Helix : the Ruby Sabre(continued)

Helix approached the fallen assassin in order to apprehend him but the assassin produced a hidden blade and cut through the bolas. He got up and hurled the bolas back at Helix, but Helix dodged it while the guard behind him was less fortunate.

“Catch me if you can now”, the assassin teased as he ran towards the gate leading  out of Orthodox city.

The assassin barraged through the midst of dwellers as he ran towards the gate, Helix was behind him, gaining on the assassin. So the assassin decided to hurl objects at him. The assassin realized that he would not make it out of Orthodox in time, he then decided to take a woman hostage.

“Listen to me boy, or I will cut her throat out”, said the assassin in a threatening manner.

“Stop this madness, you just killed the King, tell me who you work for, I heard you conversing with that figure in the temple, he said something about Drakenpolis, what’s their next move?” Helix asked the assassin in an angered tone.

“You can’t make me talk boy, now if you do not let me go, there would be two bodies to mourn today,”

With that said, the assassin pushed the woman towards Helix and made for the gate, but then “THUCK” an arrow had impaled the assassin on his thigh.

“Arggh!”, the assassin groaned.

“Good job, Signor”, said Helix, referring to Signor, the head of the archers who had just taken the assassin down.

“Just my sport, old friend” replied Signor.

Helix ordered some guards to take the assassin away for interrogation as he headed back towards the palace.


Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

The arrow flew through the air like a bee homing towards a drop of precious nectar, there was stillness in the crowd as most people watched as the arrow reached its destination, the King’s chest. King Delux was adorned in  a very durable armor but unfortunately the armor had been secretly compromised by Demus while King Delux was been dressed in his armor. Demus ensured that there was a tiny fracture right in the middle of the chest, he made sure that the fracture was so infinitesimal so that it would not be noticed and so as to allow the arrow tip to strike perfectly.

King Delux staggered backwards as the shocking thud of the arrow caught him off guard, the guards behind him caught him before he fell, his crown rolled off his head unto the ground. The assassin then yelled

“Compliments of Demus!”

“After him!” commanded a guard.

Helix saw what had happened, he had been stunned for a jiffy, he then got a hold of himself as he pursued after the assassin. He commanded five other guards to follow him. The assassin was quite swift, he immediately slid down the tower walls and ran through the market squalls, Helix and the other guards were gaining on him when suddenly the assassin turned a corner and was nowhere to be found.

“Holy Ecra, he has been led through our defenses someone else apart from Demus is working with him”, said one of the guards.

“Split up all of you, I want the assassin found he could not have fled the city by now”, Helix commanded the guards.

Helix took a guard with him and went through the city’s temple while the other three guards went through the market. Helix and the guard kept on searching until Helix encountered another spew of golden water, it led straight into the temple.

“It seems the assassin has taken a detour” said Helix.

Helix and the guard stealthily snuck into the temple, the temple was a grand multipurpose hall where several council meetings were held, Helix and the guard hid behind two separate pillars, they looked around and suddenly saw the assassin communicating with someone, the second person was in a hood but there was something unnatural about the figure, he seemed to be a form of liquid statue. Helix eavesdropped their conversation.

“The King is dead, now all I need are the directions to get off this rotten land” the assassin said

“Good you seem to do your work perfectly,” said the liquid figure “Our masters at Drakenpolis would be pleased”

“Oh no, Drakenpolis is involved in the assassination” muttered Helix

“Okay I hear you, now give me the directions out of here!” demanded the assassin.

“Oh about that,” said the figure” I’m sorry you were only a pawn in a much bigger plot”

“WHAT!” yelled the assassin ” you are just going to abandon me here?”

“I’m afraid so “, replied the figure, and with that said the figure simply melted into golden water.

“NOO!” screamed the assassin ” this cannot be”.

“Well it seems you just lost your last ride out of here, you murderer” said Helix coming out of the pillars.

“You will never catc…”, the assassin did not finish his statement before a set of bolas wrapped around his legs.

“Well now I have caught you”, said Helix “or isn’t that what you were going to say”

To Be Continued

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Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

Helix kept on patrolling the premises looking for suspicious activities, he roamed about the King’s palace still pondering upon what Lucy said. He came across two guards on patrol.

“I am having a really queer feeling about today I want you to be on high alert of any foul play,okay?”

“Yes sir” answered the two guards.

