Comic Con Aftermath

So the largest nerd farm just came to a close, and with it came some really juicy details and announcements, every year Comic Con sees the gathering of tons of comic book fans and different comic book movie representatives like directors and actors. It takes place in San Diego annually. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the convection, but various sources that were there have commented on different materials that were revealed, I am going to list out the ones that stood out the most to me, and please feel free to comment on it and talk about some other reveals that I may have skipped. I’m gonna start from my least excited to my most excited material to come from the convection. unfortunately most of the footages that were captured and released from Comic Con have been pulled off the internet.

To kick off my list, I would like to start with the announcement of an original story to the famous simian giant, King Kong. A prequel has been announced tilted Skull Island, and it is set to explain the origins of King Kong as well as the other giant creatures of the island and the native tribe as well. The reason why I’m not so pumped for this yet is because first of all, prequels are very tricky to carry out, nonetheless a popular character like King Kong, what could be the origin of King Kong, radiation poisoning? We would have to wait for more news to find out. This has also triggered some news about a potential King Kong vs Godzilla crossover, but there is no evidence to support it. What do you think of a King Kong origins story?

"Bring on the origins, Hollywood"

While on the topic of giant monsters, a sequel to Godzilla, which was released earlier this year has been announced and Gareth Edwards is set to return as the director of the movie. The movie is also said to feature classic Godzilla monsters like Rodan and Mothra, I am not really familiar with this other monsters cause I didn’t watch a lot of Godzilla movies as a kid, but nevertheless count me in, the 2014 remake was amazing and breathtaking, with Gareth Edwards still directing I’m pretty confident about it.

"Aint no MUTO gonna stop me"

Set to hit major theatres worldwide this week, it was announced that a sequel to the hugely anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy as already being confirmed, this states two things to me, first the studio is confident enough in the first movie that they would announce a sequel even before the release of the first movie and secondly, Marvel and Disney are impressed with James Gunn’s work and would employ him again for the sequel. I look forward to the movie this week and future revelations pertaining to it.

Earlier this week, a trailer to the long awaited Mad Max: Fury Road was released and it showcased Tom Hardy has the titular character in all his glory and pain. The trailer also revealed Charlize Theron in the trailer as a gritty and bald character, the movie had been shot as early as 2012, but since then, there had been reshoots, this trailer at least proves that the movie is on the right track once more. The writer and director of the original Mad Max movies George Miller is also heavily involved with this current iteration which stands out as a positive for me. The trailer looked beautiful and didn’t fail in encapsulating the gritty and sandy looks of the original movies.

"Damn, haven't showered in weeks"

The reason why the Avengers news is not on the top of my anticipation, is simply because we had already known of the development of the sequel for quite some time now. But the clip that was shown at Comic Con was more than a surprise. The scene begins with the Avengers at a party all trying to lift Thor’s hammer all to no avail except Captain America who manages to make it bulge a bit, as Thor simply states that they are not worthy, then Ultron bursts in and declares all of them unworthy, Scarlet Witch is also shown using her powers and the screening ends with a cracked Captain America shield and all the Avengers but Tony Stark on the ground apparently defeated. This had my heart racing, as this was all the tease I needed to get me invested in the upcoming sequel.

Another surprising reveal was the showcase of the new Wonder Woman costume, Zach Snyder seems to have ditched the spandex pants for a more battle ready look. Gal Gadot looks stunning in the outfit without being over sexualized and she seems to have beefed up a bit for the role, which is no surprise. There have been mixed feelings, many complain about her costume resembling Xena’s costume from Xena: The Warrior Princess. The color scheme is also toned down which I think makes sense in correlation with the darker look of the Batman v Superman movie. Her comic appearance usually consisted of flamboyant bright colors. She can also be seen wielding a sword and possessing the Lasso of Truth in a holster by her side. She is also wearing her famous tiara and equipped with her Amazonian arm bands. Overall I’m quite pleased with the new look, I’m still worried about her act, and still awaiting a scene featuring her. You be the judge of the costume.

"Seriously, who took my invisible jet"

Warner Bros most anticipated movie so far is undoubtedly Batman v Superman. The actors were present at the panel, and an exclusive clip was exhibited that shows Batman atop a rooftop presumably Gotham with the bat signal illuminated and Superman quietly hovering in the light of the bat signal’s fluorescence with red glowing eyes, looking down on an equally menacing looking Batman in a mechanical suit. They both look like they are about to throw down. This was an epic scene, and it’s great to see that Warner Bros is really going forward with the movie. I hope to see more progressive news.

My most ecstatic reveal was the Deadpool footage that was shown. I don’t really how old the footage is, the test footage was directed by Tim Miller who was also set to direct the movie, but it has been in development hell for a while, despite the presence of a script for some time now, and many people who have read the script have commented on how good it is. Ryan Reynolds who voiced Deadpool in the test footage, has expressed interest in reprising his role as the fourth wall breaking mercenary, the test footage can be viewed below, it’s brilliant and R-rated as expected, the tone is just as expected. I really hope the studio goes ahead with this movie. I own no rights to the video, thanks to for the footage.

These were my favorite moments from the Comic Con exhibition, there were a couple of news that I wanted to hear like the confirmation of the DC character that Dwayne Johnson was gonna play and some concept art or news about Dr Strange, what are yours? Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Till next time. Szia.

