GTA V : Game of the Year?

Hello once again my fellow readers, so i was fortunate to get my hands on the latest installment to Rockstar’s action adventure free roam sandbox epic, namely Grand Theft Auto V, and i must say it is a masterpiece in its own. i have been playing it for over 8 hours now and i frequently find it hard to quit the game without suffering from withdrawal syndrome. It is a fun, addictive and immaculate piece of genuine hard work that is evident by the detailed game play. Which is why the game could make 800 million dollars on its first 24 hours of release. I am going to lay some features that i enjoyed so far and some minor gripes that ticked me off at times.


The game starts right off with a nine year flashback that introduces us to the first two characters that are gonna be available for playing. When the game starts fully you are given the ability to control three characters, namely : Micheal, a retired professional bank robber who is living a quite life in the new city of Los Santos. Franklin, a gang banger who is tired of his current life and is trying to go legit, and last but not the least, Trevor, a rage infused redneck with a very pathological anger issue. Each characters have their own missions to carry out but might meet each other occasionally for some particular missions. Each character has his own hobbies that he enjoys, with Franklin preferring golf, and Trevor participating in hunting and Micheal enjoying yoga. Each character can also buy unique landmarks that suites their lifestyle.

" Together we take over Los Santos"
” Together we take over Los Santos”

Each character has his own unique set of abilities, Franklin, for example can go into slow motion while driving around treacherous corners and he also has the ability to command his rottweiler named Chop to attack people. Micheal can go into slow motion while on foot when he is being engaged by tons of enemies Max Payne-style and render them mortis by lining up head shots. And finally, Trevor can go into rampage mode where he takes in less damage and deals double damage. Each abilities come in handy at any time. With the awesome ability to switch between players within and outside missions, this adds a nice slice of variety. Players would be switching from a TV watching Micheal to a passed out and hungover Trevor who is laying on a train track. This is another factor that makes the game highly interactive.

" he called my sister a whore, so I put him in a hole"
” He called my sister a whore, so I put him in a hole”

GTA V takes place in a new city called Los Santos(or a revised version of San Andreas) and I must say this is one of the largest maps that I have seen till date, with each of the players living in conveniently placed locales, from the shady ghettos of San Andreas to the opulent lifestyle of Vinewood to the sparsely populated redneck-ridden population of Sandy Shores. This provides the player with a huge landscape that immerses the player into a trip around the dynamic setting of Los Santos. Each location has its on fair share of indigents that add flavor to the environment, one would notice clandestine drug deals going on in the alleys of San Andreas, and one can also notice the lavish lifestyle of celebs over at Vinewood, not to also forget the boisterity of the rednecks at Sandy Shores. Taking to the mountains is also rewarding, as players encounter wild fauna of different sorts, from coyotes to warthogs to mountain lions. Taking to the skies also provides a very gorgeous scenery of the vast world of Los Santos.

"They told me that I wasn't gangster enough so I got a Rottweiler"
“They told me that I wasn’t gangster enough so I got a Rottweiler”

This is the most crucial part of any game, as this often determines whether a game is worth its $60 price tag or better at half price or for free on PlayStation Plus. The most interesting part of the game to me so far are the heists, players can choose which ever method they prefer in handling a job, one can go in loud and dumb, or go in silent and swift, its all up to the player. Also players would have to pick crew members for the job, depending on the pay cut that each individual crew members would take, although the higher the cut, the lesser the risk, so players have to choose wisely. Another interesting aspect is the dynamic optional missions that pop up from here and there, from helping an old lady take down a mugger and returning her purse, to getting mugged at a clothing store and chasing after the culprits. A noticeable improvement is the driving mechanics which have been greatly improved compared to the last installment, vehicles are more durable now and don’t flatten like unleavened bread after every little touch. There are a vast array of vehicles to maneuver from crop-dusters to submarines to cranes and so on. There are tons of activities to partake in from skydiving to hunting to yoga to triathlons, the races are also more diverse as there are the usual car races, jet-ski races, off-road races and so on. Evading the cops has been revised to a more realistic approach, now players have to escape the line of sight of pursing cops and hideout during the cool-down period until the heat is off, players can also change vehicles to speed up this process.

"Let's make this money guys"
“First, you get the money and then the money and then more money”

There were three major gripes or issues that i had with the game so far, first, the health bar was a bit too realistic as players can be taking down by two bullets to the chest, although the players health regenerates to 50% whenever it falls short, these caused a lot of retries on particular stages. Another gripe that i had was the wanted levels, like i said previously players have to escape the line of sight or enter other vehicles to trigger a cool down, but unfortunately the cool down period took to long even for a mere one star. Lastly, the flight mechanics did not initially agree to well with me as i found it hard to land air crafts conveniently. These are minor issues that can be overlooked when fully immersed in this outstanding game. I know no game is perfect but GTA V does its fair share of relating with players in order to give them a highly splendid experience, I strongly encourage people out there to get this game. This is my first hands on impression of GTA V, and i hope to see more memorable games and potential DLCs from Rockstar. What are your thoughts on GTA V? Are you gonna get this game? Although bear in mind that this game has explicit nude scenes, coarse language, and graphic violence i.e. a torture scene, and it will surely go under fire form various media boards, nevertheless this is the most fun you can receive from a couch. Feel free to comment and share. Till next time. Szia.

"See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil"
“See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil”