Friday Foreward

Hello my fellow readers, as I manage to post in this academic storm of mine, I hope you can all bear with me  for the moment. I am still trying to figure out how to expand my blog but all in due time, I should figure things out. I am part of a student funded body in my university and we usually take trips to exotic locations, recently we were fortunate to visit the Nyiregyhaza zoo in Hungary which seems to be the biggest in Eastern Europe as it took me a good while to traverse the whole landscape. I would be uploading pictures from the trip soon. For today, I would be talking about a proposed movie for a popular medieval TV show, the uncertainty of a third movie about never crossing streams and a couple of trailers that have been released recently. In light of Facebook purchasing the Oculus Rift. Let’s get it on.


George R.R. Martin, the creative mind behind the popular HBO critical hit, Game of Thrones has expressed interest in making a movie after the final season of the show in order to “wrap things up”. I am a huge fan of the TV show and I don’t doubt that a movie would not be awesome, but we live in a time where TV shows try to wrap up their final seasons with a movie and then the movie turns out to just be a 2 hour episode…ahem…X-Files. Personally I would prefer a movie that serves as a prequel to the whole show, exploring the lives of the people before like the Mad King and others. Don’t get me wrong, if they do decide to make a movie, I would be there on the first day. What are your thoughts?

“The whole world dies in the movie”

Due to the unfortunate passing of Hollywood actor Harold Ramis, the possibilities of a third Ghostbusters movie has been put on hold. It was recently reported that Sony Pictures re-evaluated the script after Ramis’ passing, to add salt to injury, it was also reported that Ivan Reitman the director of the first two movies has stepped down from the director’s chair. As of right now, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the creative duo behind movies like 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie are in talks to direct the movie. What are your thoughts? Is it too late for another Ghostbusters sequel?


A new trailer of the upcoming X-Men movie was released recently and it featured more info than the last trailers. It gives us a more detailed exposition on what is going to happen in the movie. We also get to see better shots of the sentinels(which look dope by the way), I think it was a good thing that they didn’t go with the purple gigantic sentinels. We also see more of the other mutants in action e.g. Bobby Drake making an icy slide, Colossus armoring up( hope to see more of him, as I felt he was under used in the previous movies) and other interesting characters like Blink and Sunspot. We also get to see the older and younger Magneto and Xavier. All this have gotten me pumped for the release of this film.


Finally we get to see the trailer for the upcoming Hercules movie featuring Dwayne Johnson in the title role. The trailer seems to promise a lot, as firstly it seems that they would be sticking to the actual lore of Hercules being a demigod and completing the 12 labours. We see the Hydra and the Nemean Lion in the trailer, and both look beautifully terrifying though. Hopefully this will be the Hercules movie that we have been waiting for this year not the eye-gouging abomination that came out earlier this year.


A new trailer for the upcoming Wachowski siblings sci-fi epic was released recently, which stars Mila Kunis as a house nanny who discovers that she is a descendant of galactic royalty. The movie also stars Channing Tatum and Sean Bean(hopefully he doesn’t die in this one). The visuals are incredible and the story looks simple enough, we wouldn’t want a repeat of complex and convoluting storylines like Cloud Atlas( which I thought was a good movie in its defense). The movie does seem to have a Matrix vibe as it still features the same principle of a special “one”. Which of these three movies have gotten you excited the most?


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Weekend Matter

Hello my fellow readers, it’s been particularly too long since I have posted anything, mostly due to( and in all honesty) a particular one of the seven deadly sins called Sloth. Ever since I resumed school for this semester, I have been using it as an excuse to evade my blogging practices, also being trying to get a fully accessible website in order to expand from the minor limitations of a blog. Today, I will be uploading my regular dosage of movie news and I will try and hope to continue posting at a more consistent rate. Today I will be talking about another Ubisoft game property coming to the big screens, the shortlist of potential actors cast in a movie far, far, away and an announced sequel to one of the most beloved Pixar movies. In light of sending people to Mars permanently, let’s get it on.


Ubisoft seems to be getting a lot of Hollywood traffic as of late, it has been reported that Doug Liman, the director of movies such as The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith is set to helm a movie adaptation of the popular spy-thriller videogame Splinter Cell. Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures have picked up the franchise and they are set to produce it. Tom Hardy(The Dark Knight Rises, Warrior) is set to portray the trident goggle wearing superspy Sam Fisher. This will be the second upcoming movie adaptation from Ubisoft following the Assassin’s Creed movie set to hit theatres next year. Are you a fan of the videogame and do you support the notion of a movie adaptation? Let me know in the comments below.