10 Earth shattering facts about Hercules

Ever since I was a kid, I had been fascinated with the Greek mythology, I watched the animated cartoons, read Greek mythology inspired novels like Percy Jackson, watched various movie iterations of Greek mythology, but there is one particular character that even the most oblivious person knows of, and that is Hercules, the character has appeared in various forms of media over the years, in animation, movies, TV shows and books. In honor of the upcoming Hercules movie starring Dwayne Johnson and directed by Brett Ratner, I would be listing some incredible facts about the Roman/Greek mythological epitome of masculinity, some of which you might be familiar with. Let’s get it on.

People might know him more as Hercules, but his actual name is Heracles from the original Greek mythology, after the Roman empire invaded ancient Greece and took over they changed some of their mythology as well, therefore Heracles was renamed Hercules which is the name he is more famously known by now. Other Greek gods and goddesses renamed are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, Hermes etc which were renamed Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mercury respectively.

The upcoming movie is set in the later years of Hercules after he had completed the 12 labours, actor Dwayne Johnson was reported to have trained excessively for the role over a period of 8 months, he lived in isolation in Budapest in order to prepare for the role. Dwayne Johnson is a huge man but in comparison to his character that he portrays, that’s nothing, Hercules once cut off the limbs of men who demanded that his hometown pay tribute of 100 oxen, he then proceeded to singlehandedly destroy the incoming reinforcement.


Perhaps the most famous of Hercules’ mythology are the 12 labours that he had to undertake, which included tasks like slaying the Nemean Lion, Stealing the apples of Hesperides, cleaning out the Augean stables, capturing Cerberus the three headed dog and many more. Although Eurystheus the king that ordered him to complete the labours revoked two of the labours, like the cleaning of the Augean stables cause Hercules collected payment and slaying of the Hydra because he had help from his charioteer Iolaus. They were replaced with the stealing of the apples of Hesperides and the capture of Cerberus.

"I eat three headed dogs for breakfast"

8 months after his conception, Hera the goddess of marriage, envious of Hercules because Zeus had slept with another woman to give birth to him, sent two huge snakes to kill him, but Hercules grabbed both snakes in both hands and strangled them while laughing, if that isn’t the manliest thing ever, I don’t know what is. Hera would still attempt on many occasions to kill the Greek demi god on multiple encounters.

Unbeknownst to many, Hercules actually had a twin brother, and their conception is pretty weird, Zeus the god of the sky had seduced a woman called Alcmene by shapeshifting into her husband Amphitryon and having sex with her, conceiving Hercules, but later that same night Amphitryon himself came home, not knowing that Zeus had come earlier on, slept with his wife Alcmene which resulted in the ovulation of two eggs in her womb and would become Iphicles, Hercules’ twin brother.

Hercules was also known for killing his music tutor Linus with a musical instrument after he reprimanded him for his poor musical skills. Hercules was then sent to the mountains bro tend cattle due to his impedance. If there is a lesson to be learnt here, it is that one should never correct a demi god for any reason. At the mountains he was visited by two nymphs(spirits) Pleasure and Virtue, who offered him a choice between a pleasant and easy life or a severe but glorious life. Hercules chose the latter.

"I make use of anything to make my own music"

During Hercules’ growing years, Hera still tried on multiple counts to ruin or destroy his life, while at Thebes, Hercules married Megara, and had six sons with her. However in a fit of rage and madness induced by Hera, Hercules slayed his wife and kids. When he came to his senses, he was distraught and he fled to the Oracle of Delphi to amend his ways. He was then thrust under the command of King Eurystheus, who was put into position by the manipulating Hera, who was the one that assigned Hercules to the twelve labours.

Hercules was once enslaved by Queen Omphale for murder, she made him assume the role of a woman by indulging him in doing chores, spinning loom and dressing in women clothes, while Omphale herself wore Hercules’ lion coat and famous club. Hercules performed this role for so long that Pan, the god of the wild was attracted to him. Even gods get turned on by Hercules as a drag queen.

As a reward for killing a monster that was terrorizing a place, the king of the land offered Hercules his 50 daughters to sleep with, and in one night he slept with 49 of the women, cause one of them refused to sleep with him. He then condemned her to a life of celibacy for her refusal. Hercules was also known as the deity of childbirth and sexuality because of his eventful childhood and his promiscuous adventures.

Hercules married another woman named Deianira, they both had to cross a river once but where obstructed by a centaur names Nessus, who attempted to rape Deianira, but Hercules killed him by impaling with a spear that was laden with poison from the Hydra, in Nessus’ dying breath he tricked Deianira into making a coat which Nessus spiked with his own now poisoned blood and told Deianira that if she wanted Hercules to remain faithful, she should present the robe to him to wear, unknowingly to her, when Hercules wore the poisoned robe, it burnt his flesh and Hercules built a pyre and set himself on fire in order to escape the agony, ultimately killing himself, he then ascended to Olympus as a god. Which fact was your favorite? Which ones could I have missed? Feel free to comment below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more news. Till next time. Szia.

"Aint no one got anything on me"

Top Five Underrated Actors part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my top 5 underrated actors, today I would be posting the second part of my top underrated actors, just to clarify once more these are my own choices and you may not agree with some of them. Please feel free to list your own underrated actors. These are actors that might appear in tons of movies over the years but have had little lead roles or have not gained mainstream popularity among audiences. Some of them may be familiar and some may not, either way these are actors that I feel deserve more than they have offered in terms of acting. I would be using their Hollywood careers as reference points. In light of the transportation of the bodies to the families of the deceased of the MH17 flight, let’s get it on.