King Delux was preparing for his next and final speech for the day to close the festival. He wore a larger red robe with the Orthodoxian crest embossed on the back. He held a golden staff in one hand which had a ruby on top of it, while on his sheath was his magnificent sword, the Ruby Sabre, a double-edged sword coated in silver with a golden hilt and a large ruby in place of the handle. The sword is a magical object which had the ability to warn the wielder of incoming danger and it also increases the physical strength and agility of the wielder. Ancestors of the King’s lineage have wielded the blade during important occasions in order to prevent impending assassinations.

Oberon, King Delux’s brother walked beside him as King Delux approached the podium to give his speech. Felix, a servant to Oberon was behind Oberon with several guards scouting the premises for any signs of danger. Signor, the head of the archers and a very close friend to Helix, spread his men across the tower walls. All perimeters had been checked and the King’s final speech had begun.Helix decided to make one last check before joining his father at the podium. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him as a guard rushed towards him. Helix clutched his sword as the guard drew nearer but stopped as the guard said.

” Sir, come and see this”

” What is it?” asked Helix.

“Golden water!” yelled the guard.

Helix rushed to the scene with the guard and lo and behold on the ground was a spew of golden water(an extremely rare and expensive form of water that can only be found at one source, it is highly magical and as the ability to grant anyone any wish that they wish).

“Where did this come from?” asked Helix, now puzzled.

“I don’t know, golden water is only found at the banks of the serpent river and it was given to each kingdom in Xenopolis including King Delux”. said the guard.

“Wait, golden water is capable of making wishes come true right even in the most difficult situations, right?” asked Helix.

“Well yeah, who would need golden water now that everyone is celebrating, probably your father the king used some for luck,who knows?” said the guard stupidly

“Unless the golden water was stolen by someone else who needed luck to get by the guards” Helix paused for a moment and then thought back.

“But even a forgetful chap like me wouldn’t want to miss an important occasion like this”

Helix suddenly remembered what Demus muttered and the evil grin he gave and immediately Helix realized and yelled


The guard Helix bumped into initially who claimed to be on an “errand” for Demus was actually an assassin sent by Demus to kill King Delux, the assassin had been given the golden water by Demus which Demus already stole from the King’s chambers earlier that day. The assassin had used the golden water to blend in.

Helix and the guard  immediately ran across the hall to various guard points and then Helix suddenly noticed Festus standing on one of the tower walls, he had taken the place of the incumbent guard and disguised himself. He drew his bow at a full stretch and was about to fire his arrow.

“NOOO!” yelled Helix, as he got everyone’s attention towards Festus ” There’s an assassin on the tower”.

With all eyes on Festus, he released his bow and sent the arrow sizzling through the air.

To Be Continued.

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Helix : The Ruby Sabre(continued)

The square was filled with people noising over the celebration of  Helix’s birthday. King Delux stepped out onto the balcony and stated

” Today is a very happy day for me and my son, Helix and for all of us. Helix is twenty today,which means that next year, he will become Orthodox’s crown prince. So let us all enjoy ourselves and make merry for happier days to come”.

Everyone cheered King Delux, the sun was about to set and the true festivities had just begun. King Delux decided to walk around the balcony with his guards behind him. Helix looked at his father afar and decided to go talk to him.

“Father, what did Lucy say about today?” he asked

“Nonsense, I think her old age is starting to get the better of her” replied King Delux.

“But what did she say?” Helix inquired.

“Okay I will tell you so that you would stop bothering me, she said that I should cancel the feast” replied King Delux.

“WHAT!” exclaimed Helix.

“I know it sounds stupid, it was the same reaction i gave to her”

” No I mean why would you neglect her warnings father”

“Calm down Helix, she’s probably getting blind in her third eye”

“I have a bad feeling about this father”

With that said, Helix walked away feeling rather insecure after what his father just told him. As Helix kept on walking and muttering to himself, he was so deep in thought that he didnt realise when he stumbled into a fellow person walking across.

“Sorry about th…” Helix paused and looked at the man in front of him ” Hey you are new here, no one except royalty and guards are allowed into the royal hearth of the palace”

” Ooh sorry about that I am new here and Demus sent me on a quick errand” replied the man.

“Wait if you are a new guard here, where is your royal seal of command?” Helix asked.

