Monday Moorings

Hello my fellow readers, today starts off yet another week filled with different outcomes to our lives, I would like to kick start your week for you by dropping off some movie news to entertain and quell any impending yells that the boss may and might lay on you so far. Lets get it on.


It was recently announced that Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney pictures would not be renewing their contract next year when it expires, the reason according to Jerry being that he would like to direct more mature and gritty movies. This is a bit of sad news considering the amount of money that both parties have made during their collaboration. Although, in my opinion, it seems that the poor performance of The Lone Ranger seemed to have been a catalyst in this decision cause it seems to good to be a coincidence, but it is just my speculation. What do you think about this split?

"Listen Jack, I'm gonna be leaving Disney, so I'm gonna need that bottle of rum back"
“Listen Jack, I’m gonna be leaving Disney, so I’m gonna need that bottle of rum back”

Jason Reitman, a well renowned movie director who has put out magnificent screen magic like Juno, Up in the Air, Thank You for Smoking and Young Adult is set to direct another movie titled Labor Day, it tells the tale of a young boy living with his single and reclusive mom(Kate Winslet) who comes across a strange but intimidating man( Josh Brolin) who is bent on becoming part of their family but turns out to be an escaped convict. I have been a fan of Jason Reitman ever since  his first couple of movies, and with an interesting premise like this, I could say that I am already intrigued by this movie. What are your thoughts?

" I really just want to take you back in time"
” I really just want to take you back in time”

With the release of the trailer of the new Robocop movie set to be released next year, it has been announced that the older versions are going to be remastered in HD for those gritty and blood thirsty fan boys out there( yes i confess me included) and re-released in IMAX theaters worldwide. With the news of the remake in tow, many fans are displeased with the idea of the movie being PG-13, as the originals were R rated, much like what happened with Total Recall. Are you a fan of the originals? What are your thoughts on the remake? This is all for now, please let me know what you think in the comments. Till next time. Szia.

" I'm the real deal, you are a virgin"
” I’m the real deal, you are a virgin”
" Give me a chance, sir"
” Give me a chance, sir”