This Swedish actor is most probably known more for his role as the crime boss John Abruzzi in the Prison Break series. He has been acting for a long time and usually appears in antagonistic roles. His breakout role was noted in Fargo where he played the dude that was churning Steve Buscemi’s corpse in a wood chipper(that scene still gives me the jitters). He also played the eye doctor in the sci-fi hit Minority Report. I consider him underrated cause of his apparent typecast of playing villainous roles like the Devil in Constantine, he still showcases different villains without being cliche. Whenever he takes on a bad guy role, he always changes his approach, he never appears black and white and monotonous in his roles, take his roles as John Abruzzi in Prison Break and the gangster Uli Kunkel in The Big Lebowski, similar characters but handled differently. He has appeared in other TV shows and movies, but is yet to star in a lead role, I believe an antihero’s role would be perfect for him to play a lead in.

"Maybe I should play the role of Ben Hur next"

This British actor is more probably known for giving the voice for J.A.R.V.I.S. in the Iron Man movies, but his bodily performances are notable as well. His breakout role was in A Knight’s Tale were he played the role of Geoffrey Chaucer, he also appeared as John Nash’s hallucinatory friend in A Beautiful Mind. Bettany translates his Broadway acting to the big screens, he is often known for his calm demeanor on screen, although he put this benign style on hold in his portrayal of the Opus Dei monk Silas in the Da Vinci Code. He acted alongside Russell Crowe again in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World assuming the role of Dr Stephen Maturin. Bettany has actually gotten a shot at lead roles, albeit in lackluster movies like Legion and Priest, where his performance outshines the movie itself, I did like the mythos of Legion but poor execution prevented the movie from achieving a better outcome. I still believe Paul Bettany could get a lead role in another movie where he could really showcase his acting prowess.

"If I wear any other cream clothes, I would become a waffle"

This New Zealand actor is best known for his role as Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, although he had appeared in Xena: Warrior Princess earlier on playing the role of Julius Caesar and Cupid. He was also featured in the Chronicles of Riddick assuming the role of Vaako, a necromonger. But the most recent franchise that brought him to the attention of the audience would be his role as Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the Star Trek movies, his performance was highly praised for infusing the character of the old Bones previously played by DeForester Kelly from the previous Star Trek films with his own acting skills. Urban also appeared in the sleeper hit Red, where he played the role of William Cooper, a hot headed young CIA operative alongside Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren. Urban has appeared in loads of other Hollywood movies and has managed to portray different characters with his stern eyebrows. Another performance of his that received critical acclaim was his stint as Judge Dredd in the greatly underrated and underappreciated movie Dredd which was an adaptation of the comics and a reboot of the old abysmal Judge Dredd movie, Urban was able to convey emotions to the viewers as a no nonsense cop without ever taking his helmet off. Karl Urban also had a role as John Kennex in the short lived TV sci-fi police procedural Almost Human. This is an actor whose appearance has never been a dull moment for me. I hope to see him helm a lead movie role soon.

"Does my eyebrows make me look serious?"

Perhaps more universally known for portraying the red demon slaying cop from the underworld Hellboy, Ron Perlman has been acting for a considerable amount of time, this is an actor who vanishes into his character completely, although his huge roster of movie appearances has placed him in some really awful movies, his performance was often the silver lining. He is also popular for his role as Vincent in the 1987 Beauty and the Beast TV show. He might not seem underrated because of the numerous guises that he has embodied over the years but despite his huge filmography, I still consider him underrated cause of his insufficient lead roles, irregardless Perlman still shines in supporting roles. His portrayal of stalwart characters like Dieter Reinhardt from Blade 2 and Hannibal Chau in Pacific Rim are tough acts to follow. He recently appeared on the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy where he depicted Clarence Morrow. I am still patiently hoping that he comes back as Hellboy in the third installment(if the movie ever gets made).

"I wonder if I look like a shaved Chewbacca"

This docile looking American actor bears more than just a sheepish look when it comes to exhibiting his on screen persona. He had his break out role in L.I.E. in which he played the role of Howie Blitzer, he appeared in a couple of other movies before his other appearance in the dramedy Little Miss Sunshine as Dwayne Hoover. Paul eventually wowed audiences and critics alike in his candid performance as the ecclesiastical Eli Sunday and his twin brother Paul Sunday in the critical acclaimed epic drama There Will Be Blood. He transformed his act entirely for his role as Calvin Weir-Fields in Ruby Sparks about a novelist whose fictional character comes to life. Paul Dano may have had some major roles and great supporting roles but this has not made him known to the average movie viewer, he also got some recognition for his role as John Tibeats in the true life drama 12 Years a Slave. His latest cinematic outing would be his portrayal of Alex Jones in the wickedly underrated movie Prisoners where he plays a man being tortured on the suspicion of kidnapping some kids. Dano still keeps on dishing out his incredible performances and I hope he gets more recognition than he has. This concludes my top underrated actors list, let me know of other actors that I may have missed. Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make my top 10. Cillian Murphy, Mads Mikkelson, Peter Skaarsgard and Stanley Tucci. For access to the first part of the underrated actors list, check this link Please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

"Dont let my looks deceive you, I drown puppies"

Daily Dosage: Could we start working 3 days a week?

The summer holiday commences and I prepare for a six week internship program(my blogging habit might decrease significantly). Over the past few days, I’ve become addicted to blogging, which I’m glad that I am now, cause when I initially started it felt like a chore, and I was very lethargic with my approach, but now it gets better and easier. I still sympathize with the families of the victims of the MH17 flight that crashed, I wish them strength in this troubled times. Today I would be talking about the ongoing search for the missing Nigerian girls, the location of a wanted ferry boss’ body, and a proposed new work ethic that would make Garfield proud. In light of NewBee winning the International 2014 Dota 2 gaming championship, and taking home the $5 million prize(wish it was me). Let’s get it on.

