Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere first impression

Amidst my chaotic exam period, I managed to snag this little gem a couple of days ago. I had originally planned to upload this post shortly after the release of the trailer but I was distracted by school work. Nevertheless I decided that I would still talk about the Captain America Civil War trailer no matter how late. Make sure to check out the trailer and read my thoughts on it. The trailer opens with a scene synonymous to the end credits scene from the Ant Man movie with Bucky Barnes being questioned by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson as it becomes apparent to the latter that Bucky had gotten his memories back. The trailer also chronicles the return of Thunderbolt Ross from the Incredible Hulk movie, talking to Steve Rogers and stating that his heroic acts tend more towards vigilantism and advises him to stand down. Black Widow also calls Steve to give him the same warning. We also get a glimpse of the “accords” which seem to play a pivotal role in driving the main plot of the movie. The story of the movie seems to follow its comic book counterpart whereas in the comic due to a superhero stunt gone bad which leads to a massive loss of lives, the government passes a law demanding that all superheroes reveal their identities and succumb to a registered act leading to a fracture among the superheroes as a portion support the notion and another portion oppose. The movie would be adapting the story plot but with a slight change been the Sokovia Accords which is a law that calls for the accountability of every superhero due to the massive collateral damage that they inflicted in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Clearly this law fractures the Avengers as Captain America and the Falcon oppose this law and see it as a means of suppression. Iron Man supports the notion and is sent to bring in the Captain. This evidently leads to the civil war and creates the basis of the movie.

The trailer really does a good job of giving us an idea of what it is going to be about. One thing I really like about the movie and didn’t expect was the use of Bucky as secondary driving point. After his sheningans in The Winter Soldier, he is hunted down by the government for his crimes, something Steve Rogers is clearly not a fan of, as he proceeds to defend his friend. Another nice surprise that came with the trailer was the reveal of Black Panther in his sleek black outfit. We get three shots of him and I can’t wait to see more in future trailers with further details of his involvement in the movie, but my guess would be that the Accords were affecting the state of his home country of Wakanda. The trailer shows us some really amazing fight sequences and a glimpse of who is on who’s team. We see Iron Man and War Machine on one side and then Captain America, Falcon, Bucky, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch on the other. I am guessing that future trailers will reveal more characters and showcase who’s side they are on. Ant Man and Spider Man were missing from the trailer which I’m guessing is also been kept for future reveals. Another really splendid aspect of the trailer was the dialogue with a particular one between Captain America and Iron Man where the former stated that he is fighting back in order to aid his friend(Bucky) to which Tony Stark replies ‘So was I’. That line really struck a chord as it presents trailer with the emotional depth that we are to expect from the upcoming movie. Finally my absolutely favorite part of the trailer has to be the last scene where Captain America and Bucky are tag teaming against Iron Man. It was a beautiful well shot scene that shows both the former passing the shield to each other in an effort to knock down Iron Man. Overall I loved the sombre tone of the trailer as it was similar to that of Age of Ultron(although not the Avengers sequel that I had hoped for). This was an excellent trailer and with the Russo brothers directing this movie as well(The Winter Soldier is my second favorite Marvel movie), I am very optimistic of the final product. I look forward to more trailers and information.

What did you think of the trailer? What did you love the most or dislike? Let me know in the comment section below. Right now I am busy with exams and working on my next short story which I will upload once it’s done. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe for more contents. Till next time. Szia.

Assimulation part 3

Hello readers, I am back to continue the story of the post that I started earlier last week, if you are not caught up, you can simply check my last couple of uploads to see where the story begins.


 Steve Bulman was a miserable man, he was just coming off a bitter divorce settlement. He had virtually no friends, his alcoholic behavior, which was the main cause for his divorce also propagated his termination from his workplace. Steve usually stayed at his home all day, a house that he was soon going to lose to his divorced wife. He had a severance check which he had been living on for the past couple of months. The only place Steve found solace in was at the 8-Bit Cafe which he frequented very often, spending nearly the entire day there. At times he played video games till closing and had to be coerced to go home. Steve had become increasingly depressed and he couldn’t escape his drinking vice no matter how much he tried, and due to the lack of friends and family, he lacked the appropriate therapy to rehabilitate himself. On this fateful day at the cafe where Damian had just beaten Battleshard, Steve was in an adjacent room playing a game like he always did. He had been spending way too much time at a screen and had become absent minded of his health. He couldn’t afford doctor appointments anymore and neglected to stay healthy, becoming oblivious to his weakening heart which was due to his excessive junk food intake without any form of exercise.

Steve had played almost all the games at the cafe and was looking for something more immersive. The cafe had just launched a new horror game titled Anguish. It involved the player wearing a neural link helmet which projected the surrounding of the game around them which took place in an abandoned mining cave swarming with monsters for total immersion. Players had to run and hide from the monsters in the game as the virtual reality was extremely realistic. Steve decided to give the game a go despite the warning of the graphic and disturbing contents. He hooked the neural link helmet to his head and started the game, no one else was in the room at the moment as they were all in the other room lifting up and praising Damian for his victory. Steve couldn’t be bothered, he simply wanted to continue his mundane lifestyle. He started the game and began descending down the virtual tunnel of the cave when suddenly “GRAWR”. A horned long fanged monster lunged at him, Steve shrieked like an earthworm that had been dumped in a vat of salt, he stumbled back yelling as he took the neural link helmet off his head and tossed it across the room. His heart started racing non stop as he began hyper ventilating. He grabs his chest feeling his heart pound furiously at his rib-cage. His eyes whitened as he came to a dreadful realization. He was going into cardiac arrest. The sudden jump scare had spiked his blood pressure and clogged his heart, he grasped his chest in excruciating pain yelling for help. Unfortunately no one was nearby to hear his incoherent plea. Steve’s eyes rolled back as he laid fully prone on his back, writhing in pain with his mouth wide open. His body eventually went still as he became motionless, never to rise again.

Damian was smiling gleefully as he enjoyed every single minute of his new found fame. He was seated down with a makeshift wreath of leaves on his head. He was glad to be finally getting some recognition for something that he genuinely loved. He was still bathing in his aura of glory when he heard a loud cry from an adjacent room. He ran towards the noise and saw some people gathered in front of the door.
“What happened? ” he asked a nearby person.
“They found a dead body in this gaming room”, the stranger replied “He seemed to have died from a heart attack while playing Anguish”.
“Damn, the game literally scared him to death”, another person muttered.
A couple of paramedics rushed in shortly after with a gurney, as they whisked the lifeless body away. A duo of suited personnels approached the room as well, whispering in hush tones to each other. Damian eavesdropped on their conversation and made out one prime sentence.
“What a PR nightmare”.

Steve’s lifeless body was placed on a metal slab surrounded by tons of medical equipment and fiber wires. Two suited men were also present in the room overlooking his corpse.
“How could this have happened?”, said the first man “This will destroy our reputation and Anguish will be boycotted”
“Don’t give up just yet Harold”, replied the second man “There might still be hope, remember our old project?”
“You can’t possibly be serious?” Harold retorted “James we never fully tested the project before its annulment”
“That’s true, however we never even tested it to know if it was going to succeed or not”
“We can’t just plug a random A. I. into an empty body”, Harold bellowed “We don’t know the repercussions, we will be tampering with technology that we have no control over”.
“But what do we have to lose, Harold if we install an A. I. into his body, we can claim that he didn’t die here”, James stated.
“But if the A. I. fails he would become lifeless again”
“Well then at least he doesn’t DIE here”, James said with a smirk.
“You do have a point, we can’t have the media and the public thinking that our games can physically hurt people, the blow back will be ridiculous”
“Exactly my point, we will just locate the right A. I. and integrate it into his corpse”
“Alright James, prepare the body for assimulation, but ensure that it’s the right A. I.” Harold stated firmly.
The two men gestured to some medics in the room, giving them instructions. The lab coated men moved towards Steve’s corpse and began the operation. They were going to install a random computer program into the body of Steve, which will give the impression that he survived the heart attack, hereby saving the cafe from any form of prosecution charges. All they needed was for the A. I. program to function properly for a couple of days after he would have returned home.
“We can’t afford to lose Anguish due to this”, James muttered “This guy was a ticking time bomb anyways, he had a very unhealthy lifestyle”.

