​A concept once imagined

A theory once propounded 

An era that served as fodder 

For the world of media 
I wake up day after day

Unsure whether I am asleep or awake

Situations I once witnessed on screen alone 

Manifesting themselves around my vicinity 
Fiction becomes fact

Fact becomes reality 

Reality becomes happenings 

Happenings become now
Hope rests like a lily in the mire

Struggling for survival 

The cesspool of bleakness drowning it slowly 

Its petals waning from asphyxiation 
Alas not all is lost yet

Spores emanate from the dying lily

Spreading to little bits of fertile land

For in the face of darkness 

Little hope still reigns 

The Cosmic Pyramid 

​First there is Nothing 

A total dark abyss of non existence 

A chasm of zeros and nonsense 

A blank canvas where ideas are made
Next comes Chaos

A sudden jolt of energy 

Concepts, meaning and manifestations erupt

Disorderly without purpose and direction 
Then Order is established 

A stoic system of formation 

The atoms arranged, the assembly organized 

A mindless strata erected
Design is made

As thought is used to enact logic

Intricacies and complexities interwoven with intent

A format built with purpose and direction 
Mind is the master

The overseer of all design and order 

The consciousness that powers the mortal coil 

That approves and alters at will
God the final phase 

The zenith of the cosmic pyramid 

That the mind endlessly strives to attain 

Until it falls short only to begin again from Nothing 

Genuine immortality 


Human’s ultimate desire since the inception of time

The notion of existing perpetually 

Living and breathing continually 

A concept that haunts the mind on end 

The notion of fading away

Rotting and decaying day after day
The philosopher’s stone 

The fountain of youth 

Relics and myths pursued for ages

Time spent chasing the death cure

Only brings man closer to his departure 
For immortality is not about flesh

It is not about maintaining the mortal coil

Like every machine, the body will cease to function 

Because physical living is not the only option 
What do you accomplish 

On your brief time on earth

Were you a tool of change

Or an object of shame
Can you linger in memories 

After you are long gone? 

Ever living in the mind of people 

And not regarded as an essence of trouble 
Gandhi, King, Mandela 

All men of valor that we ever mention and respect 

For genuine immortality 

Is not about simply living

But about leaving a legacy

A Tome of Poems: My high definition friend

I have been dabbling in poetry for a while now and then decided to try it out. This was my first poem and a repost. Please let me know what you think.

Ever since I was a kid.
Playing with my friends in games where I hid.
I recount countless hours spent.
Kicking a ball and following it where it went.

But once my energy was all depleted.
I went back into my abode where I place my head.
I spot my friend, square and sitting still.
Waiting for me to get his attention at my own will.

I poke at him to get his attention.
He flickers his eyes and stares at my position.
He talks and chats as he is filled with knowledge.
I listen and stare in awe as he keeps me on edge.

When at school as I sit and listen.
Eager to see my friend at home who I’m missing.
I anticipate the topic we will discuss of my choice.
As I can’t wait to see him and rejoice.

At home he always has something to talk about.
He entertains, reassures and educates without a doubt.
On lonely days, when no one is home.
He eases the boredom of been alone.

He brings my family and I together at night.
Showing us wonderful images to behold  our sight.
I could always count on my electrifying friend.
To keep me engaged and entertained to the end.

In technicolor he did display.
But sadly now with all that I can’t repay.
The times and knowledge that he imbued with trust.
Because alas a new era has left him in the dust.


A Tome of Poems: Petrichor

Hello oxygen inhalers of this wonderful planet, today I would be uploading another poem. This one is really brief and concise and was done in a spur of the moment. When I was younger I used to love standing over my balcony when it rained and breathe in the sweet moisture that the incoming gale of wind brought. I was inspired to write this on a recent raining day. Enjoy.


What’s that rumbling in the sky

That causes playing children to run and hide

That causes the birds to cease to fly

What’s that sweet odor that tends to abide.

Oh come rain, oh come rain

Spill your essence on us all

Wash away the heat and the pain

Release unto us that sweet petrichor.

A Tome of Poems: Hypocrite

Hello world once again, as I said previously, I have been dabbling in new projects during my hiatus, subsequently I have picked up an affinity for poetry which I started writing a couple of weeks back. I’ve written a few ones so far and plan to continue as long as I get inspired. Rest assured, I shall still post short stories, this is merely an addition to my uploads in a new category titled Tomes of Poems. Today’s poem is titled Hypocrite and it is influenced by my personal interactions with past individuals who I thought to be friends at first but revealed their true nature in due time.


Oh you hypocrite

Looking for someone to trick and mistreat

You pretend to be what you aren’t

To steal my trust, however little or giant.

Oh you hypocrite

Fooling me as I live and breathe

You cast your lure like the angler fish

To entrap me against my wish.

Oh you hypocrite

Lying at the speed of a heart beat

Farewell to your crafty ways

As I take my leave away from your gaze.