The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is set to meet the parents of the missing girls that were abducted over 3 months ago. Little action is still being done in order to rescue the girls, and I wonder the mental state of the abducted girls at this point. Earlier on, Boko Haram, the terrorist group responsible for kidnapping the girls released a statement demanding the return of their fellow captive terrorists for the freedom of the girls. The Nigerian government declined the demands, but yet nothing noteworthy is been done to rescue the girls. Chibok, which is the town where the girls were abducted from, was raided recently by Boko Haram while led to the deaths of 7 parents of the abducted girls. 4 other parents were reported to have lost their lives to organ failure most likely due to stress of not finding their lost girls. All this news is extremely disheartening, as a Nigerian myself, I can’t help but feel bad for the parents for the missing girls. I just hope things change for the better.

We need major action to rescue this girls

Yoo Byung-eun the boss of the wrecked ferry that sank recently killing over 300 people on board has been located, but his spirit was no longer abiding with him. It was reported that the millionaire’s decomposing corpse was found close to the wreckage. The ferry sank and had killed over 300 people which consisted mostly of kids on a school trip, and Byung-eun had been wanted for arrest for embezzlement charges, criminal negligence and mismanagement. Some of his family members have been apprehended with his eldest son still at large. Church members were detained for allegedly aiding in protecting Byung-eun’s cover. $490,000 had been offered earlier regarding information on Byung-eun’s whereabouts, now a reward has been pitched for information regarding his son’s whereabouts.

More tragedies in recent times

World’s second richest man Carlos Slim Helu recently proposed a 3 day work week, in which people would work up to 11 hours a week as opposed to the current 40 to 50 hours, but retire at a later age of 70 to 75 years. His plan is to enable people to be able to have longer rest days and more time to themselves and their families. The communication network Telmex, which is owned by the billionaire has been stated to have workers retire as early as the age of 50. The proposed plan has an alternative of a 4 day work plan that would yield earlier retirement. The current 40 hour, 5 day work week plan was implemented earlier in 1938. What do you think of this new plan, I know Garfield would definitely approve of this. Do you think it’s favorable or just a waste of productive days. Do you think this new plan would ever be implemented? Let me know in the comment section? Till next time. Szia.

"Work three days a week? Count me in

Daily Dosage: The Rock could play Shazam?

A new week has come and July slowly creeps to an end, there have been tons of various news that have surfaced over the past week, from the brewing war between Israel and Gaza, the ongoing investigation on the shoot down of a commercial airplane and many more. Summer movies have started to pop out and music festivals are starting to liven up. Today I would be talking of the sad but ongoing violence in Israel, a particular DC hero who could be played by one of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors and a whooping billion dollar offer to an entertainment studio. In light of James Garner’s recent demise and loss to the movie world, let’s get it on.

Continuous attacks and bombardments are still commonplace as it has been reported that the death toll has risen to a staggering 500 deaths. Israel has confirmed that they have taken out 10 militants who tried to sneak in through the tunnels. There were reported attacks on Sunday in Shaja’ia that led to the deaths of dozens of civilians. The battle in Shaja’ia had propelled the death toll number to over 500. On the Israeli side, 18 soldiers have been confirmed dead so far in this conflict. Over 70% of the casualties of this conflict have been mostly civilians. Hamas has claimed that they have captured an Israeli soldier, which the Israeli government has denied. If the capture is true, what could the Hamas be planning to use the captive for? UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon is working to ensure an end to this bloodbath and an Egyptian ceasefire is being tirelessly pursued. I just hope that a finite solution can be procured in order to stop this merciless massacre.

We need a halt to this bloodbath

In an earlier interview with Total Film, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was questioned about his unknown role in an upcoming WB movie. Many people have speculated that he would be playing the unkillable death machine Doomsday, the Czarian bounty hunter Lobo and even the dark skinned green lantern Jon Stewart. Johnson has debunked the rumors of him playing John Stewart due the existence of a recent green lantern movie already. He stated during the interview that his character would be on the same power level as the kryptonian invincible orphan Superman and that the character can be described with one word. This has narrowed the speculation to either the tyrannical Black Adam or the jovial Captain Marvel AKA Shazam. Both characters usually utter the word ‘SHAZAM’ in order to trigger their powers. I am willing to bet that Dwayne Johnson is going to play Captain Marvel, based on the character’s charismatic behaviour and the close similarity to Johnson’s acting style. I don’t mind that the racial background of the character is different from that of the Rock. Who do you think the Rock would play? Which character do you want to see him play?

"Can you smell what SHAZAM is cooking"

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox seeks to acquire and purchase Time Warner, another major entertainment company who are also the parent company to other networks like HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting. The offer was a whooping $80 billion which Time Warner apparently declined. They stated that the merger wouldn’t favor their stockholders. Aside from that, the merger would require a larger form of litigation and legal proceedings. The fact that Fox owns Fox news and Time Warner owns CNN also means that the merger would create a media juggernaut of unparalleled measures. Another point that particularly bothered me was the amount of involvement that Marvel would have in this merger, guaranteed they own no materials in relation to Time Warner, they do have claims to Fox characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. If Fox purchases Time Warner then they would have access to the DC characters(Marvel’s rivals) has well. Could this lead to an X-Men/Justice League crossover? How much control could Marvel have over Fox’s use of characters like Wolverine and the rest. On the bright side, if the merger occurs, we could see a Batman vs Wolverine crossover(my inner nerd is screaming yes). Time Warner as however declined the offer, but this might not be the end as Fox could offer a more convincing offer( I ain’t complaining about a $80 billion offer to me). Which movie crossover would you like to see? Which other potential mega mergers have you heard of? Sound off in the comment section? Till next time. Szia.

