Daily Dosage: Internet loving sharks

Ahoy mates, it’s been a really long time since I last sailed on the frothy sea of news with you all, my trusted crew and readers. I’ve been gone a while working on my novels and my first screenplay which I must say is no easy task. I’ve been working on some character developments and story concepts that I would be releasing in bits soon. Today I would be talking about Facebook’s new censor-esque policy, The Rock’s movie role dilemma, and a cybernetic appetite that particular formidable denizens of the sea have had a craving for. In light of the Hungarian flower festival, let’s get it on.

Various underwater video feeds have revealed that one of the causes of some internet hiccups in the past have been due to the sabotaging of undersea submarine cables by none other than sharks, that’s right aside from geolocation and slow data input, sharks are also a reason for impeded internet access, they’ve been seen gnawing on underwater cables for a long time now, the exact reason is still relatively unknown, but Google as been said to reinforce a couple of this submarine cables with steel wire armor. A theory could be an uprising revolt to the Shark Week show which could be displeasing to this undersea ferocious deep sea divers, so the next time your internet fumbles, feel free to blame Lenny from A Shark Tale.

"I'm hungry and CApaBLE"

Recently Facebook has been tagging specific news items with an apt [satire] print. The news articles tagged are mostly satire articles like The Onion, a whimsical and satirical news source that adapts actual news but blends it with a ton of fictitious comedy for a humorous effect, unfortunately a lot of people on the internet click on the links only to later discover that they are parody news and are subsequently infuriated by them. Due to a large number of complaints, Facebook has decided to tag such news forums in order to prevent the confusion. In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of this satirical news sources, but a lot of people that read the news nowadays don’t understand sarcasm like this so I can see the reason why Facebook would do such a thing, there have been mixed reactions to this, what are your thoughts?

Meanwhile in the world of movies, tons of comic book movie news have been circulating for a while, a particular one that has been for a while peaked my interest once more. In a previous interview, Dwayne The Rock Johnson hinted that he could be playing Shazam or Black Adam in an upcoming DC movie, but there was no confirmation and there still isn’t a confirmation, as the actor himself is on the fence on which character to play. I think he might Black Adam because this is not the first time that such rumors have arisen. But in hindsight, Shazam seems like a character that would fit Dwayne Johnson’s charismatic persona, but that means less screen time, as Shazam is actually a kid named Billy Batson that gets his powers and transforms into a fully grown man when he utters the word SHAZAM. Personally I would like to see him play Black Adam now since he would be entitled to more screen time and it fits easier to his racial background, Black Adam being dark skinned as well and it would be nice to see Dwayne Johnson play a villain. Either way both characters have their pros and cons and it is understandable why it could be a tough choice for Dwayne Johnson himself, I just hope he would hurry up with a decision though. Which character would like him to play. Let me know in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

"Shazam or Black Adam? That is the question"

Daily Dosage: A comedian passes on

It’s been a while since I uploaded anything on my blog, I’ve been currently working on my first screenplay and I just say that it is no easy task, I’ve also been working on expanding my novel universe and working on different story boards and concept arts. Today I would be talking about a dear comic actor that left this world too soon, a premature and unfortunate NASCAR accident and an ongoing project that would speed up our access to the internet exponentially. In light of Microsoft’s shaky video correction app, let’s get it on.

Yesterday, a comedian passed away, stand up comedian and comic actor Robin Williams was found dead in his apartment yesterday. The actor was 63 years of age when he passed on. The cause of death seems to be asphyxia through suicide, which shocked everyone as to what could cause the funny man to take his own life. Robin Williams had been reportedly battling alcoholism and depression for some time and it is a possible cause for his apparent suicide. An ongoing investigation is been carried out to find out more. Robin Williams was a fantastic actor known for his role in movies like Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Hook, Aladdin, Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Man of the Year, Night at the Museum and many more. He received an Academy Award win for his role as a therapist in Good Will Hunting. He had also appeared on TV shows like Mork and Mindy and the more recent The Crazy Ones. Robin Williams was an exceptionally talented actor and comedian that did nothing but put smiles in the faces of millions of people. He will be greatly missed.

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Google is currently working with 5 other large companies to create a submarine cable that would run from the US to Japan. There have been various submarine cables in the past and Google is planning on incorporating this project to the others, it is set to cost $300 million and would be operational in 2016. The submarine cable is projected to deliver 60 terabytes of data per second which is equivalent to 2000 uncompressed HD films per second, in order words, that’s a lot. This project would help boost the speed of the internet usage in various parts of the US and Japan, Globacom, a Nigerian based telecommunications company had built a submarine cable that connected Nigeria to the UK about two years ago, this could lead to a rise in submarine cables and faster internet access.

