A Tome of Poems: Hard Times


Tough breaks and unfortunate events

Situations worsen, circumstances we can’t prevent

Hope seems lost and the future looks bleak

Dreams are dashed and life seems to play a cruel trick.

Alas my friend, fret not and be patient

For this is only a temporary moment of torment

Remember gold is tried by fire before it is treasure

And like diamonds, great things happen under pressure.

So rejoice and bask in a blissful pasture

For no one is above the random law of nature

So no matter how hard times may be

Stay strong and a resolution shall come to thee.

A Tome of Poems: Apoplexia


A feeling of rage that causes one to see red

Hindering reasoning with apoplexy and disdain

A sum of fury that can lead to ruin and dread

Spreading like wild fire and causing pain.

Like tens of thousands of thundering typhoons

Or several scores of slithering serpents

Vexation yields nothing but gloom

So calm your heart and let thy anger be spent.

Abhor from umbrage against your fellow

Quell the tantrum coming from within

Animosity creates an unnecessary foe

Learn to forgive and control your chagrin.

A Tome of Poems: Lunar Pursuit

Hello fellow multi-celled organisms of this spherical petri dish we call Earth. Today is another day and another chance for me to post a poem. This is dedicated to a particular gray skinned celestial entity and my oblivious relationship with him. Enjoy.


I once had a friend who was white and round

He lived in the sky and would not touch the ground

Wherever I went he kept with my stride

Whatever the distance he was there by my side.

My friend always appeared in the dusking hours

And was known for having some incredible powers

He was able to raise up the waters of the earth

And grant illumination to all things that hold breadth.

He pursued after me whenever I was in a car

His gaze gleaming and reflecting off the stony tar

But as I grew, acquiring wisdom and gumption

I wonder if my friend’s pursuit was all my imagination.

A Tome of Poems: Silver Screens

Ahoy mateys, welcome once again to another blog post, I do apologize for my absence as I was heavily involved with personal matters too big even for Davy Jones locker, but fret not for I am back to my regular blogging habits, and today I would be uploading another poem. This poem is an ode to one of my favorite pastimes and hobby. Enjoy.


A place of dimness with people unknown

A place of laughter, of sorrow and screams

Stall your gadgets and silence your phones

As we gaze upon the silver screens.

Colors swirl and sound echoes

Heroes fly and detective gather clues

Suspense ensues as viewers are at the edge of their toes

Couples share a kiss and warring nations seek a truce.

Tranquility is key to enjoying the mood

As we bask in these worlds of vast possibilities

Soon the scene will be over for good

So we can return to our mundane realities.


A Tome of Poems: My high definition friend

I have been dabbling in poetry for a while now and then decided to try it out. This was my first poem and a repost. Please let me know what you think.

Ever since I was a kid.
Playing with my friends in games where I hid.
I recount countless hours spent.
Kicking a ball and following it where it went.

But once my energy was all depleted.
I went back into my abode where I place my head.
I spot my friend, square and sitting still.
Waiting for me to get his attention at my own will.

I poke at him to get his attention.
He flickers his eyes and stares at my position.
He talks and chats as he is filled with knowledge.
I listen and stare in awe as he keeps me on edge.

When at school as I sit and listen.
Eager to see my friend at home who I’m missing.
I anticipate the topic we will discuss of my choice.
As I can’t wait to see him and rejoice.

At home he always has something to talk about.
He entertains, reassures and educates without a doubt.
On lonely days, when no one is home.
He eases the boredom of been alone.

He brings my family and I together at night.
Showing us wonderful images to behold  our sight.
I could always count on my electrifying friend.
To keep me engaged and entertained to the end.

In technicolor he did display.
But sadly now with all that I can’t repay.
The times and knowledge that he imbued with trust.
Because alas a new era has left him in the dust.


A Tome of Poems: Petrichor

Hello oxygen inhalers of this wonderful planet, today I would be uploading another poem. This one is really brief and concise and was done in a spur of the moment. When I was younger I used to love standing over my balcony when it rained and breathe in the sweet moisture that the incoming gale of wind brought. I was inspired to write this on a recent raining day. Enjoy.


What’s that rumbling in the sky

That causes playing children to run and hide

That causes the birds to cease to fly

What’s that sweet odor that tends to abide.

Oh come rain, oh come rain

Spill your essence on us all

Wash away the heat and the pain

Release unto us that sweet petrichor.

A Tome of Poems: Lights Out

Hello beautiful inhabitants of the third rock from the sun, hope you all had a fine morning and are having an eventful day so far. Today I will be serving up another slice of poetic pie for your literal consumption. Today’s poem was inspired by the erratic electric behavior that we experience in my country(I’m sure any Nigerian out there can relate). Enjoy.


Oh what a shame

Look no further who to blame

You change your name

But your service remains the same.

Where is the light

So sharp and bright

Have mercy on our plight

The heat is what we fight.

Cease this madness

Give us fluorescence

Alleviate us from this stress

So we can abscond away from distress.

A Tome of Poems: Innocence Lost

Hello there again fellow readers, I will be posting another poem today and this one was inspired by my growing change in perspective from the naivete and ignorance of childhood to the pragmatism and reality of adulthood. Enjoy.


I remember a time when all was black and white

When I believed life was like that of a rose

I remember a time of no fight or flight

When my biggest worry was hurting my toes.

As I grew I learnt that there was gray in between

That life was not a great elegant ball

As I grew I learnt you can have a friend or a fiend

And throughout life, one is bound to fall.

Now I know that there are layers

And life goes on whether you like it or not

Now I know to deal in wisdom and prayers

And whatever happens could be anyone’s fault.

A Tome of Poems: Hypocrite

Hello world once again, as I said previously, I have been dabbling in new projects during my hiatus, subsequently I have picked up an affinity for poetry which I started writing a couple of weeks back. I’ve written a few ones so far and plan to continue as long as I get inspired. Rest assured, I shall still post short stories, this is merely an addition to my uploads in a new category titled Tomes of Poems. Today’s poem is titled Hypocrite and it is influenced by my personal interactions with past individuals who I thought to be friends at first but revealed their true nature in due time.


Oh you hypocrite

Looking for someone to trick and mistreat

You pretend to be what you aren’t

To steal my trust, however little or giant.

Oh you hypocrite

Fooling me as I live and breathe

You cast your lure like the angler fish

To entrap me against my wish.

Oh you hypocrite

Lying at the speed of a heart beat

Farewell to your crafty ways

As I take my leave away from your gaze.