"If $ does $, then $ will lead to $"

Watchdogs: Impressions

As an avid video gamer, I have played tons of exciting and mind blowing games ever since my conception. Although I’m a picky casual gamer, as there are a lot of genres that I don’t really play. 2014 saw the release of various games and also saw the popularity boost of the next gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. A particular game that I had been anticipating ever since the initial announcement in the E3 2013 was the Ubisoft sandbox shooter Watchdogs. A third person shooter that introduces a new aspect of gameplay in a form of hacking. The game follows a linear mission gameplay style but it also has an open world exploration in which the player can roam freely and trigger side missions and engage in side activities. Players can roam the entire landscape of Chicago, although story progress is required to unlock certain aspects of the game. I have played the game for quite some time now and I would like to point out my own pros and cons of the game. As for the matter on the game being overrated, that’s all subjective. I would try to avoid major spoilers and give detailed points. In light of the widow that recently acquired $23bn in a lawsuit against a cigarette company, let’s get it on.

"I'm watching you"

The story follows that of Aiden Pearce, a hacker and vigilante whose most recent job puts his life at risk and causes the death of his niece. Aiden then results to finding out the person responsible for ordering a hit on him, just to discover that he is part of a larger network of murders, vices and conspiracies that he slowly drags himself into. The story itself is pretty basic, not as complex as other triple A titles, but it was engaging enough to interest me. I found the main protagonist, Aiden Pearce to be a bit boring in comparison to other main protagonists of other free roam games. His motive seems to be to find justice for his niece’s murder, but his demeanor is cold and one dimensional. Although some of the supporting characters were really interesting like T-Bone, a hacking mechanic and Jordi Chin a fixer that helps Aiden from time to time with problems.

"You killed my niece, now I'm gonna go Batman on your ass"

The overall gameplay was very decent, the game utilizes a cover based shooting mechanic much similar to games like GTA and Gears of War. Stealth is another impressive feat that works really well, I found it very reliable and fluid, once the player is in a restricted zone, Aiden automatically assumes a crouching position and can take out multiple enemies with close quarters takedowns. Although the lack of an actual crouch or jump button is pretty frustrating, it causes issues like having to walk around an entire mountain side simply because the player could not jump over a ridge. Enemy AI is very responsive as well, during a shootout, enemies will constantly flank the player and even lob grenades to flush the player out of cover. Enemies will also respond to fallen bodies that they see lying around making them very alert of their surroundings. The heat system is also pretty convenient, whenever the player commits a felony, a nearby pedestrian can call for the cops, the player has a limited time to interfere with the call and prevent the cops by either taking them down or jamming their comms( which I will elaborate on in the next topic). The police are pretty aggressive and will try to ram the player’s car continuously, but the cops can be impeded by hacking various interactive objects like road blockers and steam pipes. The enemy class is not so diverse, the major enemies are the enforcers which cannot be taken out with a regular gun, only with explosives. Driving in the game is pretty arcade, as the different classes of cars basically function similarly in the sense that all heavy cars basically function the same way but differently from all sports or high performance cars, which also function in the same way. The driving mechanics can be very light at first, especially for hardcore racing fans, but after some time it gets better. Unfortunately players cannot use their weapons while driving which is a real bummer especially when trying to evade the cops.

"Why does it have to be so cold?"

Hacking plays a very crucial aspect in the game, the player’s in game smart phone is his most powerful tool, his phone can be used to hack blockers and steam pipes in order to cripple enemy vehicles and can also cause blackouts that can be helpful at night times to evade pursuers on foot. Hacking is also crucial in opening up gates to shortcuts, accessing databases and many more. There are this side activities called intrusions where players have to hack an access panel that leads to an NPC’s webcam and can monitor what the person or persons are doing. This provides some really hilarious moments. Hacking panels at times require the player to play a mini game that involves the direction of currents(similar to pipe turning games) to unlock the final lock. They are not too hard and tasking, and are very enjoyable to play through. Hacking also enables the player to be able to profile civilians revealing their personal information, some of which are hilarious like an HIV positive person that happens to be a blood donor. Profiling civilians also helps the player to hack their bank accounts, siphoning hundreds of dollars from the unsuspecting victims(an aspect of the game I wish I could have on my real phone). Although hacking and siphoning cash from civilians ensures that the player can never go broke which takes away some of the excitement and hustle other games like GTA provide. There are these random occurring events that happen and requires the player to intervene with local crimes like mugging, the player can either hack civilians for potential mugging locations or can come across them while exploring the city. Hacking is by far the best aspect of this game.

"To hack or not to hack"

There are tons of activities to keep the player engaged even after completing the main story. There are intrusion boxes as earlier stated, criminal convoys that can be intercepted and taking down before they reach their destination, gang hideouts to wipe out. There are other benign activities like chess, an awesome drinking game segment that tests the player’s button mashing skills and a shell game that tests the player’s eye coordination. My best side activity would have to be the digital trips, which are like cybernetic psychedelic trips that place the player in bizarre worlds with awesome gameplay, one of which is the Spider Tank, the player assumes the role of a giant mechanical spider armed with weapons and is tasked with completing objectives and causing mayhem. Another is Madness, which requires the player to run over demons while driving around in a rugged muscle car while completing objectives, the last two are Alone and Psychedelic, which are stealth and image inducing games respectively. Other side activities include ctos breach and QR codes which primarily involve speed hacking and image alignment respectively. Overall the side activities were very engaging and they kept me entertained long after I had finished the main story.

