, the god of laughter?”, quipped the second bully “What is he gonna do to us? Make us laugh to death?”

Rerin tensed as he heard this, he didn’t really care much for the teenager, but he couldn’t bear to listen to the lowly bloodbags mock his name. He was fumed at how the humans at disregarded him. He was more irked at the fact that he wasn’t allowed to do anything to the disrespectful punks due to Otun’s law. He pondered for a while, the victim kept on yelling for his aid while the bullies still continued berating him and mocking Rerin’s name. Rerin decided that he had had enough, he wouldn’t sit back and watch various humans mock and degrade the gods. He raised one arm and the clothes on the bullies vanished into thin air. Embarrassed, they panicked and fled in horror at the sudden disappearance of their clothes. The victim gets up, dusting himself, looking puzzled as well at what had just happened. Then he smiled and said.

“You answered my plight Rerin, I am grateful for your grace”

Rerin grins at his seat as he heaves a sigh of satisfaction at how he had dispersed the bullies. He laughed for a couple of minutes, he had not had this much fun in a while. He looks upon the disheveled man that had just thanked him, which made him realize how much he had missed helping the lowly humans. He was still reveling in his victory when the door to his abode burst open. A crackle of lightning spread across his entire room, as a thick blanket of fog poured into his room, after a couple of seconds, the fog dissipated and in its place stood a 8 foot figure donning a white robe that ran from his head to his toes, his robe was lined with gold at its edges. He wore a thick but smooth black beard and long flowing black hair that sparkled with lightning, his eyes were pale white and his physique was domineering like he could crush an elephant’s head with one hand.

“How dare thee defy my decree, Rerin”, the figure spoke, his voice sounded like a hundred cannons been fired at once, as the room shook with every word he said.

”Oh my lord, Otun the host of Ecra and all”, replied Rerin as he knelt down respectfully ”I beseech thee to not be wrath against thy humble servant, it was a simple act that meant nothing”

”Simple or complicated, I explicitly stated that no gods must render aid to any of the human swine until my approval”, Otun bellows

”Approval?! Thy ego was challenged by the ungrateful humans, which was understandable my lord, but to sever ties completely seems extreme O great One”

”Dost thou challenge my judgement?!” Otun asked enraged, clearly not expecting an answer.

”My lord, I have been idle for years now and only sought to amuse myself”

”Your folly shall be your undoing”, Otun replied scornfully.

”Banish me not dear lord”, Rerin pleaded ” This act shall repeat itself no more”

”You directly opposed my word and hence an example must be made, I hereby banish thee from Ecra and cast you to dwell amongst the lowly beings until thou hast learnt your lesson”

”You can’t my lord, this is outrag…….” Rerin stuttered as the floor beneath him vanished and he plunged through the hole . He plummeted through the clouds and watched as Ecra became distant to him, disappearing into the clouds. He looked down and saw the spherical earth become larger as he fell towards it.


Wardom 2099

Hello readers, this is a very short story that I had written some years back for a writing competition. It’s an excerpt from a story I was developing which takes place in a future where the countries of the world had been purchased by two mega corporations, shortly after the corporations took to colonizing other planets due to their immense wealth and power. However these two mega corporations were at a never ending war over the years for battle and control over virgin planet territories. During the colonization of the planets, labor was required in order to move and utilize materials, soon the two mega corporations decided to breed human animal hybrids called Abraxxas for labor, but over the years some of these once mindless brutes evolved and developed sentience and intelligence. They were soon considered a threat by both factions, especially when the Abraxxas requested independence from their masters. Unfortunately a small percentage of the Abraxxas bore a genetic defect that turned them into blind and savage monsters, an opportunity the two corporations seized in order to label the entire Abraxxas race as ferocious beasts that required culling, employing special agents to track them down and terminate. The story deals with themes of xenophobia and dehumanization. Please feel free to read and comment on the story.


The street was glistening with wet rain as night light reflected off the black polished surfaces of the road. A long streak of thick red liquid ran across the cobbled stones. The rain had washed  away a significant amount of the thick red liquid but had left enough for the two approaching figures to notice.

”It came down this way,” said the first figure ”The blood trail leads here”.