Deep down in the virtual nexus, in the realm of 1s and 0s, on the binary landscape of algorithms. A certain program began to materialize out of thin air. Piece by piece its pixelated body started to take a humanoid shape. The digital creature stumbled for a while before getting into its full form. Its green leathery skin tensed and its eyes glowed red as it wore a wry smile.
“It feels good to be resurrected”, Xanthus Nazir said with a devious smirk. He had felt the gaming system being plugged to an outer source, so he willed himself back into existence(with extreme effort). He looked up and saw a lot of pixelated data being swept into a portal. Xanthus hops on the digital wave and surfs his way into the portal.
Steve opened his eyes, he tried moving but realized that he had been strapped to a metal slab while been observed by two suited men.
“It worked, it was a success”, the first man exclaimed “OK do not freak out, my name is Harold and this is my partner James” gesturing to the other suited man “You experienced a near fatal heart attack, but don’t worry you were saved in the nick of time”
“How are you feeling now Steve?”, James asked.
“Oh I’m feeling wonderful”, Steve replied with a devious smile as his eyes glowed red “Never been better”.

Assimulation part 2

This is a continuation of my last story that I uploaded some days ago, I will be posting the rest of the story today, if you are not caught up, simply check the last post that I uploaded. Make sure to stay tuned for even more tales after this upload, as I will be sharing more of my independent stories. Right now I’m writing exams and playing Fallout 4(the latter of which I clearly  prefer) so I might not upload as often but I will put out materials nevertheless. Please don’t forget to rate and comment below. Let’s get it on.


On this fateful day, Damian had waltzed into the 8-Bit Cafe like any other day but he was gleaming with joy as he realized that today was the official launch of a new video game he had been anticipating titled Battleshard: Age of the Crusade, which was a game that took place in a medieval like world from the 12th century, but in this timeline humanity had advanced spontaneously due to their exposure to alien spacecrafts that had crashed into various spots around the world. Humans came in contact with the alien technology on board the spacecrafts which led to an astronomical evolution in human medieval warfare. Due to this premature exposure to high class technology, guns and bombs were never invented as humans merely advanced their suits of armor and fought with futuristic swords and shields. Eventually humanity realized that the spaceships had not appeared by accident but rather they had been ominously sent in order to interfere with the cultural development of the then antediluvian human race so as to breed them for galactic warfare. Unfortunately the plan backfired as humans gained advanced intelligence more than the aliens had anticipated, thus leading to an all out galactic battle between humanity and the alien race for survival. The game featured a nameless protagonist controlled by a random player as they lead humanity on a celestial crusade to defeat the aliens and their supreme leader Xanthus Nazir.

The game launched and became an instant hit at the cafe but no one could ever complete the game by defeating the final boss Xanthus Nazir and this was mainly because the game developers gave the character a fully functioning A.I. equipped with self awareness. Standing at a height of 8 feet with bared fangs and glowing red eyes. He had a green leathery skin and maleficent horns that were straight from a horror movie, Xanthus wasn’t just another computer program but a fully aware entity capable of making his own decisions and predicting various outcomes on his own. As a precaution, Battleshard was not connected to the internet in any way(as future engineers had learnt from Terminator and Avengers: Age of Ultron) in order to prevent the program from attempting world domination. Multiple firewalls were also set up with the goal of preventing Xanthus from exiting the game via a different source. Xanthus was created to be a self loathing, bigoted and narcissistic alien overlord. He was programmed to hate humans more than anything possible which contributed to the difficulty of his character in the game as he viewed the players as a genuine threat to his alien race. Xanthus was unaware of the fact that he was simply a bunch of digital codes strewn together by game designers. His false sense of self awareness was also the reason no player could ever beat him as he didn’t need to adhere to any preordained algorithms. His thoughts were purely of his own making and this enabled him to cheat during battles with different players and he could also recognize returning players which made him hardly drop his guard. Damian tried his hands at the game but ultimately failed like everyone else, he became obsessed with defeating Xanthus and completing the game. The game was played by having a person wear a form of mesh helmet that acted as a neural interface that projected the mind of the player into the game so they controlled their every move by thought. People were also still granted the option of the traditional joysticks but this method proved to be significantly harder and more outdated. Damian went regularly to the cafe, trying his best to defeat Xanthus and complete the game, but to no avail. However this did not deter Damian from trying profusely and practicing vehemently to succeed.

