Cinema Corner: Fury

Right after seeing Interstellar last week, I opted to see the new WWII war action drama Fury. I was initially skeptical because I didn’t know what to expect from this movie. I was cynical cause I was afraid that it was gonna be a Hail Murica movie, where the Americans just kill tons of Nazis without any character depth or sentimental values. Boy was I wrong, Fury was a pleasant surprise for me. The director David Ayer has already proven himself in the past with amazing movies like Training Day and End of Watch. Fury was dark and gritty and not in the gratuitous way, the movie really showed the ugliness and reality of war, which I much appreciated cause war is never a good thing as there are always casualties on both sides. I would be reviewing the Brad Pitt lead war movie and please feel free to air your thoughts in the comment section below. I would try to be as spoiler free as possible.

“Damn we still look good with all this dirt around”

The first thing that I would like to applaud about this movie is the performances by the major actors. Brad Pitt led the ragtag band of war torn soldiers. The story follows the adventure of their war tank named Fury, which was used to hold down a large number of Nazi opposition. The movie does a great job in establishing the characters of the main actors namely Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal(of The Walking Dead fame), Michael Péna, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman. The chemistry and interaction between the characters inside the tank was well acted and never hindered the progress of the movie at any point. Many people, including me were actually worried that Brad Pitt was simply reprising his role from the Inglorious Basterds, but that was definitely not the case, whereas Brad Pitt was more aloof and lighthearted in the aforementioned movie, he presented a darker and more serious army officer in Fury. Jon Bernthal played a somewhat similar character to his Shane character in The Walking Dead but the difference was still clear. Michael Péna, an actor that I personally think is underrated shines has the lovable driver of the group. Contrary to whatever was going on in his real life, Shia LaBeouf still delivered an excellent performance as the pious albeit restless soldier and last but not least Logan Lerman excelled as the fresh newbie who gradually evolved into a hardened fighter.

“We want you to join us in fighting the Nazis”

As I had mentioned before, the movie was dark and gritty, but artistic at the same time showing the viewers how actually scary and ugly war can be. I personally could feel for the main characters as they did a couple of crazy and uncouth actions due to the effect of the war. However as good as this movie was, it was never fully able to shy away from the classic Hollywood trope of cliches and predictability. They were various scenes where it was pretty obvious what was going to transpire next. Albeit this did not pull me out of the movie. Another awesome aspect of the movie were the heart pumping tank battles that kept me glued to my seat and desperately hoping for the main characters survival. The sound design was perfect as the roaring thumps of the tanks firing at each other filled the cinema. However the shots been fired by the tanks had green or red colors, probably for highlighting the path of the shots, but this bothered me a bit as it suddenly felt like I was watching a scene from the Star Wars movies. I don’t know if the weapons actually fired like that during the World War 2 saga, but it was a little bit distracting. Nevertheless this did not stop me from enjoying this movie, there was a claustrophobic feeling whenever the camera was in the tank and the characters were talking to each other, one could feel their paranoia and restlessness. Overall I would give this movie a 7 out of 10 Hybrids(yes that’s what I call my rating system) just because aside from some minor issues with the excessive cliches and lightsaber-esque battle shots, this movie delivered at the right place, interesting personalities, excellent chemistry, engaging tank battles, gritty artwork and an awesome foreboding feeling of dread through out.

“I thought I could adopt some German kids here”

-Interesting personalities: Each of the main characters were able to stand out in their own way.
-Gritty atmosphere: The movie was never afraid to show the true horrific nature of war, and did not go Murica on us.
-Excellent onscreen chemistry: The chemistry among the main actors was very believable and it kept the audience engaged
-Awesome Tank battles: The vehicular fights were amazing and jaw dropping, enough to make Tom Clancy proud.

-Predictability: Particular plot points and character motives were easily telegraphed and quite obvious.
-Lightsaberlike battle scenes: The flashing colors of the whizzing bullets were a bit distracting.

The movie was great and has strengthened my faith in David Ayer, who is also set to direct the upcoming superhero movie Suicide Squad, which could also use some gritty visuals and perfect group chemistry. My next review will be on David Fincher’s psychological drama, Gone Girl. What did you think about the movie? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more entertaining news. Till next time. Szia.


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