Movie Review : The Dark Knight Rises

***************SPOILER ALERT*****************

First of all, I would like to say that I am not about to praise TDKR to the heavens. Left to me, it was a good way to end a trilogy, but as much as I loved the movie, I must say that there were a few plot-holes that existed. A few people watched the movie for its action and just rush and praise it blindly like a bunch of woodlice scurrying after a swab of damp tissue. But on the other hand, most of the negative critics that I have encountered criticize the movie for its dark and unfunny plot like they would prefer the Batman grappling through the fields with Julie Andrews in Sound of Music. I would like to assess each character individually.

Firstly, Bruce Wayne was portrayed just the way I liked it, an intelligently and physically fit martial arts fellow who had been out of the game for too long and returns in an off-beat form that requires remolding. Bruce Wayne feels like he should bask behind the doors of the Wayne Manor in an ambiance of indifference. Due to Alfred’s melancholy and the city’s state of disorder, he decides to retake his role as the caped crusader known as the Batman. He also needed help as his current foe, Bane was mentally and physically superior in which he was broken in more ways than one and I am not only talking about his spine, hence the term he broke the Bat.

Alfred, on the other hand is melancholic and distraught with Bruce’s willingness to remain in the dark and not move on with his life. A lot of people complain about the rather disheartening character of Alfred, forgetting the fact that he had previously served Bruce since he was a kid and it hurt him to see him waste his life away. People refer to the end of TDKR where Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina Kyle at the cafe in Italy as weak, that they would prefer an end similar to Inception where the top spins indefinitely, but I must say if  the film shows Alfred face smiling and then skips, we would all still know that Bruce Wayne was still alive, there is no two sides to the coin theory here and i mean he is the Batman(hoarse voice) although it would have been cooler if his face wasn’t shown. Looking at the scene where Alfred leaves the Wayne Manor, people should realize that he did not abandon Bruce permanently without return, he just left in order to prove his point.

Bane, a very controversial villain played by Tom Hardy(This Means War), honestly I did not expect him to be one of the antagonists, I was thinking of either the Riddler or  the Penguin. I must say the new Bane was truly noteworthy as he proved thus by beating the Barman in a fair one on one battle and was much more acceptable compared to the comical and senseless Bane from The Batman and Robin, and to serve the purpose of a dark atmosphere like TDKR, I think it was better to scrap the comical Bane and come up with something much more serious. The only thing I actually miss from Bane would be his Mexican accent.

Selina Kyle AKA The Catwoman which was played by Anne Hathaway was a surprising impressive character, although still retaining her initial story plot, she had a very fascinating role  and despite my recent disappointment in Anne Hathaway, I must say I was greatly entertained.

John Blake, a regular city cop turned detective in a day( those are hard to come by nowadays), Blake was an interesting addition, growing up wanting to be like Batman and eventually helping The Batman. It must have been a very great honor to him, I am sure a lot of us would like to work beside our fictional heroes……………oh wait they are fictional so they don’t exist(sorry). In addition, some people criticized the film because when Batman told Blake to evacuate Gotham, he rounded up the orphans first…………………THEY WERE ORPHANS AND HE IS ALSO AN ORPHAN, DON’T THEY ALL SEE THE CORRELATION. And besides he was not done evacuating, he was going to continue if the a**hole at the barricade hadn’t blown up the bridge.

Enough of pros, it is time I faced a con despite my love for the movie. Firstly I do not understand how Bruce Wayne got into Gotham after escaping the pits. I guess he either walked the ice meticulously or he is as we all know the BATMAN and so must have come with a pair of Jesus shoes.

As for Commissioner Gordon, although predictable, was no longer the shining star but rather a pawn in Christopher Nolan’s darker plot for the third installment. His ambivalent attempt to conceal the truth about Harvey Dent affected the psychological mettle of the occupants of Gotham City. Then he decided to reach deep into himself and correct all wrongs which could be proven from John Blake’s scolding of him.

Miranda Tate AKA Talia al Ghul was an unprecedented twist to the story, there was no way I could have actually guessed that she was evil despite the cliche story line of various Batman franchises where we discover that Ra’s al Ghul was often the initial mastermind e.g. Batman : Arkham City. Her involvement as the unknown antagonist was really impressive. Which led us to realize that Bane was just a pawn, a big bald and masked pawn.

At this juncture, I must say these are the priorities of TDKR that I could figure after all I’m only human and I may have skipped some other stuffs. Feel free to comment, as everyone as his or her own opinion. In a nutshell, I believe the time I spent watching this movie is the best two and a half hours that I have ever expended on a film.