Eventually Damian grew relentless and kept on playing the game until a certain day when he dealt a significant amount of damage on Xanthus. Due to Damian’s tenacity in trying to beat the game, he had garnered an audience who came to see him day in day out try and defeat Xanthus. He had grown a small fanbase of supporters. But on this fateful day, they got what they had been waiting for as Damian had been playing the game for over a month now and even though Xanthus’ moves and abilities were unpredictable, he had learnt to face Xanthus as a human rather than a computer program. During the final moments of the intense battle, Xanthus noticed his health fall short.
“You filthy human scum”, Xanthus quipped “you seem to be doing more damage than previously observed, but you shall be no match for the great and vile Xanthus” (as he addresses himself in the third person obviously).
“Well this human filth seems to be ending your miserable tyrannical rule once and for all”, retorted Damian.
That seemed to irk Xanthus enormously as he flew in rage towards Damian’s avatar, sword drawn which was exactly what Damian was counting on. Due to the fact that Xanthus was programmed as a fully conscious A. I. and not a digital husk, that meant that he exhumed emotions just like a regular human. Damian had pissed off Xanthus into dropping his guard and attacking head on. Xanthus swung his blade which Damian parried effortlessly before lodging a small nasty surprise into Xanthus’ right side. ‘THUCK’ Xanthus looked down at his torso, a small black dagger protruded from his right abdomen. Everyone in the cafe roared in excitement at what they had just seen, nobody had ever gotten so close to inflict any damage on Xanthus before. This also caught the vile ruler by surprise as he watched green ooze trickle down the hilt of the dagger.
“Is…….that….is that….my…..blo….blood”, Xanthus said with a lump in his throat.
He had never been harmed before by any of the previous players, this was the first time that he was feeling pain and it made him uneasy. Damian noticed the confusion on his face and said.
“That’s right, it’s called pain, you bozo”
As Xanthus stayed stunned, Damian swung his blade and slashed off Xanthus’ right arm.
“AARGH”, Xanthus bellowed in pain.
He clasped his right stump, writhing in agony as his right shoulder oozed more green blood.
“My kingdom, my rule, how dare you strike the great Xanthus, I was unstoppable, what went wrong?”
Damian stared at him and felt a little pang of pity, he was looking at a computer program that was made to believe he was real. Xanthus looked up at Damian and watched as he plunged his blade into his royal heart. Xanthus closed his eyes as he felt the life ebb away from his cusp. He was thinking of the kingdom that he had just lost when he noticed something, his body started to disintegrate into tiny white cubes. He stared in horror as he realized the terrifying truth. He wasn’t real, he was merely a bundle of digital codes. He didn’t come from an alien planet. He wasn’t a tyrannical ruler, just a cluster of binary numbers sewn together for the pleasure of people to battle and entertain themselves.
“No….Nononono this can be, I am Xanthus, the tyr……”

His voice trailed off as he de-materialized into nothingness. Damian stared in awe, he couldn’t believe that he had finally defeated Xanthus and won the game. He had completed Battleshard. People in the cafe went mad with excitement as they lifted him up as the crown champion and paraded him around the cafe on a makeshift golden chair. He was crowned with a wreath of leaves like an Olympian. He had finally accomplished his goal.
But deep down in the digital depths of Battleshard, in the virtual habitation of existence. A faint humanoid, green skinned shape flickered for a couple of seconds. It’s red eyes shown for a while before it faded back into obscurity.



Hello fellow readers, Its been a busy week and I have been working on various school projects. Today I would be posting another short story that I just recently worked on. The title is Assimulation and it focuses on the obsession and over reliance of society on technology and also the possible repercussion that can occur due to the meddling with power and technology that we don’t fully understand. I decided to use one of my favorite entertainment mediums(which is video gaming) as a plot to drive the story. Let me know what you think of the story and comment below.