There was a long pause, Helix stared at the man and was about to call the attention of some other guards when…

“There you are Festus, and here is your royal seal of command that I forgot to give you” Demus said coming right behind them ” Guards please escort Festus to the King’s inner chambers”

The guards took the new man to the King’s chambers so that he could begin his guard duties.

“Why didnt you give him the seal initially before sending him on the errand?” asked Helix

“Silly me I don’t know why I have been so forgetful lately” replied Demus ” But even a forgetful chap like me wouldn’t want to miss an important occasion like this”

Demus let out a slightly evil grin as he walked away from Helix.

“Something is just not right about today” said Helix as he stared at Demus looking blank.

To Be Continued.

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Helix : The Ruby Sabre

This is a sneak peek of my first novel, it is a story based on a world of swords, magic and kings and the adventure of a young prince named Helix who must overthrow his tyrannical cousin Demus in order to take his rightful place on the throne. I am hoping to continue the series all the way to seven books. But here is the first draft of Helix : The Ruby Sabre

Chapter One

Trumpets were blown, bells were peeled, drums were beaten, battalions of soldiers marched out, jesters tossed sticks and blew flames to entertain the crowd, horses neighed as the riders flaunted their strides, women danced in groups as well as men, wine and meat were served bountifully, old men were liberating jokes at corners as children played about. Orthodox city was really having a feast like never before, it had never been this alive in a long time. King Delux had thrown a feast for his son, Helix. Helix was the crown prince of Orthodox, he was celebrating his twentieth birthday which meant that in a year’s time he would be old enough to be king. But through the whole festivities, Demus, Helix’s cousin stood at a corner staring at his uncle, King Delux.

“You seem overjoyed today sir”, said Demus.

“Why shouldn’t I be, my son is gonna be the next king of Orthodox soon”, replied King Delux  jokingly.

“I just hope it would be more interesting than this”, sneered Demus.

“Something on your mind”, asked King Delux in a puzzled manner.

“No nothing at all”, replied Demus blatantly.

King Delux moved out of his chambers towards the balcony to greet the immerse crowd when he met his son Helix

“Are you not happy about today”, asked King Delux.

“Yes father, but shouldn’t you contact Lucy first”, Helix replied.

“Aah yes you are right”, answered King Delux.

Later, King Delux walks towards the threshold, the abode of Lucy the witch, the popular witch doctor of Orthodox city. She was known to have the insight of precognition. She could tell when a really important event would take place and a lot of people sought after her insight so as to know what the future foretold for them.

King Delux entered her threshold and asked what the day foretold for him. Lucy then replied

“Evil!”, replied Lucy “the snake lays an egg and the egg devours the snake.

“Impossible!”, yelled King Delux “Helix will never harm me his father”

“Of course not”, replied Lucy “but is Helix the only relative you have?”

“You are insane Lucy” said King Delux now fuming with anger.

“You have sought my intellect for twenty five years and I have been never wrong my lord”, Lucy said “People say I see the future but they are wrong I only see the two possible outcomes, the good and the bad”.

“So what is the good aspect”, asked King Delux

“You can cancel the festival while you still can” replied Lucy

“Never!” King Delux yelled “I will not cancel my son’s birthday celebration because of your old prophesies which must have deteriorated due to old age”. With that said King Delux left the threshold to return to the festival.

“You were warned King Delux” muttered Lucy.

To Be Continued.

Hello people

My name is Joseph AKA Major Payne. I am a newcomer into the blogging universe. I am particularly interested in blogging about novels and fiction in general. I have been working on several novels and i would start uploading them chapter by chapter. I would also love to listen to suggestions from people. I mostly deal in the action and fantasy genre, but i am hoping to expand my intellect to other genres like horror,drama and romance. I am going to upload the first chapter of my book titled Helix : The Ruby Sabre. It is an action packed fantasy novel set in a fictional city and a fictional time based on a world which is filled with swords, magic and adventure. I plan on writing seven books for the Helix franchise but also through your help i can succeed. Here are the list of my other books.

The Phantom Labourer

Sceptre High

Albert Rayne

I will fill you in later on the rest of the books. Most of the books contain cheesy lines though because i wrote them when i was in Junior High. But i believe that through your review and help it would be a success. i was also involves in comics but unfortunately i am not so good in the artistic sense. I would really love to have any form of assistance on that aspect.

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