Character Profile : Code Red

By the time Jarvis was eighteen years of age, he had mastered various weapons, 9mm  suppressed glock pistols being his favorite. His uncle, Javier was about to send him on his first assassination mission. He was to execute Antonio DeMario, who was one of Rodriguez’s henchmen. Antonio owned a local nightclub. He was the sixth founder of the Scorpion Sting cartel, ultimately making him the least important. Jarvis had decided to take him out first as a sign to Bastion and the rest of the cartel.

Character Profile : Code Red

Jarvis was only seven years when he witnessed the deaths of his parents at the hand of Bastion Rodriguez, the head of the Scorpion Sting cartel. He was then adopted by his uncle, Javier Escoba. He trained Jarvis in both physical and mental endeavors. By the time Jarvis was fourteen years of age, he was an expert in martial arts and human psychology. He had learnt the various pressure points of the human anatomy. Once at his school, he simply touched the neck of an obnoxious classmate who kept on teasing him about his deceased parents. The poor kid couldn’t nod his atlas for the next three months.
To Be Continued

Character profile : Code Red

Code Red is another one of my working titles which is based upon a four-man squad of highly trained mercenaries who are famous for their explicit and covert operations. They also have to face various assassins and mercenaries throughout their expeditions. The squad is called the ghost squad as the characters possess various abilities with the help of advanced nanotechnology. Today, I will be uploading the first character of the squad.

Code Name: Specter

Real Name : Jarvis Escoba

Weapon of choice : Glock silencers

Ability : Intangibility

Origin : Mexico

Life History : Jarvis was born to Mexican parents Darius and Eva Escoba in Cancun, Mexico. His father’s alleged  work was travel agency but unknown to Jarvis, his father was a retired assassin for the Scorpion Sting, a very powerful drug cartel that ran half of Mexico’s illegal activities. Darius retired and settled down to marry Eva and had two sons Juan and Jarvis. Darius then decided to sell out the Scorpion Sting cartel to the P.R.O.B.E. a global law enforcing unit.

To Be Continued

New blogging style

Hello dear readers, so I have come up with a perfect way to keep my blogging practices constant with my school studies. So i have decided to upload excerpts from my novels weekly, although i will upload various character profiles from my different novels daily. Remember that i am open to various ideas and suggestions and even character profiles. Regards hybridbooks.

Back from the long break

I really apologize to all for the long break, school has been really tasking. But the upside of that is that I have rallied some more ideas for my future novels.

My new novel is still a working title but it is loosely based on the survivalist genre. A group of explorers stumble across an uncharted island where they encounter a long lost temple and hidden civilization, now they must do all they can to ensure their survival.

A second novel i have been working on is The Phantom Labourer, which revolves around a young man who discovers that he is precognitive and must learn to use his powers for good or suffer some dire consequences, meanwhile he realizes that he is not the only one with special powers.

i am still writing some of my novels on paper as I am open to suggestions. I am going to frequently put up different characters from my novel and i will be open to any opinions.