Spectre High(continued)

“Are you ready, Maxi?” asked Max’s mum from another room.

Max cleared his head, as he had not idea of what just took place. He carried his bag and baggage and loaded them in the car as he prepared for his first day in school.

“I hope you are not nervous, Maxi?” asked his mum.

“Well maybe a bit”, replied Max.

Max’s mum revved the car engine and then took off to Max’s new school, Skeeter High. They finally arrived at the front of the school gate which had a huge ironwork that read SKEETER HIGH in glitter. Max strained his vision further and then saw something horrifying, the ironworks changed to hanging skulls which read SPECTRE HIGH in dripping blood. Max shuddered as he did not understand what was going on.

“Maxi,you have been acting really strange what is the matter?” asked his mum.

He pointed towards the hanging skulls which had changed back to ironworks. Max just shook his head and muttered “Nothing”.

“Maxi, you have to get rid of your trauma”, said his mum.

“But I have no trauma”,protested Max

“Please do not let your new friends know about this or you would become a figure of ridicule”, replied his mum.

“I hear you mum”, Max sulked.

“There is my Maxi”, said his mum as she chuckled.

A man approached them,presumably a teacher from the school.

” Hello there freshman, and welcome to our prestigious school for the excelsiors, you must be…”

“Ma..”, Max was still speaking when the teacher interrupted him and said

” I know about you already, Max Fletcher”

Max was taken aback even with a greater deal, he had no idea how a stranger would know his full name.

“See Maxi, you are already a celebrity here”, said his mum “I am Mrs Fletcher by the way” in reply to the teacher.

” Okay Mrs Fletcher, your work here is done, I will escort Max to his new room”, said the teacher with a sly smile.

” Are you sure that he would be alright “, asked Max’s mum again.

“Yes” replied the teacher.

“Okay bye Maxi, now you be a good boy”, said his mum as she walked back towards her car.

” Do not fret son, you are in safe hands here”, said the teacher who placed his palm on his shoulder.

The teacher’s palm was surprisingly heavy and when Max stared at it with his peripheral vision, he noticed a paw.He shuddered once more and followed the teacher into the school. As he turned, his mother had just started her car when ‘BOOM’ she blew up in a blaze of flames.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!”, shrieked Max, but there was nothing he could do now.

End of chapter one

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Spectre High

Chapter 1


‘BING’ The alarm clock went off. Today was his first day of his new school, Max Fletcher woke up with the most annoying jolt. he grudgingly got out of his bed and sauntered towards his bathroom. He spent over an hour in the shower. He eventually got out and walked downstairs to meet his mum who had already made him his breakfast.

“Hello Maxi, how was your night, I hope my little boy is ready for his new high school”, his mother said

Max is a 9th grade pupil, he just changed high schools because of his mother. Max sat down to eat his breakfast.

“Why again did you change my school, mom”, asked Max.

“Fountain Heights was not the most appropriate school for you, I did not like Mrs Jen and her over strict policies and the school cafeteria was really horrible”, replied his mum.

“But mum I had a lot of friends there and I have to start looking for good friends all over again”, said Max.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will, you are very gregarious”, said his mum.

“Thanks mum”, said Max sarcastically.

“Here take a look at the school’s prospectus,” said Max’s mum as she tossed the pamphlet towards Max.

Max reluctantly glanced at the cover, he then noticed something unusual about the school’s name. He squinted his eyes and saw the name SPECTRE HIGH written in blood. Max jerked backwards as he saw the writing then he called his mother’s attention. But when he looked at the book again it said SKEETER HIGH  in glitter.

“What’s wrong Max?’ asked his mum.

“Nothing must have had a long night” replied Max.

“I told you to sleep early”, said his mum ” Hurry up you do not want to be late for your first day of school, right?”

With that said his mum walked to the porch, Max looked at the prospectus one last time and then a flash of blood swept his vision,he jerked backwards again but when he looked again it was gone.

“What is happening,” he muttered.

To Be Continued

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