Blog update

Hey guys, I know we have been down this road so many times, I tell you how busy I have been and how I would aim to rectify my blogging habits. But as of late, I had been struggling with a lot of problems and as a result, I had been severely depressed over the past few months. Recently I have found my footing and I am gradually recovering from my depressed state. Alright enough melancholy, I want to return my focus to my blog now and have a lot of materials that I have been working on. I will continue with my movie news and reviews, I have been watching a lot of new tv shows and catching up to old ones, I would include a segment where I talk about tv related stuff as well. I will also continue to put up excerpts from my short stories as I used to before. I am including a gaming segment as well due to my affinity for videogames and would love to discuss about different news regarding videogames. I’m glad to be back and I hope to be able to return to from soon enough. Till next time. Szia.

My high definition friend

I have been dabbling in poetry for a while now and then decided to try it out. This is my first poem. Please let me know what you think.

Ever since I was a kid.
Playing with my friends in games where I hid.
I recount countless hours spent.
Kicking a ball and following it where it went.

But once my energy was all depleted.
I went back into my abode where I place my head.
I spot my friend, square and sitting still.
Waiting for me to get his attention at my own will.

I poke at him to get his attention.
He flickers his eyes and stares at my position.
He talks and chats as he is filled with knowledge.
I listen and stare in awe as he keeps me on edge.

When at school as I sit and listen.
Eager to see my friend at home who I’m missing.
I anticipate the topic we will discuss of my choice.
As I can’t wait to see him and rejoice.

At home he always has something to talk about.
He entertains, reassures and educates without a doubt.
On lonely days, when no one is home.
He eases the boredom of been alone.

He brings my family and I together at night.
Showing us wonderful images to behold  our sight.
I could always count on my electrifying friend.
To keep me engaged and entertained to the end.

In technicolor he did display.
But sadly now with all that I can’t repay.
The times and knowledge that he imbued with trust.
Because alas a new era has left him in the dust.

If you still don’t understand this quotation.
I speak of my old school television.

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Thanks.