The year is 2062, technology had become so hackneyed that there was almost an application or technical alternative for everything. Smart houses were ubiquitous with urban areas. People didn’t need to go out anymore as food could be ordered and flown in by drone to virtually any part of the world. Gyms became irrelevant as most houses came fully equipped with gym equipment. Shopping malls were no longer needed cause food ingredients and household products were easily transported via quantum entanglement. Scientists had finally cracked teleportation but could only send non-sentient objects through portals. Items that were to be teleported had to be wrapped in a special cling film material made from a mixture of silicone and mercury as the teleportation process could rip apart the atoms of anything that wasn’t concealed. Unfortunately humans and animals reacted violently after passing through the O.T.I.S.(Object Teleporting Items Somewhere)teleportation pods as it drove them insane. No one went to the cinemas anymore, Viewster which was a movie watching application came installed in most Smart houses. Basically human interaction was on very slow decline, most people stopped going to bars altogether, there were services that provided bar or club simulations were people could talk to holograms of others from their homes, and if two people fancied each other, they had to do was use the Transapiens Line which was a network of transportation lines that housed small hover-cars that would transport people from one location to another without having to step out of their houses as the Transapiens Lines were usually connected to the basements of the Smart houses. Education had become fully home based as most kids were tutored from their houses via interactive screens. No one walked in gardens or went hiking anymore as holographic simulations had been invented to replace the actual activities.

The world population had degraded slowly due to the lack of sexual activities amongst people, most people lived a very agoraphobic lifestyle and preferred digital sexual reliefs. Virtual sexuality had been legalized, there were digitized and over sexualized poly-morphs that could be bought(via drone or O.T.I.S. of course). They were mannequins that were made of synthetic skin which could be purchased and once they had been bought, the owner could install a particular digital program either for a Latino character or a red head and then the poly-morphs which were called S.A.R.A.(Sexually Accessible Robotic Android) would morph into a 3D sculpture of the desired male or female stereotype which the buyer could have sex with it. Videogames introverted people further, online play became the only available option, nobody went to friends’ houses to have a friendly game session anymore. Telecommunications had also taking an astronomical step further, as people didn’t need phones to communicate but rather had a Smart watch that could project the hologram of the receiver on the other end of the line on any surface. All this lack of human interaction was what led to the creation of the 8-Bit Cafe, an interactive social gathering spot where all the games were local play only so they couldn’t be played online and none of the games were for sale. The presence of the 8-Bit Cafe prompted people to leave their abode and come play videogames at the cafe. Slowly people began to appreciate the social life as they had a place to interact with each other. People flocked left and right as they tried different game booths that each contained their own gaming console. The 8-Bit Cafe has been running for over ten years. The cafe was also home to the annual gaming tournaments for games like Thralldom and Wardom 2099. Competitors would battle each other in these games and the winner would walk away with a bountiful monetary prize. The cafe wasn’t just a gaming hub, it was also a cafe as indicated that served gaming themed confectioneries like the noob cake and the frag eclair. 8-Bit Cafe also doubled as a very reliable social spot for people to converge and discuss various topics and engage in conversations, inside the cafe no one obsessed over their gadgets like phones or tablets. It was a simple concept that yielded enormous results.

This vicinity also happen to be Damian Walsh’s favorite spot to hang out. Damian had been visiting the cafe for nearly eight years and it was the one place where he could meet people of similar personalities like him and he never had to hide his geeky background and introverted persona. Damian had never been very sportive in high school, he was very neurotic and shy in public. His life mostly revolved around comic books and sci-fi novels. He was a huge fan of the early 21st century which featured relics like the vinyl recorder, the radio, the television, DVDs etc. After the technology take over, all these became obsolete. Damian would occasionally watch old video recordings from the early 2000s and fantasize about life then. As a 21 year old man, his life wasn’t completely hopeless, he worked as a paralegal at a major firm and his mother was a successful online marketer. Nevertheless, he missed the life of the old 21st century, he would watch video clips of people going to theme parks, taking strolls by the lake,drinking shots at bars, going to school for classes, basking in the sunlight at the beach and many more. But when the 8-Bit Cafe launched, he loved the idea and frequented the cafe very often, participating in weekly tournaments. He had heard of a new game being released at the cafe titled Battleshard: Age of the Crusade. Damian had been anticipating this game release for a long time and was finally pleased to hear of its official release. He smiles putting on his best attire and walks into the cafe to try out this new game, unaware of the adventure that awaited him.


