Monday Moorings

Hello once again my fellow viewers, I have decided to add a segment to my blog-sphere in the hopes of making it more interesting and dynamic. This segment aptly titled Monday Moorings( because i suck at puns) will feature movie news around the globe. It would consist of three media related topics that should keep you informed for the week and you can feel free to add your comments. Without any further delay, lets begin. I apologize for the late post.


I believe its no longer news by now that Ben Affleck, is going to play the next Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Following the news there were several back-lashing comments which were dished out concerning the issue. It never really surprised me, because the same thing happened with Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker, who in turn served us with one of the most convincing and accurate depiction of the Clown Prince of Crime. Several people have said that they do not want Affleck due to their experience with the Daredevil movie(which in my opinion is not as bad as people make it seem). I for one am okay with this choice that Warner Bros made, although my first pick for a new Batman would have been Karl Urban. Ben Affleck also commented on some of the comments that he read concerning his role, and he seemed to take it professional. So do you think Ben Affleck can take on the cowl of the Caped Crusader? Let me know in the comment section.

"I may be from Boston, but I am the hero Gotham deserves"
“I may be from Boston, but I am the hero Gotham deserves”

With the continuous progress on the Avengers sequel The Age of Ultron, news has come in that Pepper Potts, who is played by the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow may not be appearing in the movie. Now this doesn’t call for alarm considering that she is a secondary character, but with her absence one can only wonder who would be the Dr Jerkyl to Tony Stark’s Mr Hyde. Do you think Pepper Potts should be added or do you think that she is too infinitesimal to the story?

"For the last time Tony, don't play with your suits"
“For the last time Tony, don’t play with your suits”

With the increasing success of the endless Fast and Furious installments, it seems there are going to be added sequels after the still filming Fast Seven that is currently taking place, and it seems that characters from the mixed received Tokyo Drift are going to make major appearances. It was previously reported that Fast Seven, which is slated for release next year and would featured Jason Statham has the antagonist, was going to be the final chapter to the vehicular franchise, but it seems that they plan on going forward, with James Wan(director of Saw and Insidious) to helm the directorial chair of part seven. One can only speculate that Universal Studio plans on benefiting from this cash cow of a franchise. Do you think they should carry on? For how long do you they should carry on the movie? Please feel free to comment below and subscribe for more movie related news. Till next time. Szia.

"In Fast Twelve we are going to drive into the Hubble Space telescope"
“In Fast Twelve we are going to drive into the Hubble Space telescope”