"Pirate bay anyone?"

NASCAR racing has been going on for years now and it has built a large audience of motor oil and checkered flag loving spectators, but just like any other high octane sport, it can be equally as deadly, recently Kevin Ward Jr, a 20 year old aspiring NASCAR driver was fatally wounded in a race. He was run over by a speeding car while he was standing on the track, a video released showed Kevin’s car spin out of control on the track and shows him get out of the car and onto the track, signaling to the oncoming vehicles, as an oncoming car narrowly misses him but a second car been driven by 3 time NASCAR winner, Tony Stewart collided with Kevin, knocking him over and killing him. This tragedy shook the world of NASCAR racing. Kevin Ward Jr was only 20 years of age when the accident occurred and he was an up and coming racer. The accident is been investigated in order to find out if any foul play was involved, Tony Stewart had cancelled his plans to compete in the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup and has been rumored to quit NASCAR racing permanently, my condolences go to the family of Kevin Ward Jr. That’s all the news I’ve got for today, which shocking news got you rattled, let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

"Left too soon"

Daily Dosage: Woman sues Facebook for $123 million

Its been a while since I last uploaded, finally after fully recovering from the hail of news from Comic Con, I can focus on my regular blogstyle. Today I would be talking about an upcoming biopic of a famous ear chewing boxer, a lawsuit of epic proportions and the creation of artificial photosynthesis. In light of the breach in the Israel-Gaza peace treaty and an abrupt end to the mindless violence, let’s get it on.

It was recently disclosed that an upcoming biopic chronicling the life of former boxing legend, Mike Tyson was underway, and an actor as been allegedly cast for the role, Jamie Foxx, who had portrayed Ray Charles in the biopic Ray that garnered him acclaim praise and an Oscar, is set to portray Mike Tyson in this biopic. Mike Tyson confirmed the news himself stating that due to the close age gap between him and Jamie Foxx, CGI would be used in order to showcase different stages of the boxer’s life similar to the technology used in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which featured the story of a man aging backwards from old to young. Mike Tyson also stated that Martin Scorsese would be involved with the project. Jamie Foxx himself had expressed interest in playing Iron Mike in previous interviews. However it is unclear which aspect of Mike Tyson’s life is going to be used as the source material for the movie. Mike Tyson was the youngest undisputed champion at his prime, he was convicted of rape in 1992 and he declared bankruptcy in 2003, his life has been extremely eventful and one can see why it would make for a great biopic. As for Jamie Foxx playing the character, I have no doubt whatsoever that the Oscar winner will deliver a fantastic performance. Terrence Winter, known for his works on Wolf of Wall Street and Boardwalk Empire is also rumored to pen the script for this movie as well. What do you think of this biopic? Mike Tyson also revealed at Comic Con his new TV show titled Mike Tyson Mysteries which would air on Adult Swim, this could be a turning point in the life of Iron Mike.

"I'm currently sharpening my teeth for the role"

Meryen Ali, a Texan woman is reportedly suing Facebook for a whooping sum of $123 million for damages in a fake profile that was created by a former friend, Adeel Shah Khan. The friend was said to have photoshopped Meryen’s face on nude bodies and posted it on Facebook under a false profile. This is one reason I don’t linger around Facebook for too long. Meryen was notified by her family members who saw the pictures. She has then filed a lawsuit against Facebook for their negligence in removing the profile on time. The $123 million suit is allegedly coined from 10 cents for every Facebook subscription to her fake page which was a total of 1.23 million subscribers. This is a ridiculous amount of money to sue Facebook for, but then again this is the kind of world we currently live in. The case is still ongoing, what are your thoughts?

"Show me the money"

A student from the Royal College of Arts has invented an artificial leaf, now it’s not just a fancy leaf for ornamental purposes, this leaf is said to be able to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen much like a regular leaf. This is pretty mind blowing as this can help boost space exploration, cause at the moment astronauts that venture into space have a limited voyage due to the small reserve of oxygen, but with this new technology, the amount of oxygen produced can be doubled effectively boosting the time limit of space travels. The photosynthetic robotic leaf could also improve greenery on Earth. Artificial hydroponics can be built to sustain them in specific locations and help with the problem of global warming(Or it could become self aware and evolve to Skynet and then eventually wipe out humanity, but that’s just a possibility). Either way, this new piece of technology would help scientists discover more and improve our lifestyle. What are your thoughts on the robotic leaf? Please feel free to sound off in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.

"Leafing on a prayer"