Pop Preference: Goldfish

When it comes to music, I don’t particularly have a favorite band or singer or genre, I’m more of a passive listener, I listen to various forms of music and genres. But there are occasions when I hear a particular band and I instantly fall in love with their music to the extent that I get an earworm of their delightful ditty. Today I would like to talk about a particular South African band named Goldfish, they might not be very popular but I put their songs on replay day after day and I can’t seem to get enough. A reason I’m writing this post is to get other people to jam to their tunes as much as I do, they are unbelievably good. I will delve into a brief history of the band, I will highlight my favorite songs from them and issue my recommendations. I hope you all listen to their music when I’m done and please give me a feedback as to what you think about their songs. I would also provide some links to some of their songs. Without further delay, let’s get it on. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to any of their songs, I just love them.

Goldfish is an electronic and dance music group that is from Cape Town, South Africa, it consists of two guys namely Dominic Peters and David Poole. They released their first album in 2006, titled Caught in the Loop, then they went on to release their next album, Perception of Pacha in 2008, which contained amazing tracks like Fort Knox, Are You Lulu, Soundtracks and Comebacks and my all time favorite, Hold Tight which is a 7 minute jam of jazz and saxophone used to perfection. 2010 saw the release of their next album titled, Get Busy Living, which contained amazing tunes like Crunchy Joe, We Come Together, Get Busy Living and much more. I actually got familiar with their music from a Nike+ app which featured their songs Washing Over Me which is part of the tracks in their 2012 eponymous album, Goldfish which featured remixed versions of their previous tracks as well new ones like Woman’s a Devil. Their most recent songs are One Million Views and Three Seconds Memory which are featured in their latest album titled Three Seconds Memory which was released in 2013.

The iconic goldfish logo

Goldfish is also known for their comedic and animated music videos which usually feature tons of pop culture references like in One Million Views, which was a parody of current DJs like Deadmaus, Skrillex, Daft Punk and so on. The titular goldfish itself is the band’s icon and it is usually featured in most of their videos, at times with connecting stories and recurring characters. Their primary tone that can be heard in most of their songs is the jazz usually mixed in with saxophones and flutes. They also blend African music and double bass to give off dance vibes in their songs.

The mascot of the band which is an orange goldfish has appeared in most of their music videos, either messing with history through the use of a time machine in Washing Over Me or interfering with YouTube videos in Woman’s a Devil or going back to the roots of music in One Million Views. The goldfish never fails to deliver laughs and convey a story plot. He also seems to have a rival which is an anthropomorphic dog that tries to ruin the goldfish’s day. This gives the band’s music videos more depth and familiarity. Although I don’t really know the origins of the goldfish and why the band chose to use it as their mascot, but I’m curious to find out.

Goldfish is a very entertaining music band that deliver smooth jazz inspired music that will make your body move irrespective of command. I sincerely urge you all to give their music a listen and I promise you won’t be disppointed. If you are into electronic and dance songs, then I strongly urge that you listen to them. Their latest track so far is Moonwalk Away. Here are a couple of recommendations that I can offer to listen to as these are among my favorites.
-Soundtracks and Comebacks
-We Come Together
-Fort Knox
-One Million Views
-Washing Over Me
-Hold Tight
That’s all I can say about Goldfish, I would posts another band that I have interest in and that I think you should check out. Till next time. Szia.