Daily Prattle: A crafty war approaches

Hey there fellow readers, once again I’m back on the wagon and intend to keep it frequent. I am going to continue posting short stories as often as I can but in the mean time I am also going to resume my daily prattle where I talk about the most interesting entertainment news of the past days. Over the weekend I ventured into the cinema to see the latest James Bond movie titled Spectre, I would be uploading my review of the movie pretty soon. Today I would be talking about two new movie trailers, one that might hopefully alter the perception of video game movies and the other a sequel to a presidential action packed film( nope not the actual presidential elections) and I will also be talking about set photos from a certain mystical Marvel movie. Let’s get it on.


Over the weekend, the first feature length trailer for the highly anticipated fantasy video game based movie Warcraft was released. I remember hearing news of the trailer’s release a full week before which prompted my friends and I to anticipate the eventual reveal of the trailer and I must say, we blew our collective sphincters due to excitement as I loved the trailer. To be honest, I never played the World of Warcraft games extensively but only for a short while, nevertheless I had been always invested in its lore. The trailer gave me a Lord of the Rings meets Planet of the Apes vibe which is not a bad vibe at all. I know very little of the source material and judging merely from this gorgeous trailer, I get a glimmer of hope that video game movies can finally have a place at the cinematic stage. Just like how X-Men and Spiderman pioneered the age of great comic book movies, I do have faith that Warcraft is the video game movie that would open the way to an influx of good video game movies. Assassins Creed is another video game movie slated to be released next year, and with the good publicity behind these movies combined with a good direction, the success of the movies can be the portal to other planned and cancelled video game movie projects like Bioshock, Uncharted, Infamous etc. Overall I loved the first trailer even though trailers can be sometimes misleading(ahem…….suckerpunch…..), I look forward to seeing Warcraft in the theater next year and hopefully it can break the curse of bad video game movie adaptations. Let me know what you guys think of the trailer which I will post below and any hardcore fans should feel free to fill me in on the lore of the game and their opinions. Which video game would you like to see on the big screen?


While on the topics of trailers, another particular movie preview that dropped over the weekend was the sequel to the 2013 action thriller Olympus Has Fallen which has been aptly titled London Has Fallen. Personally I was moderately surprised at the first movie as I wasn’t expecting that much from it, although ultimately I must agree that I was entertained by the action scenes and performances even though it had a cliche story. With that been said I do not care too much for the upcoming sequel as I see it as unnecessary. Guaranteed a sequel does make sense financially as the movie was able to make back double of its original 70 million dollar budget. The first movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua(Training Day, Southpaw) which was one of the main reasons I saw the movie as Fuqua is known for directing brilliant action movies. He doesn’t return to direct the sequel, which initially worried me but seeing the new director Babak Nafaji(I know he is relatively unknown to me as well) has worked on the Banshee TV series(amazing action show by the way) gives me some hope that at least the action scenes will be well shot. Overall I did mildly enjoy the trailer and I am definitely going to check it out(and look forward to the next potential sequel “Kremlin Has Fallen”). The link to the trailer is below, I must say the makers of the trailer missed a chance to play the London bridge is falling down theme song. What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for this movie? Let me know what you think.