Finally, the major premise of the movie reveals that Bruce faced several conflicting issues from who to trust and who he really was. These are clearly elaborated in the ass whooping that was delivered to him by Bane  to Miranda Tate’s betrayal. Despite this issues, Bruce still overcomes them and emerges a new and transformed being, hence the movie title. Clearly Christopher Nolan assessed the deeper and darker aspect of  the Batman and exposed it to show that he is clearly human who is capable of facing everyday adversaries.

Character Profile : The Scorn Chronicles

Name : Kate Bridges

Age :  27

Interest : Adventure, History

Phobia : Spiders

Kate Bridges was born in England and she lived there a while. Her father was an architect and her mother was a school teacher. Kate wasn’t always a fan of the english culture. She always loved exploring and by the age of fifteen, she decided to travel the world. She ventured through different countries while tracking down historical relics. She embarked on a grave expedition to Italy in search of a certain relic that cost the lives of half of her crew. She was eventually  rescued by Eugene Templeton, who decided to recruit her to his crew, for her wit and intelligence.

However, Kate has a very deep phobia for spiders, because she lost her junior brother to a venomous spider bite during one of their expeditions in Brazil. She became Eugene’s personal assistant. She was part of the crew that crashed on the Scorn Island. She was originally kidnapped by the Scorners but was later rescued by Andrea Templeton, which sparked a flame of romance between them. Kate was also kidnapped by Tommy Beckford as a form of leverage against  Andrea, when he was attempting to excavate the Invaluabium from Scorn Island. She was also temporarily possessed by the spirit of Shriek, queen of Scorn Island and heiress and beloved of King Adder Scorn, when the Scorn King was attempting to resurrect his wife. Kate took self-defense classes as a kid and she learnt more on the Scorn Island. Kate was prone to been kidnapped which often placed Andre and Brom on protective duty.

Character Profile : The Scorn Chronicles

Name : Andre Templeton

Age : 25

Interest : Adventure

Dislikes : Hardwork

Phobia : Snakes

Andre Templeton was only 11 years of age when he lost his mum. His father, Eugene Templeton decided to introduce him further into the life of an adventurer. Andrea and Eugene embarked on several adventures together. When Eugene discovers the Island of Scorn, Andre was the first to suspect its existence and sudden discovery. Andre had a long time crush on Kate Bridges, his father’s  assistant. Andre was the first to discover the involvement of Tommy Beckford in his attempt to possess the Invaluabium for himself.

Due to Andre’s prolonged exposure to the culture of the Scorners ( indigents of Scorn), he learnt to adapt to the environment with the help of  Brom,the apparent prince of Scorn. Andrea learnt various offense and defense skills. He had a long staff which was his primary weapon. He improved in agility, sense and strength. Andre could climb an average rain forest tree in a space of thirty seconds. When he originally crashed on the island, he aided Brom in fending off Tommy Beckford and the S.H.A.D.E. agents from obtaining the Invaluabium. Andre also helped Brom and the Scorners in preventing the rise of Brom’s ruthless father, King Adder Scorn, who ruled the Scorners with an iron fist. Andrea also aided in the overthrow of the misanthropes. Andre fell in love with a couple of Scornian dames but he still had a thing for Kate Bridges.

Character Profile : The Scorn Chronicles

My latest working title is The Scorn Chronicles which features a group of explorers who crash unto a supposedly inhabited island but then they realize that they are caught in between a long raging war between the natives and some other foreigners. I am still working on the premise but I am going to upload character profile gradually.

Name : Eugene Templeton

Age : 47

Interests : Archaeology, Scientific research

Dislikes : Laziness

Phobia : Unknown

Eugene started his career as a college professor in archaeology, he always had a very keen interest in adventure. He was married to Jane Stacey and they had a son, Andrea Templeton. Jane lost her life in a plane crash while on an expedition to Kenya, and Eugene constantly blames himself because he was also meant to be on the flight, but he missed it due to abdominal issues. Eugene quit his job after the demise of his wife and then decided to become a full time archaeologist and explorer. He travelled the world in search of lost historical figures and relics.

The Crew

He was one of the first people to discover the myth about the temple of Scorn, he decided to embark on an expedition to uncover the truth. The temple of Scorn has been rumored to harbor the extremely rare element simply known as Invaluabium. He embarked on the journey with his son, Andrea Templeton, Kate Bridges, who worked alongside him for a couple of years as his assistant during the archaeology research. Cyril and Simon Stokes are twins who also accompanied Eugene on his expedition to the Scorn island. They were orphans from a royal family, as they lost their parents to a car crash. Jose Cantona and Ramone DeFalco were the last of the expedition crew. They were mainly in the crew for the money and treasures. They often argued over anything from who was likely to survive in a desert to who was likely to be reincarnated as a  dolphin.