Marvel Phase 3 part 1

It’s been a long week for me, but albeit eventful as well as Marvel recently announced their movie slate for the next 5 years starting from 2015 to 2019. Right after Ant-Man in 2015, phase 3 of the Marvel cinematic universe would kickoff the following year. This was big news that nearly melted my brain cells. I’m going to talk about the individual planned movies and give some few details I know about them, this would be the first part of the list. There is a huge roster of planned movies and I’m really excited for them.

This is one of the first movies announced for the next year, and it’s going to kick start phase 3, it has been confirmed to be titled Civil War which is safe to assume that it is going to be based on the famous Civil War storyline from the comics, now obviously they cannot adapt the exact story from the comics, as Marvel Studios does not have access to all the superhero characters in that story, and the cause of the civil war would most probably be different. Nevertheless I’m sure it’s still going to prop Captain America against Iron Man. It would be interesting to see how they handle the story. Captain America 3: Civil War is set to hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

"Who is ready to start a civil war"

A new member would be joining the cinematic universe in the form of the sorcerer supreme himself, Dr Stephen Strange. This would be a very different direction for Marvel, as I am curious to see how they would handle his mystical origins. Guaranteed in Thor, they were able to handle their form of magic by labeling it as ancient science, but with a character like Dr Strange, whose whole story and lore is based on magic and mysticism, it would be a lot different. Scott Derekson, known for his work with Sinister has been confirmed as the director of the movie which gives me hope that they would stick with Dr Strange’s dark profile. Benedict Cumberbatch has been reported to be in talks to play the role of Dr Strange, which I think is a splendid choice, although I was vouching for Joaquin Phoenix and Clive Owen to get the role as they would have been my first choice. The suave and endearing behavior of Dr Strange does fit Benedict’s acting profile though. Doctor Strange appears in theaters on November 4, 2016.

Strange is the new sexy

We all know by now that with Marvel’s success with the ragtag space faring superheroes called the Guardians of the Galaxy that a sequel was undoubtedly in the works and I’m highly anticipating this movie, mainly cause of how much of an amazing surprise the first movie was. It would be great to see the main characters once again on the screen. James Gunn really blended the humor and action with perfection for such a relatively unknown property. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 flies into orbit on May 5, 2017.

"Wierd just got cooler"

Later that year, a third part to Thor’s story is coming in the form of pure epicness as the subtitle suggests. I’m not very conversant with Norse mythology, but the little I know about Ragnarok is about the Norse apocalypse and in the Marvel comics it was a time of war and the coming of a fire demon called Surtur, that is probably the same approach that Marvel might take for the movie, but we would have to wait and see. I can’t also wait to see what Loki has been brewing ever since he took over Odin’s throne. Thor 3: Ragnarok demolishes theaters on July 28, 2017.

"Hail to the impending apocalypse"

This concludes the first part of the Marvel Reveal, I would follow it up with the rest of the reveal, in a second part which contains more relatively unknown Marvel characters getting their big screen debut. Let me know which of this movies have gotten you excited and which you eagerly anticipate, please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

Daily Prattle: Ultronification

Finally done with my plethora of tests that befell me this week, I got home last night after a long day, caught up with my tv shows that I had missed during the course of the week, ate some dinner, played a little Sleeping Dogs and then proceeded to do some sleeping of my own. Then suddenly I get a message from a friend commanding me to go to YouTube immediately, his frantic message made me wonder what could be going on. I swiftly open YouTube and lo and behold on the homepage was the new Marvel trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Words cannot explain my nerdgasm enough, it became my instant addiction, I had to watch the trailer over 10 times so has to quell my brain cells from exploding due to overexcitement. I’m going to use this post to talk about the trailer, keep your hats on, and don’t get too blown away by the awesomeness.

The trailer opens with a voiceover narrative by Ultron, who is dubiously played by James Spader, I knew his voice was going to be badass, but not this chilly and intimidating. Then a couple of scenes with utter destruction follow possibly at the hands of Ultron. Then we are shown the Avengers at their mansion, including other characters in the cinematic universe like War Machine who look frighteningly as a malfunctioning robot controlled by Ultron walks in talking about how the Avengers are all tangled in strings. There are then glimpses of the various Avengers in different scenarios looking grim and hopeless. There was a particular scene with Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner all looking crestfallen in the jet. This trailer just corroborates Marvel’s statement about this movie been significantly darker than the first one. Cue the awesome Pinocchio soundtrack that plays in the background. Then various scenes follow with the reveal of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch standing behind Ultron. According to the comics the sibling superheroes were once bad but later converted to the good side. I am pretty sure that is going to happen as well in this movie, as we see a scene of Quicksilver battling an Iron Legion(Ultron’s robotic henchmen). And it would also be nice to see how Marvel handles their own version of Quicksilver, cause X-Men: Days of Future Past really did him justice with the awesome kitchen scene. Scarlet Witch’s costume is pretty logical as her comic book costume could have felt incredibly out of place. We then see Tony Stark stating that this is the end, as it leads me to believe the originally speculated theory that he inadvertently created Ultron.


