A Tome of Poems: Icarus


Man is borne, bipedal and grounded

The fowls of the air, winged and airborne

Man tills the ground to be fed

The birds soar, feasting under the sun.

Man evolved, civilizations formed

He learnt to build, he learnt to destroy

Man strives as much to be a god

He forgets his beginnings as a boy.

Remember Icarus, dauntless but unwise

Went too close, never to fly again

Man should fill shoes his own size

Over-ambition is a mile away from been insane

A Tome of Poems: Kismet


Freedom, a feeling a caged bird craves

To abscond its plight, and engage in flight

Liberation, a desire wanted by a felon that prays

To see the light, and live without fright. 
We all feel imprisoned on way or another 

It could be in our mind, or in the things we find

We all search for escape from matters that bother

To kick back and unwind, and leave worries behind. 
For are we free to our will or destined by kismet

To love or hate, to proceed or wait 

Whatever the truth we must be ready and set

Whether it be by fate, or we get to dictate.

A Tome of Poems: Once Upon A Thyme


Once upon a time as I pondered on life’s teaching

I stumbled upon the vast naivete I had

Once upon a thyme as I wandered around the kitchen

I happen upon a variety of spice that made me glad.

There is a time for every season under the sun

A time to be born, a time to learn and a time to die

There is a thyme for every seasoning inside the pan

Some thyme to boil, some thyme to cook and some thyme to fry.

A stitch in time saves nine

So make haste before the sun is gone

A swiff of thyme creates brine

Hope you’ve enjoyed the poetic jargon

A Tome of Poems: Hard Times


Tough breaks and unfortunate events

Situations worsen, circumstances we can’t prevent

Hope seems lost and the future looks bleak

Dreams are dashed and life seems to play a cruel trick.

Alas my friend, fret not and be patient

For this is only a temporary moment of torment

Remember gold is tried by fire before it is treasure

And like diamonds, great things happen under pressure.

So rejoice and bask in a blissful pasture

For no one is above the random law of nature

So no matter how hard times may be

Stay strong and a resolution shall come to thee.

A Tome of Poems: Apoplexia


A feeling of rage that causes one to see red

Hindering reasoning with apoplexy and disdain

A sum of fury that can lead to ruin and dread

Spreading like wild fire and causing pain.

Like tens of thousands of thundering typhoons

Or several scores of slithering serpents

Vexation yields nothing but gloom

So calm your heart and let thy anger be spent.

Abhor from umbrage against your fellow

Quell the tantrum coming from within

Animosity creates an unnecessary foe

Learn to forgive and control your chagrin.

A Tome of Poems: Lunar Pursuit

Hello fellow multi-celled organisms of this spherical petri dish we call Earth. Today is another day and another chance for me to post a poem. This is dedicated to a particular gray skinned celestial entity and my oblivious relationship with him. Enjoy.


I once had a friend who was white and round

He lived in the sky and would not touch the ground

Wherever I went he kept with my stride

Whatever the distance he was there by my side.

My friend always appeared in the dusking hours

And was known for having some incredible powers

He was able to raise up the waters of the earth

And grant illumination to all things that hold breadth.

He pursued after me whenever I was in a car

His gaze gleaming and reflecting off the stony tar

But as I grew, acquiring wisdom and gumption

I wonder if my friend’s pursuit was all my imagination.

A Tome of Poems: Silver Screens

Ahoy mateys, welcome once again to another blog post, I do apologize for my absence as I was heavily involved with personal matters too big even for Davy Jones locker, but fret not for I am back to my regular blogging habits, and today I would be uploading another poem. This poem is an ode to one of my favorite pastimes and hobby. Enjoy.


A place of dimness with people unknown

A place of laughter, of sorrow and screams

Stall your gadgets and silence your phones

As we gaze upon the silver screens.

Colors swirl and sound echoes

Heroes fly and detective gather clues

Suspense ensues as viewers are at the edge of their toes

Couples share a kiss and warring nations seek a truce.

Tranquility is key to enjoying the mood

As we bask in these worlds of vast possibilities

Soon the scene will be over for good

So we can return to our mundane realities.