Pictures were released last week entailing photos of Benedict Cumberbatch on set in Nepal currently shooting the upcoming Marvel movie Dr Strange. The movie follows the story of Stephen Strange(Benedict) a successful neurosurgeon who gets involved in a car accident that ruins his career, he then sets out on a journey of healing where he encounters the Ancient One(Tilda Swinton). The movie is been directed by Scott Derrickson known for his sinister work in Sinister(ok pun totally intended). When I heard of the plans to produce this movie, it gladdened me as it would mean that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be moving into the realm of magic, hereby further expanding the MCU  as a whole much like what Guardians of the Galaxy did with the cosmic universe. I’m not very familiar with the source material, I have read some Dr Strange comics in the past and I must say that the character has some of the most bizarre story lines and concepts which will be exciting to see on the big screen. Other actors that would appear in the movie are Tilda Swinton(she is a chameleon in most of her performances), Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams, with their combined acting prowess I am assured of a phenomenal performance all around. It would be very interesting to see how the studio handles the concept of magic. Overall I am very excited to see the end result next year in theaters. What do you think of this strange news(couldn’t resist that one). Are you excited for this upcoming movie. Which other surreal Marvel property would you like to see the MCU tackle next?

“Oh Watson, how much did I drink last night?”

What do you think of everything, sound off in the comment section and feel free to air your opinions. That’s all for now. Till next time. Szia.

The Plight of a Superhero part 2

Hello fellow readers, it feels great to be back at the keyboard and typing once more. Today I would be writing the conclusion to the story of the other half I posted earlier. If you aren’t caught up, you can se the first part through this link


Marcus awakens yet again at the military infirmary, his body had been fully healed and he was prone on a metal gurney as he heard mutters in the room behind him.

“How could this have happened?”

Marcus was able to make out most of the words been uttered behind the wall thanks to his super hearing.

“This has got to be the dumbest way that he has died”, General Morales said, arms crossed.

“Well you can’t really blame him, no one could have anticipated a trap like that”, Arnold replied.

“He has become extraordinarily careless, he has been dying way too often recently”, retorted Morales “This is the fifth clone that we have activated this week alone”.

Marcus’ eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard, his temperature spiked due to what he had heard, he decided to calm himself and listen some more.

“Don’t worry sir, we will keep on making as many stable clones as possible”, Arnold stated.

“The budget won’t run forever, Arnold, we have to ensure that he is more capable and cautious in the field”

Marcus’ nerves tensed, he had heard enough and with one large swoop, he leaps from the gurney and bursts through the wall on an unsuspecting General Morales and terrified Arnold.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!”, Marcus demanded “AM I A CLONE?!”

“Keep calm Marcus, you are under some dure…..”

“YOU TELL ME THE TRUTH NOW?!”, Marcus bellowed as he interrupted General Morales, his eyes turned deep red as he started hyperventilating.

Arnold quickly pushes a panic button that was embedded in his shirt, shortly after a dozen of armor cladded soldiers wielding guns rush in. Marcus stares at Arnold with pure rage and states

“I trusted you”

“Listen Marcus, give me time to explain”

“NO MORE LIES!!!”, Marcus shrieks.

The first four guards open fire on Marcus, but he dodges the hail of bullets effortlessly and pummels the first guard into the wall. He then dashes at super speed to the next two guards and smashes their heads together, knocking them out. Marcus inhales a large volume air and blows away the next three guards out of the room. The remaining guards continue to fire at Marcus, some of the bullets ricochet off his tough skin but some of them manage to pierce his skin. Marcus carries a metal gurney close by and hurls it at the next two guards, knocking the wind out of them. One of the guards fires a high tension taser at Marcus that stunned him and knocked him to the ground. The last four guards then proceed to surround him with electric batons and repeatedly beat Marcus to the ground. Marcus was hurting as the guards continue to beat him.

“I SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH”, Marcus yelled and with that he rises from his fallen position and grabs two guards by their necks, snapping them like dried twigs in summer. The last two guards winced at what they saw before Marcus kicks one of them up to the ceiling. The last guard noticing that all his allies had been incapacitated tries to make a run for it, before Marcus grabs him and demands.

“Where are Morales and Quill?”

The guard squealed like a piglet at a slaughterhouse and directed Marcus towards the bunker where Morales and Quill had escaped to while Marcus battled the guards. Marcus knocks the guard out and flies towards the bunker ripping it apart like it was paper. Inside he sees Morales and Arnold.

“I demand an explanation”, Marcus states as calmly as possible.