Next my favorite scene appears, no words can express my sheer excitement when I saw the Hulkbuster armor, the metallic behemoth was not a child’s play. From the trailer we can see that Iron Man and Hulk are definitely going to duke it out. But many people have speculated that it could have been Ultron in the suit, but I doubt it. A surprise shot of Andy Serkis appears, which shocked me of course, but my guess is that he would be playing Ulysses Klaw, the primary antagonist to the African superhero named…….wait for it….Black Panther. If I’m right then that means that finally a Black Panther movie could be on its way, even though Marvel had already confirmed that Black Panther was in their schedule. Another scene that touched me, was a quick shot of the Hulk and Black Widow touching hands, we would learn more when the movie drops. The appearance of Ultron is surely going to split the group again as we see Thor lift Tony Stark up, probably blaming him for the creation of Ultron. My next favorite scene was the shot of a beaten Thor and the broken shield of Captain America. That sent an ice block of chills down my spine. We all know that Captain America’s shield is made from vibranium, which kinda makes it nearly indestructible, so for the shield to be broken, that could mean that another force of vibranium proportions caused it which could mean that Ultron is made from the same material. Another direct connection to Wakanda, the homeland of Black Panther. The trailer ends with Ultron’s face stating that there are no strings on him, and with the Pinocchio soundtrack playing in the background, it just gave me a metaphorical picture of Tony Stark as Gepetto and Ultron as Pinocchio free from his master’s grip. The final look of Ultron also looked very humanoid, which leads me to believe that he would upgrade his appearance periodically throughout the movie. All in all, this trailer served me well and did not disappoint in any way. Some people were worried about the grim tone of the trailer, making people to wonder if the movie would be all dark and gloomy, but I’m pretty sure that a second trailer will clear that up, as Joss Whedon, who directed the first movie is known to always blend comedy and action brilliantly. This trailer was also supposed to be released next week with the next episode of Agents of Shield but it had unfortunately leaked, I do like the way Marvel handled it, by then releasing the actual trailer instead of trying to pull it from the web and disclaiming it. That tactic did not work well for Star Trek: Into Darkness and their secret about Khan. Marvel also posted a hilarious tweet blaming Hydra for the leak. What did you think about the trailer? And what scenes or scenarios stood out to you? I personally can’t wait for May 2015 to come. Let me know in the comment section and please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

Daily Prattle: A Ferris Bueller Day On

There is a popular theory that algebra was created by the devil, I mean come to think of it, which regular human would invent a complex means of calculations that includes more alphabets than numbers. These among other cringeworthy courses has been my ordeal throughout this just concluded week, and now I have to prepare for three mid term tests next week. Dear Scotty, if there was any time to beam me up, it would be now. I couldn’t even go up the Citadel today cause I had a class, YES. I HAD A F$!KING LAB CLASS. ON A DAMN SATURDAY. Hence the punny title of this post. In honesty, it was due to the lack of the lab next week due to an upcoming holiday, and the lecturer was actually really nice and amazing. So I’m gonna be doing my hike tomorrow.


As for last night, that was a blast, the Brazilians in my apartment were having a fun drinking game that got virtually everyone intoxicated, I was worried for a friend of mine who was so gone, I feared that the alcohol had permanently replaced his red blood cells. We played some really awesome card games, one of which involved a daring style challenge that had me and two other guys going to the convenient store in cold, dark night without our pants and throughout no one got hurt, at least badly. I just had to share my most recent experience in the past days, my upload speed is gonna decrease overtime as I am going to be buried in my books in order to prepare for more tests. So I’m gonna keep this brief, but I’m gonna still post whenever I get the chance. I’ve also started watching the fourth season of The Legend of Korra, and it’s been entertaining so far, the three year gap between this season and the previous one really spices things up as to what must have occurred. That’s all for now, till next time. Szia.

A truly vicious drink that would make Jack Sparrow proud

Daily Prattle: The Starving Dead

An old saying states that a hungry man is an angry man, but the saying forgot to add the extent a hungry man would go to quell his famished state. It’s something I call the Tantalus Syndrome, a case when a person is starving beyond reason and then they resort to eat almost any edibles that they see around. I felt victim to the syndrome recently when I went for a 4 hour laboratory class without ingesting any form of food prior to the class. The chemical compounds were beginning to look sumptuous as I tried to focus in the lab class. Oh and there was also Pordly heckling me as usual, I was tempted to claw off his oil puffed cheeks and devour them like a walker from The Walking Dead. Speaking of The Walking Dead, how about I digress and talk about that awesome season 5 premiere.