Say hello to my massive arachnid inspired friend

As for the online aspect, there are six main game modes, Online Roam, which puts up to eight online players in a free roam Chicago to wreck havoc and have unlimited fun, Online Tailing, which involves a player following and silently monitoring another player while avoiding detection, Online Hacking is also similar to Tailing, the difference being that the player has to hack the other player to a 100% in order to install a backdoor virus in secrecy whilst avoiding detection as well. Online Mobile Challenge, this mode requires a player using a tablet or smartphone who gains access to the entire grid of Chicago and access to the police force as well, they hack and disrupt objects around another player in a car whose goal is to get to the finish line under a time limit. Online Decryption, which is one of my favorites, in which two teams consisting of a maximum of four players must battle each other in order to decrypt a file and Online Racing, which is my favorite so far, is your typical racing match with a maximum of eight players with an added twist of hacking obstacles to impede one’s opponents. The online modes are engaging enough although there are bugs that frustrate the experience like in the Online Racing, traffic spawns cars randomly that can appear out of nowhere and obstruct the driver or lagging in the game can lead to a messy game session. Overall it’s a nice experience, just the annoying bugs that need tweaking. The online modes also has a notoriety system that grades the player based on performance, but it is very confusing as I find myself winning some races and getting less points than the runner ups.

Stevochy is my online ID, the points don't make any sense

Overall I must say that Watchdogs is an interesting game with tons of activities to keep the player engaged for at least 30 to 40 hours. I do like the fact that the game utilizes the concept of surveillance and privacy invasion, which are the most controversial topics in our modern society. A couple of minor issues prevent the game from achieving greater heights, but it is worth a purchase at full price. Many people have compared it to GTA V which is normal but GTA V is still superior in my opinion, both games do have different playstyles overall and the major similarity is the fact that they are both third person shooters. I enjoyed my time with Watchdogs and I look forward to more contents. As for the graphics on different consoles, I don’t really know, as my version was on the PlayStation 4. If you have played the game, please feel free to comment on your favorite and least favorite aspects of the game in the comment section and list out some points that I may have missed out. I recommend the game to those who haven’t acquired it yet. This has been my experience with Watchdogs. Till next time. Szia.

They are watching

-Good stealth gameplay
-Superb hacking abilities
-Dynamic and interactive environment
-Engaging side activities
-Satisfying enemy A.I.

-Lack of jump or crouch button
-Lack of vehicular combat
-Too easy access to cash
-Frustrating online resolution bugs
-Confusing notoriety points system

Daily Dosage: Death Note to the President

Having returned from an eventful trip, I’ve had to relax my nerves from the exhilarating walks and adventures that I had. I’m currently working on a novel, which I hope to complete soon, I would be uploading excerpts from it very soon. Today I would be talking about an unfortunate aircraft crash, an actress’ death note to the president and a newly revamped look for a Norse comic book character. In light of Manuel Noriega trying to sue Activision over his portrayal in a videogame, let’s get it on.

About a day ago, a Malaysian airplane was reported to have crashed over the Ukrainian conflict zone. The MH17 flight which was carrying over 200 passengers en route to Kuala Lumpur was allegedly shot down when it was flying over Ukraine, although the actual reason is yet to be determined. Fingers seem to be pointing at Ukrainian separatists, whom have since denied any involvement with the crash. This would be the second Malaysian aircraft disaster plaguing the Malaysian Airlines, Flight MH370 had disappeared earlier this year en route to China and is still yet to be found. Casualties of the plane crash were not limited to Malaysians only, there were also Dutch, Britons, Australians, Indonesians, Belgians among others. Investigations are still being carried out in order to determine the cause of the crash of flight MH17. If Ukrainian separatists are found to be responsible this could cause a rift in public relations amongst several countries, as the passengers of the flight would be accounted for as innocent casualties of war between waring factions. Other airlines are taking more precautions in order to avoid conflicting air zones so as to prevent such disaster from occurring again. My condolences to the families of the bereaved.

When will all this war and battles end?

Yesterday Shannon Richardson, a 36 year old actress who had been arrested in June 2013 for sending ricin laced letters to the President, the then Mayor of New York city and the Director of Mayors against illegal guns has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. The actress known for her little roles on Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and The Blind Side pleaded guilty in the case and asked for mercy. She had mailed the letters to her designated targets and had initially framed her estranged husband. The letters contained threats to the President claiming that she’s got more in store for him and anyone who tried to take away her guns. Richardson has been ordered to pay a fee of $367,000 as well as serving her sentence. The mother of six expressed that the sentiments included in the letters were not hers, and she pleaded for a reduced sentence and time to spend with her children. Her husband has since filed for a divorce. What are your thoughts?

