Daily Prattle: Han Solo Down

Ahh it has been a long time once again since my last post, but I’m back from my hiatus to post more movie news. I had been working on a screenplay for a friend of mine, who is directing a short film. I’m also still writing a couple of short stories as well that I would upload shortly. Today I would like to talk about the Han Decker Indiana Solo’s near death experience, the buzz of a possible new Toy Story movie, and the unsheathing of a new Wolverine movie in the works.


Fans and family of the beloved Star Wars and Indiana Jones crooner were appalled to hear that Harrison Ford had been involved in a plane crash a couple of days ago and was reported to be in a critical condition. The 72 year old actor had been flying solo(no pun intended) when his plane encountered some issues and he had to make an emergency landing at a golf course. He survived the crash but was injured and wheeled away by paramedics. His son tweeted a post to confirm that Ford was in no critical condition. I was initially shocked to hear of the news and worried especially after already losing the Vulcan icon, Leonard Nimoy recently, I wish him a full recovery. If this had gone badly, that would not have boded well for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie and the future Star Wars movies.

"Flying Solo"



In a recent interview, John Lasseter, one of the heads at Disney’s animation department revealed that there are plans in the works for a new Toy Story movie. The news makes me a bit nervous cause I personally felt that the Toy Story trilogy wrapped up pretty perfectly. But the comments that Lasseter made quelled my cynicism, as they plan on focusing on a different group of toys which makes sense to me, as there is no point in dragging on the story between Andy, Woody and Buzz. It is also stated to be a romantic story that would focus on the interaction between the toys and the children. Although I wouldn’t mind a spinoff of Andy in his 420 college days whereBuzz could be his bong pipe and Woody could be his girlfriend’s favorite toy.

"Toys R More"


Director James Mangold has confirmed that the next Wolverine movie would start shooting in 2017 and the movie would focus on Logan played by Hugh Jackman and Professor Xavier played by Patrick Stewart as they go on an adventure together(although I am pretty sure it is not going to be a buddy roadtrip comedy). This would make it Hugh Jackman’s 11th appearance as the Wolverine, and I must say that the older he gets, the more he embraces the role of the Wolverine. But of course there is a limit to how many times he would be able to reprise the role, but till then I say as many Wolverine movies as possible. He is just an amazing character that can be used multiple to benefit any story. I look forward to the movie. Let me know which one of this news catches your attention the most. I would soon post my next short story. Till next time. Szia.

"I'm going to whip out more movies till I collapse"