A Tome of Poems: Cronos


Its a perpetual river flowing without ebb

Round and round it goes like the cycle of Kreb

Its contents washed away never to be undone

Carrying with it ripples of things to come.

Its the endless rotations of a celestial wheel

Events come and go which no one can conceal

Secrets buried and destinies foretold

No one can escape the grasp of its hold.

Its a titan controlling the epoch of the cosmos

Convicted and committed, no one can stop Cronos

The past a memory, situations we can’t suture

The present a gift, utilize and plan for the future.

Wardom 2099

Hello readers, this is a very short story that I had written some years back for a writing competition. It’s an excerpt from a story I was developing which takes place in a future where the countries of the world had been purchased by two mega corporations, shortly after the corporations took to colonizing other planets due to their immense wealth and power. However these two mega corporations were at a never ending war over the years for battle and control over virgin planet territories. During the colonization of the planets, labor was required in order to move and utilize materials, soon the two mega corporations decided to breed human animal hybrids called Abraxxas for labor, but over the years some of these once mindless brutes evolved and developed sentience and intelligence. They were soon considered a threat by both factions, especially when the Abraxxas requested independence from their masters. Unfortunately a small percentage of the Abraxxas bore a genetic defect that turned them into blind and savage monsters, an opportunity the two corporations seized in order to label the entire Abraxxas race as ferocious beasts that required culling, employing special agents to track them down and terminate. The story deals with themes of xenophobia and dehumanization. Please feel free to read and comment on the story.


The street was glistening with wet rain as night light reflected off the black polished surfaces of the road. A long streak of thick red liquid ran across the cobbled stones. The rain had washed  away a significant amount of the thick red liquid but had left enough for the two approaching figures to notice.

”It came down this way,” said the first figure ”The blood trail leads here”.

”It should be easier to track it here, Horace,” replied the second figure.

The two figures were cladded in black military style attires, with their pistols not holstered and armed. The precariously walked along the pavement following the trail of blood until they reached an alleyway, Horace whipped out a device from his pocket which had a screen and a form of antennae at its base. He dipped the base of the device into the pool of blood and gathered some readings.

”Yah there were definitely two markers here, Jasper,” Horace said ”One belongs to our Abraxxas target and the other seems to be human”.

”Well that confirms that it has a hostage then”, replied Jasper ”We have to tread carefully”.

The two men continued down the alleyway, painstakingly scanning their environment for any sign of trouble. Focusing on every nook and cranny of the dark alleyway. ”CLANG” The two men spontaneously turned towards the source of the sudden loud sound. They trailed the sound back to its origin and spotted the propagator of it who also happened to be their target. Trapped in a mesh of metal and forage was a 7 foot creature, it had the torso of a human covered in fur, the feet of an ostrich, the arms of a giant ape and the head of a lion. Clenched in its right hand was a seemingly unconscious man, also donned in military attire, bleeding from the right side of his head. Horace and Jasper were astonished at the creature they were looking at.

”Please don’t hurt me,” the creature said ” I don’t want any trouble, I’m not one of the savages”.

”My goodness Horace!,” exclaimed Jasper ”It speaks!!!”.

”I know, I can hear it,” replied Horace ”Take it out before it does any more damage”.

”Please don’t kill me,” the creature pleaded ”I have a name, I am Menkar of House Mam”

”Look at it Horace, its sentient”

”Doesn’t matter we have our orders,” Horace replied coldly as he pointed his pistol at Menkar’s head.

Jasper grabs Horace’s arm, beckoning him to lower his weapon

”Wait, you can be serious, its clearly not a savage and our orders were to terminate the savages, let’s just call it in for extraction, the council will decide what to do with it”

”Our orders are to exterminate the Abraxxas,” Horace retorted ”Besides they are all abominations”.

Horace looks at Jasper and then glances back at Menkar, who was visibly pleading for mercy. Horace raises his weapon once more and fires two bullets in between the eyes of Menkar, killing him instantly. Jasper recoiled in disapproval and said.

”It was begging for its life”

”A life that never belonged to it, call in the medi-evac so they can attend to the bleeding guy, our job here is done,” Horace replied walking away from the scene.

Jasper turned to look at Menkar’s corpse, whose lifeless eyes stared blankly into the sky, Jasper felt a pang of empathy and pondered the morality of his job.