”It should be easier to track it here, Horace,” replied the second figure.

The two figures were cladded in black military style attires, with their pistols not holstered and armed. The precariously walked along the pavement following the trail of blood until they reached an alleyway, Horace whipped out a device from his pocket which had a screen and a form of antennae at its base. He dipped the base of the device into the pool of blood and gathered some readings.

”Yah there were definitely two markers here, Jasper,” Horace said ”One belongs to our Abraxxas target and the other seems to be human”.

”Well that confirms that it has a hostage then”, replied Jasper ”We have to tread carefully”.

The two men continued down the alleyway, painstakingly scanning their environment for any sign of trouble. Focusing on every nook and cranny of the dark alleyway. ”CLANG” The two men spontaneously turned towards the source of the sudden loud sound. They trailed the sound back to its origin and spotted the propagator of it who also happened to be their target. Trapped in a mesh of metal and forage was a 7 foot creature, it had the torso of a human covered in fur, the feet of an ostrich, the arms of a giant ape and the head of a lion. Clenched in its right hand was a seemingly unconscious man, also donned in military attire, bleeding from the right side of his head. Horace and Jasper were astonished at the creature they were looking at.

”Please don’t hurt me,” the creature said ” I don’t want any trouble, I’m not one of the savages”.

”My goodness Horace!,” exclaimed Jasper ”It speaks!!!”.

”I know, I can hear it,” replied Horace ”Take it out before it does any more damage”.

”Please don’t kill me,” the creature pleaded ”I have a name, I am Menkar of House Mam”

”Look at it Horace, its sentient”

”Doesn’t matter we have our orders,” Horace replied coldly as he pointed his pistol at Menkar’s head.

Jasper grabs Horace’s arm, beckoning him to lower his weapon

”Wait, you can be serious, its clearly not a savage and our orders were to terminate the savages, let’s just call it in for extraction, the council will decide what to do with it”

”Our orders are to exterminate the Abraxxas,” Horace retorted ”Besides they are all abominations”.

Horace looks at Jasper and then glances back at Menkar, who was visibly pleading for mercy. Horace raises his weapon once more and fires two bullets in between the eyes of Menkar, killing him instantly. Jasper recoiled in disapproval and said.

”It was begging for its life”

”A life that never belonged to it, call in the medi-evac so they can attend to the bleeding guy, our job here is done,” Horace replied walking away from the scene.

Jasper turned to look at Menkar’s corpse, whose lifeless eyes stared blankly into the sky, Jasper felt a pang of empathy and pondered the morality of his job.


Godfall part 2

Seasons Greetings once again, I know most of you must be busy stuffing your faces with Christmas gifts and goodies by now and having a blast with friends and family. Today I would be posting more of the short story that I had previously started titled Godfall, which can be found in my old posts. Here is a link to the first part

Feel free to comment and share your opinions.


Jenna looked up and saw the men, immediately understanding the situation, she bolted across the field towards the house. Jonas’ mom had also realized what was going on, she ran towards Jenna and whisked her into the house, bolting the door, telling Jenna not to unlock the door and stay put. The bandits were now standing in front of the house, surrounding it. One of them, supposedly the leader stepped forward to speak.

“Hello ladies and gentleman, my name is Oshi and my demand is simple, we want your farm”, he said with an evil grin “Comply with our demands and there shall be no bloodshed”.

“We shall do no such thing, this is our life”, Jonas’ mother replied “We’ve got some cowries, you can have them and take some of our crops but please leave the farm to us”.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, you see the corrupt wealthy men of this nation have made it increasingly difficult to raid , so unfortunately we have to settle for smaller farms like yours, simple rules of the survival of the fittest”, Oshi stated.

Jonas stared at both his mum and Oshi as they bickered back and forth, his mother continuously tried to reason with Oshi, who remained adamant and eventually got enraged and slapped his mom across the face.

“NOOO!!! Leave her alone, just take as much crops but please leave us alone”, Jonas yelled.

“Ahh, seeing as you are the only male here, I guess it’s safe to assume that daddy isn’t around” Oshi smirked, maintaining his vicious grin “So why don’t you run along before you harm yourself”.