Red is the new black

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics released a new look for the Norse god of thunder Thor. It revealed a female wielding the hammer. Marvel series writer, Jason Aaron has confirmed that this is the new and permanent look of the Norse god and not just a temporary change or an alternate universe version. The move was made in order to appeal to more female fans. I personally am not bothered by the change, as comics are known to take huge liberties and this is not the first time that a popular comic character has been changed in order to appeal to a specific demographic, race or gender. The popular webslinger Spider-Man has also had a Latino counterpart named Miles Morales don the red and blue suit. Will Moss, a Marvel editor quipped that the inscription of the hammer which reads “Whoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy shall possess the power of Thor” would be updated to suit the current situation. As earlier noted this change was done in order to target the female audience as well as add to the short roster of strong female leads like Captain Marvel, Storm and Black Widow. I just hope this is not merely a PR stunt laced with ulterior motives. This new version of Thor would add to the growing trend of fostering female heroes like the announcement of Wonder Woman to the upcoming Batman v Superman movie and the return of The PowerPuff Girls to TV. I can’t wait to see how this new version plays out. Are you a fan of this change? Are you excited for the new Thor? Let me know in the comment section and please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tantalizing news. Till next time. Szia.

"I shalt refrain from licking the hammer, Miley Cyrus style"

Pop Preference: Goldfish

When it comes to music, I don’t particularly have a favorite band or singer or genre, I’m more of a passive listener, I listen to various forms of music and genres. But there are occasions when I hear a particular band and I instantly fall in love with their music to the extent that I get an earworm of their delightful ditty. Today I would like to talk about a particular South African band named Goldfish, they might not be very popular but I put their songs on replay day after day and I can’t seem to get enough. A reason I’m writing this post is to get other people to jam to their tunes as much as I do, they are unbelievably good. I will delve into a brief history of the band, I will highlight my favorite songs from them and issue my recommendations. I hope you all listen to their music when I’m done and please give me a feedback as to what you think about their songs. I would also provide some links to some of their songs. Without further delay, let’s get it on. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to any of their songs, I just love them.

Goldfish is an electronic and dance music group that is from Cape Town, South Africa, it consists of two guys namely Dominic Peters and David Poole. They released their first album in 2006, titled Caught in the Loop, then they went on to release their next album, Perception of Pacha in 2008, which contained amazing tracks like Fort Knox, Are You Lulu, Soundtracks and Comebacks and my all time favorite, Hold Tight which is a 7 minute jam of jazz and saxophone used to perfection. 2010 saw the release of their next album titled, Get Busy Living, which contained amazing tunes like Crunchy Joe, We Come Together, Get Busy Living and much more. I actually got familiar with their music from a Nike+ app which featured their songs Washing Over Me which is part of the tracks in their 2012 eponymous album, Goldfish which featured remixed versions of their previous tracks as well new ones like Woman’s a Devil. Their most recent songs are One Million Views and Three Seconds Memory which are featured in their latest album titled Three Seconds Memory which was released in 2013.

The iconic goldfish logo

Goldfish is also known for their comedic and animated music videos which usually feature tons of pop culture references like in One Million Views, which was a parody of current DJs like Deadmaus, Skrillex, Daft Punk and so on. The titular goldfish itself is the band’s icon and it is usually featured in most of their videos, at times with connecting stories and recurring characters. Their primary tone that can be heard in most of their songs is the jazz usually mixed in with saxophones and flutes. They also blend African music and double bass to give off dance vibes in their songs.

The mascot of the band which is an orange goldfish has appeared in most of their music videos, either messing with history through the use of a time machine in Washing Over Me or interfering with YouTube videos in Woman’s a Devil or going back to the roots of music in One Million Views. The goldfish never fails to deliver laughs and convey a story plot. He also seems to have a rival which is an anthropomorphic dog that tries to ruin the goldfish’s day. This gives the band’s music videos more depth and familiarity. Although I don’t really know the origins of the goldfish and why the band chose to use it as their mascot, but I’m curious to find out.

Goldfish is a very entertaining music band that deliver smooth jazz inspired music that will make your body move irrespective of command. I sincerely urge you all to give their music a listen and I promise you won’t be disppointed. If you are into electronic and dance songs, then I strongly urge that you listen to them. Their latest track so far is Moonwalk Away. Here are a couple of recommendations that I can offer to listen to as these are among my favorites.
-Soundtracks and Comebacks
-We Come Together
-Fort Knox
-One Million Views
-Washing Over Me
-Hold Tight
That’s all I can say about Goldfish, I would posts another band that I have interest in and that I think you should check out. Till next time. Szia.

Daily Dosage: Israel breaks truce with Gaza

Getting out of bed could be a real challenge, let alone battling dynasia is a whole different situation. But news is always sure to get anyone out of the comfort of their beds, which is what I aim to deliver on a daily basis. Today I would be talking about the breach in truce between two feuding nations, a rumored Apple gimmick and the possible cancellation of a beloved movie franchise.

Early on this past Tuesday, a truce was brokered between Israel and Gaza, in an effort to put an end to the ongoing missile bombings. Unfortunately Hamas rejected the deal seeing it as a sign of surrender. The ongoing feud between Israel and Hamas has led to the deaths of 192 people over the past week. The deal took close to six hours to be sealed. It was then reported that 76 rockets were fired into Israel from the militants effectively breaching the deal. Israel has promised swift retaliation if Hamas don’t keep up with the truce. Hamas demands that the tight restrictions that were imposed by Israel on the Gaza borders be lifted in order for them to agree to the truce. Israel has already destroyed up to 20 concealed weapons launchers, a weapons storage facility and an operational infrastructure used by senior militants. These attacks are unfortunate, as the innocent people caught in the crosshairs have been the majority of the casualties, I only hope that Israel and Hamas can come to a form of agreement to put an end to this meaningless attacks. What are your thoughts? Do you think Hamas should agree to the truce or should Israel succumb to Hamas’ demands?