"Jump whoever comes in, even if it's the mailman"

The episode started off with a bang, literally. I will try as much to avoid giving away too much spoilers, but I cannot guarantee a lack of mild spoilers, so

Rick and his crew are rounded up and set to be slaughtered, but then a form of deux ex machina saves them and they exact some sweet vengeance upon the cannibalistic inhabitants of Terminus. I’m personally glad that the season did not waste time establishing the fact that Terminus was pretty much Woodbury 2.0, but worse. There was no need to waste half of the season in Terminus, which I loved. Also a new badass has evolved in the form of Carol, a former stay at home mom and shy companion, basically triggered the fall of Terminus. It was cool to see all the old characters again, and one of my favorite additions, the ginger mustached beefy soldier Abraham Ford. The episode was mostly spot on in my opinion, the walker attack on Terminus followed by the ensuing battle was done amazingly. My only gripe with the episode was the little to lack of character development for the cannibalistic inhabitants of Terminus, although a little flash back was shown of how they were been treated awfully, it wasn’t enough to convince me that that made them what they were now, hopefully future episodes will elaborate more on that. My favorite scene overall was seeing the union between Rick and Judith, his little baby that he thought had died and between Daryl(all hail) and Carol. Tyrese has also grown on me as well, as he was pushed to break his non violence oath when that one Terminus dude continually provokes him, to the extent of threatening sweet little Judith. Overall it was a solid season premiere and episode, and it was great to see the regulars again, Daryl(all hail) and Michonne with her new Darth Maul-esque wooden katana especially. The episode ends with a nice little cameo, I’m not gonna reveal who, but his name rhymes with Jordan.
I can’t wait for more episodes, and before the next episode, I will also post impressions of other tv shows that I’ve been watching recently, Gotham has been impressive so far, The Flash is going strong, I’m still not totally sold on Scorpion, but in the comedy realm I will recommend Blackish. It’s time to hit the hay, please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

Daily Prattle: An aMAZEing movie

Life is like a maze, only a few can find the Ariadne’s thread of hope that leads out of it. I was fortunate to watch the latest sci-fi young adult book adaptation titled The Maze Runner, I say fortunate because it took me personally a race to get to the theater, as there were two separate cinemas showing the movie and they were 20 minutes apart. I was with a friend and we first went to the closest theatre which turned out to be sold out, like really, SOLD OUT!!! I had been looking forward to this movie all week then a cinema attendee is just gonna tell me it’s full, instantly I checked the showtime for the movie at the next theatre, it was showing in 30 minutes and the location was 20 minutes(25 minutes if you count the slow tram movement at night). So this was a race against time, a popular term that was coined in my high school called clockstopping(quick definition: Clockstopping- the act of undergoing a quick and exponential rush to reach a destination on a very tight schedule with a lot at stake). So basically like for example, if you had to be at school at 8am and you just happen to wake up at 7:30am, now a mere mortal would consider it impossible to reach the 8am deadline, but that was not the case in my high school, there were many occasions were guys entered the shower at 7:30am and arrived at the school hall at 7:58am, mostly dressing up on the way. But after I left high school, the clockstopping ability in me was suppressed, but last night, the latent power was reawoken as I sprinted towards the next theatre, my poor friend was no match as he struggled to catch up. We got there on time with 4 minutes to spare, just to realize that the trailers actually took an additional 20 minutes, I MEAN 20 F!&KING MINUTES. I had just unlocked my clockstopping powers for no reason. It’s like Goku leveling up to super saiyan 3 just to realize that his opponent was an ant. Nevertheless we got to see the movie, and it was a mild surprise.

"I call dibs on that piece of cheese"

As for the movie, I must say The Maze Runner was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t really know what to expect from the movie, as I have not read the novels it’s adapted from. To be honest, I initially felt that it was just going to be a Hunger Games clone, but I must say that the movie held its own. The premise was pretty interesting and the acting was really impressive even for a movie filled with mostly youngsters. Dylan O’Brian really impressed as the lead, carefully standing out from his comedic role in Teen Wolf. Other actors like Will Poulter who was more known as the little brat in one of the Narnia movies really stood out as an opposing antagonist. The visual effects were also well done, the maze was visually stunning and beautifully claustrophobic. The only real gripe I had with the movie was the ending, so as not to spoil it, I will not explain what happens, other than that, I was entertained from the beginning to the end, and I was glad to see a lot of actual running in the maze at least. The movie also had some really dark scenes which I loved(not cause I’m a psycho or anything). Overall it was a entertaining movie experience that left me with cool puzzling questions has I left the theatre, and not frustrated over what I just watched in the past two hours unlike some other movies *ahemtransformersfour*. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for something to watch this week. So this concludes my post for today and as this weekend comes to an end, I wish you all a safe albeit frustrating Monday. Have you seen the Maze Runner and what did you think of it? Please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