Arnold drops his head in defeat and offers to reveal the truth to Marcus, Morales gives a disapproving head shake, but Arnold simply ignores him and says.

“It’s no use, he deserves to know”

Arnold gestures towards a neighboring chamber and unlocks the door, Morales goes in next followed by Marcus. Inside the chamber were dozens of technical equipment like pipes, wires, clamps, vices and many more. There were a couple of terrified scientists inside who were clearly hiding due to the fracas that they had heard. A couple more guards had weapons aimed at Marcus, but General Morales ordered them to stand down. Marcus glanced around and in the middle of the entire room were large cylindrical tubes filled with clear green solutions. Marcus turned pale white as he noticed the contents of the tubes. Inside each tube was a human body, still as a rock, in animated suspension. All the bodies bared the face of Marcus, they were clones all stacked up like a reservoir. Marcus stood paralyzed in fear.

“These…….are…..clon…clones….of m….me”, he stammered.

“That’s right Marcus, we’ve made clones of you over the years”, Arnold says with melancholy “Your real body died over 5 years ago during a terrorist raid gone wrong, but luckily we were able to salvage some of your essential body organs and create a large sum of clones from the original materials, we were also able to retain your memory and consciousness.

“WHAT!!!”, Marcus exclaimed before General Morales chipped in

“You may be superhuman but unfortunately you are not immortal, a lesson we learned the hard way”

“But why?!, this is inhumane”

“I know how it looks Marcus but the world needs you, people need you to save them from all kinds of danger” Arnold says “You’ve done so much over the years, saved so many lives and prevented so many catastrophes”

Marcus sank to his knees, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“This has to end”, Marcus blurted “No more playing god”.

With that said, Marcus flies into one of the canisters, destroying it. He then proceeds to decimate the rest of the canisters and clones around the room.

Arnold and Morales stare in horror at what had just transpired, Marcus dismantles the last couple of canisters and then sits in the mess, exhausted.

“No more….”, he says amidst breaths.

“That was years of research and engineering  that you just destroyed”, Morales bellowed.

Marcus simply walks up to him and stares at Morales for an intense couple of minutes, he then turns his gaze towards Arnold.

“Please Arnold let me rest…..”, Marcus says as he walks over to a gun from a table “… peace”.

Marcus completes his statement and puts the gun barrel to his temple, he gives one last look at Arnold and Morales and then pulls the trigger, taking his life. Blood splattered over the wall as his lifeless body crumbled to the ground. Arnold gasps and sinks to his knees as his eyes began to water. Morales simply shrugs and says.

“Initiate the beta reservoir”

With that said, some of the scientists in the room push a couple of buttons as gears start to turn as a fresh set of canisters erupt from a hidden compartment in the floor. Morales takes a look at Marcus’ lifeless body. He pushes a button and activates a new clone. Arnold looks at Morales in bewilderment. He clearly wasn’t aware of this reservoir.

“I had a feeling this day could come, so I prepped myself”, Morales said “I had a different batch of clones manufactured as a back up, so load this clone up and insert his memories into this one and Arnold, make sure this doesn’t happen again”

Morales turns and walks away from the room accompanied with some guards, while the clone was placed on a gurney and wheeled out of the room. Arnold walks over to Marcus’ lifeless body and says

“I’m sorry Marc, the world needs you more than you think”.


Long Time No Post

Its been an incredibly lengthy period of time since I combed through the webbed catacombs of my blog(as that’s what it seems to be now). Between school work, exams, financial issues, work, personal issues and mostly procrastination, I seemed to have forgotten about my blog which is sad considering how much movies I have seen this year and how much news I would have loved to share. In my hiatus, I have continued writing more short stories and gone far on my novel. My last post featured a short story which I unfortunately left on an unintentional cliffhanger(oops sorry about that). But now I am going to return to my posting habits. I shall post the remaining half of the last story, put up more short stories, post some more movie reviews and keep you all updated on the news in general. So buckle up lads, hybridZone is back to deliver and…… oh he is gonna deliver this time(I know a bit dramatic, that’s what watching too much Fargo will do to you). Stay tuned my friends and till next time. Szia.