War is ugly for both sides

Meanwhile in the tech world, a couple of weeks back it was rumored that Apple was planning on releasing new iPhones with audio jacks that would be accessible to Beats by Dre headsets only. Last month, Apple acquired the Beats audio from hip hop entrepreneur, Dr Dre for a whooping sum of $3bn. Much like how the iPhone 5 charging port was modified to a unique port that could only accept a specific type of charger. The rumor suggests that upcoming iPhones would have specially designed Beats audio jacks which would be sold separately and prompt buyers to spend extra money to buy the Beats hardware. Apple hasn’t released any statements yet to confirm or deny the rumor. But if the rumor were to be true, I would personally hate such a decision, as I see it as a ploy to ensure that buyers purchase the Beats headphones. I do really hope this rumor is not true, it would be a real bummer for an individual to have to always purchase a new set of Beats headphones every time their old one spoils. What are your thoughts?

Guillermo del Toro is probably the busiest man in Hollywood at the moment. The director just debuted his latest TV show, The Strain and he is wrapping up production on his upcoming horror movie Crimson Peak. He also has upcoming projects like an untitled black and white movie. He was asked recently about his interest in making a third and final Hellboy movie. During a Q&A, the director stated that he is yet to secure a budget for the badass gun totting demon spawn. His vision for the movie is set to have a very grand apocalyptic presence and he was aiming at a $200 million dollar budget, which most studios have been hesitant to give. The first two movies made $99 million and $160 million dollars at the box office respectively, with this numbers one can understand why various studios are hesitant on supplying the director with the finance. Guillermo then stated that we wouldn’t be seeing the movie any time soon, which is a shame as I was an avid fan of the first two movies. There could still be hope though, Pacific Rim, one of del Toro’s movies that was released last year, didn’t make so much money at the box office as anticipated, but a good international box office return and high demand has prompted an upcoming sequel. People still speculate that the movie could still happen in the next 5 to10 years, but by then, Ron Pearlman, the actor who plays the eponymous character Hellboy would be well into his age and would probably have to be recast. But hopefully with the release of Guillermo del Toro’s new projects, this could convince a studio to give him the finance needed earlier than expected. What are your thoughts? Till next time. Szia.

"Give me the budget, or else....."

Daily Dosage: Funding gaming through Porn

First I would like to congratulate Germany for their victory last night as they claimed the world cup, with Mario Gotze scoring the winning goal. Right now, I wish I was in Germany drowning my euphoria in tons of free beer. I looked through the news forum and I picked three news topics that peeked my interest, I would be talking about the resuscitation of a previously doomed water vessel, funding of online gaming through adult entertainment and a human rights activist’s aid in saving some missing girls. In light of the current EVO 2014 finals and Sonic Fox’s merciless victory in Injustice. Let’s get it on.

Earlier today it was reported that the Costa Concordia, a ship vessel that capsized in January 2012 killing 32 people has been refloated. Salvage workers worked tirelessly to return the ship to its original position in order to ship it to Genoa for dismantling. Currently the ship has been erected, but it’s far from attaining mobility as for the past ten months, engineers have been attaching steel rods in order to support the weight of the ship as the excess water is being drained from it and compressed air has been pumped into it to keep it afloat. The base of the ship is said to be rotten, and extra precautions are being taken to ensure that it doesn’t collapse. Once the ship is fully erected, it would be towed precariously to Genoa across 240 kilometers. The project is set to have already cost up to 1 billion euros and would still cost more. Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ship is still on trial for manslaughter and abandoning his post. The nautical disaster was a worldwide event that shook everyone. The body of a 33 year old waiter named Russel Rebello is yet to be recovered as a couple of the victims of the disaster are still been discovered. The towing process is set to take 5 to 6 days.


In light of the upcoming eSports, adult entertainment site, Youporn has offered to sponsor any Dota 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone teams that are willing, they took to their Twitter page to announce this, with varying degrees of responses from HELL YEAH to HELL NAW. The eSports have been known to bring tons of spectators to watch Dota 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone tournaments, with the last League of Legends finals selling out Staples center. Now Youporn is only offering to sponsor the team in order to get their own publicity and not to advertise adult contents has there is a rule that forbids the showcasing of pornographic materials in the tournament. The Dota 2 world championship is currently taking place. What are your thoughts on YouPorn sponsoring an eSports team?


Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani rights activist is said to be visiting the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan in order to vie for more action on locating the missing school girls, who have gone missing for over 3 months now. The leader of the terrorist group known as Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau released his own video ridiculing the #bringbackourgirls slogan with his own bringbackourarmy with a demand that incarcerated terrorists be released in exchange for the girls one by one. Boko Haram’s latest attacks were on a shopping mall in Abuja, Nigeria where a bomb was set off that killed 21 innocent people. Boko Haram originally surfaced in 2009, but caught the media’s attention in 2013 with their multiple attacks, they were officially branded as a terrorist group by the US in 2013. Malala spoke with various parents of the missing girls and sympathized with them. Malala herself is no stranger to terrorists attacks as she was shot in the head by Pakistani militants two years ago, but was quickly airlifted for treatment. She hopes to drive the Nigerian government into doing more to locate the missing girls and placate the dominion of Boko Haram. As a Nigerian myself, it’s terribly sad to see what Boko Haram has done to my nation, they’ve been trying for years to turn the whole country into an Islamic state, insisting that ‘western education is sin’ which is the translation of their name Boko Haram. I just wish that the government can focus more on them and wipe out this scourge that has plagued my country. With the assistance of activists like Malala, I hope greater steps are executed in order to cull the terrorist ring. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section. Till next time. Szia.