"Who first?!*

Daily Prattle: A Hike of a Day

An innate paraplegic once said what’s the point of having legs if one doesn’t use them, then he looked up and said “how should I know”. This is quasi unrelated to my story today, giving that I have my two legs functioning properly, but then it would be pointless to not use them for what nature intended. Today I did a hike up the famous Citadel Van Boeda in Budapest(which was once a fort built by King Joseph Franz in……….you know what just google the rest) once again as I have made it a regular Saturday routine. That being said, it doesn’t get easier, some people have told me that I eventually get used to it, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I’ve always wondered how it would feel if I suddenly lost my legs or became paralyzed(I know it’s crazy, but s!&t happens). I know personally that I usually spend most of my days as a couch potato behind a laptop, and I know that if a wheelchair ridden person was to just watch me for one day, they would hurl curses upon curses from different deities on me for well not utilizing my tibia and fibula adequately. So that’s why I now try to get as much exercise as possible, even if for now it’s once a week.

Anyways back to my story for today, as I ascended the treacherous summit of the Citadel, I came across a shell game player, you know those quirky characters that host the game with the three cups and a ball, and then tell you to guess where the ball is. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money on me to participate, so I could only watch and occasionally help some random tourists, that was until I was told by the man hosting the game to kindly leave cause apparently I was helping the tourists a little too well. I reached the top and took a panoramic picture, the view was worth it, one could see the whole expanse of Budapest and even beyond. Buildings looked like LEGO masterpieces built by some Dungeons and Dragons super nerd. There also happen to be a marathon of some sort going on today, as I saw a ton of people in sweatsuits and number cards. When I got back from the Citadel on my way home, I just happen to come across a gold painted mime outside a Starbucks(yah I know, second time in a week, I guess I love me my frappachinos). I sat close by for a full fifteen minutes and this golden fellow barely flinched, I had to hand to him. Tourists kept on poking to see if he was even real. I couldn’t imagine getting an excruciating itch if I was in his place.

"Get that fly off my nose"

That was mostly what how my day went, and now I’m off to continue running albeit in a theatrical form, as I leave to go watch a screening of The Maze Runner. My message to you all, don’t stop running either physically or mentally, I went off my blogging for a while largely due to laziness, but then a random person read one of my post and commented on how much he liked it and how I should continue, he gave me the mental drive. Although it’s still a tussle for me to post or even continue my novels, eventually I believe I will get there. That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more ramblings and please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more. Till next time. Szia.

A view to kill for, or fall to die from

Daily Prattle: The Interweb Outrage

“The cost is worth the destruction”

There are two things I hate the most in this world, the devil and slow internet, I happen to be a victim of the latter in the past two days. Just two days, but in internet years, that’s a century. I had to leave my apartment and take a wallk down my street so I don’t run insane. On the bright side, I took a long ass 2km hike in the process, so I had that going for me, which was nice. Due to this momentary setback, I was unable to post anything. This got me thinking about what we would do now at this point in evolution where virtually everything is been done with the internet, if the internet was suddenly and abruptly shut down worldwide. Like for instance, what if a planet size EMP was to neutralize all electric sources in the world and the internet was to cease working immediately, what would you do? And how long can you last without internet access?

In line with an internet cessation, I ordered a novel recently through Amazon, and when I got it, I posted it on my social networking feeds out of excitement. Then I get a message from a friend of mine who teased me saying that paper books are a thing of the old, he was insinuating that eBooks were the mainstream now. I could understand where he was coming from, but for me nothing beats the fresh papyrus scented texture of a new book, and the slick feedback you receive while flipping the pages. But that’s just me, I do rely on the internet a lot, but I still prefer to read books physically. Everyone has that one antediluvian habit that they love doing irrespective of the cyber age we are in. For example, Tom Hanks has acknowledged his love for typewriters in interviews to the point that he even has a typewriting app on the app store(marvelously ironic isn’t it). This was just something I felt like getting off my chest, what about you? What primordial habit has stuck with you that you just can’t quit? I put my babblings to pause here for today. Stay tuned for more ramblings, I’m off to see the latest young adult novel adaptation titled The Maze Runner tomorrow, I’ve heard some interesting reviews and the movie also caught my attention, I would share my thoughts on the movie on my next post. Till next time. Szia.