This infuriated Jonas as he pounced on Oshi, knocking him off his feet to the ground. The other bandits run towards their fallen leader, they carried Jonas off him, and proceeded to beat him senseless.

“I tried to reason with you, I tried to go easy but now you have ignored my gesture”, Oshi bellowed with rage in his eyes.

“You are a maniac, there is no reason for you to do this”, Jonas retorted.

During the whole commotion, Jonas’ mom still laid sprawled on the ground watching the bandits beat her son, she couldn’t bare to watch any more, her maternal instincts kicked in as she pulled out one of her knitting pins that she had been concealing and lunged at Oshi, plunging the pin deep into his left shoulder.

“YEOW!!!”, Oshi yelped in pain “You stupid fool, what have you done?”

He said as he grabbed Jonas’ mother by the throat.

“This is on you!!!”, Oshi barked at her as he jabbed his cutlass into her abdomen and flung her to the ground.

“MOTHER!!!”, Jonas shrieked, ignoring the punches and kicks from the other bandits.

“Leave him be, let him have some final moments with his mother”, Oshi stated, ordering his lackeys to let Jonas be with his mom. He ran over to his mother, who was bleeding profusely, frantically clutching her open wound.

“It’s OK mother, just breathe, I will call for a doctor and you will be healed”, Jonas said with tears welling in his eyes. He turned to the bandits and screamed.
“You didn’t have to hurt her, just take whatever you want and leave us alone”.

“Oh we intend on doing that”, Oshi replied “Boys take as many crops as you can and torch the rest of the farm”.

“No, you can’t do that you sick bastards, the farm is all that we have” Jonas protested.

“Well you people had your chance to surrender without having us to resort to any form of violence”

“You shall all pay for this act one day, I promise you”, Jonas said with so much disdain in his voice.

Oshi and his bandits proceeded to uproot most of the essential plants that they fancied. They had gallons of fuel with them which they doused the farm in before setting it ablaze. Oshi and his gang walked off with their newly acquired loot. Jonas carried his injured mother and ran back into the house where his younger sister had been hiding from the bandits. He ran to and fro, combing every nook and cranny of the house in search of any medicine to mitigate his mother’s bleeding wound. The flames outside had began to engulf the entire landscape and smoke was beginning to sip into the house.

“It’s OK Jonas, it’s not your fault”, his mother said weakly “Grab your sister and run now before the flames kill you both”.

“No!! I won’t abandon you mother”, Jonas stated defiantly “I’m bringing you along and we are going to find a doctor”.

Jonas beckoned to his sister Jenna to carry some of the medical supplies as he carried his mother and they both bolted out of the smoke filling house. They ran through the back door, away from the blazing field and over a hill side where Jonas watched with a fallen heart at the raging inferno devouring their life’s work and home. Jenna began to weep as she grabbed his mother’s arm.

“Don’t you cry Jenna, your big brother will look after you when I’m gone”.

Jenna cried more as she heard this but continued on, creating more distance from the fiery fields.
They were far from the nearest clinic or any source of help, Jonas watched in horror as he noticed the life ebb away slowly from his mother due to her massive blood loss. Yet she managed a weak smile and said.

“Be strong son, great things are in store for both you and your sister”.

With that said, her breath paused and her heart ceased beating, her eyes stared blankly at the sky, recording no images. Jonas burst into tears uncontrollably, his mother had died and now he felt entirely empty and responsible, she did not deserve such cruel fate. He couldn’t just stand by and let her life end so abruptly. His muscles tensed as he clenched his fists.
“No, this can’t be, I will not let this happen”.
He looked at Jenna, his eyes completely filled with sorrow and hate. He wrapped up his mother’s corpse with some blankets he had taken from the house earlier. He hoisted her corpse on his shoulder, stared towards the east of their current direction. He gestured towards Jenna to follow him. She looked at her brother, also crestfallen from the loss of their mother, she could see the hate seething through Jonas’ eyes and could guess what he was planning on doing.

“Brother you can’t, there will be very cruel consequences if you… “.

“I’m sorry Jenna I can’t see any other way, mother did not deserve this”, Jonas said, interrupting his sister with his face turned away from her gaze “I am going to bring her back”, he paused, drawing his breath “even if it kills me”.