“Splinter Cell: Bane Theory”

One of the biggest movie news circulating is the news about the casting news regarding the upcoming sci-fi epic Star Wars: Episode VII. It has been previously confirmed that Adam Driver(Girls) is going to play a villainous role in the movie, more actors have been rumored to play various roles as well namely, John Boyega(Attack the Block), Jesse Plemons(Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights) and Edward Speleers(Downtown Abbey, Eragon). Micheal B. Jordan and David Oyelowo were also rumored to be casted at some points as well. Are you a fan of any of these actors, and which roles do you think fit them?

“One fought aliens, one was as evil as an alien and one had an alien”

Finally after ten long anticipating years, news has broken out of an Incredibles 2 movie under development. One of cinema’s most beloved family is back, Brad Bird, the director of the first movie had stated for a long time that he was interested in directing the sequel. Disney’s CEO and chairman, Bob Iger has also confirmed the news. Cars 3 is another Pixar property that has been set to be produced. Ever since I was a kid, I have been anticipating this movie for a long time and I am exceedingly glad to see it in the works. Are you excited for this news? Which other Disney sequel are you hoping to see? That is all for today, but as an avid videogamer, I plan on also adding a videogame category to my blog. Please do not forget to like and subscribe for more mouth watering news. Till next time. Szia.

“Prepare for a sequel of epic proportions”

Friday Foreword

Hello my fellow readers(if you still follow) I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I last uploaded anything. This is mostly due to school work and my extensive editing of my blog, as I soon plan to upgrade it to a website. The Oscars was last week, but i have not been able to see the full show just some clips and moments, but I will get to that later when I have watched the full show. Today I would upload the regular movie news, but when my website is fully established I will have broader topics from video games, books, everyday musings and much more. Today I would be talking about brewing storms happening in two major movie blockbusters, a potential movie adaptation of a recent post-apocalyptic video game and an upcoming trilogy to a concluded movie trilogy. In nonrecognition of Adele Dazeem, let’s get it on.


In recent news, Chris Evans, who is probably best known for his performance as the stoic, goody two shoes Captain America was reported to have stated that he would be retiring from acting for a while after Avengers 2, as he plans on delving into other aspects of the movie industry like directing. This is not new in Hollywood, as a lot of actors have been known to go on hiatus for a while, but what does this hold for future Marvel movies that involve the Captain. Do you think that this is a bold move on Chris Evans path? In other news Scarlett Johannesen has been revealed to be 5 months pregnant, which is huge as she is yet to shoot her scenes as the formidable Black Widow, her scenes have been rumored to have been moved up. On the other comic movie spectrum, Zach Snyder stated in a recent interview that the upcoming Man of Steel 2 would not explore the already established mythology of both Superman and Batman, but would be a completely new story arc. He feels that this could anger some fans but it could also appease some other people who feel like they do not need an old story arc that they are already accustomed to. With the recent announcements from Warner Bros and casting news(don’t get me started on Jesse Eisenberg), are you glad or mad about the Man of Steel sequel making a completely new story?

“Screw everything else, all new e’erything”

As of yesterday, the 6th of March, news broke out that Screen Gems are going to distribute the film version of an upcoming The Last of Us movie, which is based on the widely successful video game from Naughty Dog that was released last year. Sam Raimi(Spiderman, Evil Dead) has been confirmed to produce the movie. As  an avid video gamer like myself, this news initially bothered me for two reasons. Firstly, no major film adaptation of any video game franchise has been enormously successful and secondly I felt that it was still too early and slightly unnecessary to adapt the video game, as the video game itself felt like a movie. But with the recent announcements of other video game properties like Assassin’s Creed and World of Warcraft, and the intricate details of these movies, my faith in this movie is fairly solid. What are your thoughts? As for the lead characters, I would like to see Hugh Jackman and Abigail Breslin or Josh Brolin and Hailee Steinfeld respectively play the roles of Joel and Ellie. Who are your top picks?

“Look, Joel a movie adaptation is coming this way”

Lately, Latino Review reported that a new Matrix trilogy is set to be produced by the Wachowski siblings and Warner Bros. This is really surprising considering the negative reception that the last movie got. Although it does make sense considering the amount of money that the first three films made. Not much else has been reported about this upcoming trilogy. What are your thoughts? This is all for now, I would continue to work on my website and I will keep you all posted on any new developments. Please do not forget to like and subscribe for more movie news. Till next time. Szia.

“Ready to go deeper into The Matrix?”