Game of Thrones S04E06 review

It has been long time since I uploaded anything related to GoT , tests and a bout of fever are the major reasons for this but I’m back now and I’m gonna continue uploading my reviews of the show. I might also put up a review of the new Godzilla movie, as I was fortunate enough to view the movie on its opening day.

We start off with Stannis and Ser Davos on their way to the Iron Bank in order to secure a loan, the initially adamant loaners are eventually persuaded by a heart warming message from Davos concerning his proposed king, Stannis. The delivery was well paced and this scene served as a really good opening for the episode. We cut to Yara, and a band of soldiers on their way to the Dreadfort to rescue Theon, which goes horribly wrong as Theon himself, now embodying the Reek personality refuses to leave, and causes a retreat by Yara, we also see what a really twisted fellow Ramsey Snow is. As he messes with Reek’s mind and hatches a plan. I initially thought Theon was playing along with the Reek personality, but it now seems like he has truly converted. A nice performance from Alfie Allen.

"I was a good boy, so I got a bath, which is nice'

Next we see a farmer herding his goats over a seemingly peaceful pasture, well so it seems, until a huge ass fire breathing beast of extreme noticeable proportions swoops in and has a roast goat meal in seconds. Daenarys’ dragons are getting bigger every time we see them and this is a truly dominating force that King’s Landing should be wary off. The scene changes to Meereen, the city that the Khaleesi had just recently taken over, she sits at a throne(pretty sure she wished it was the Iron Throne) and resolves issues going on with the inhabitants like the recently bereaved goat herder and the young man with daddy burying issues. The scene particularly with the Hizdahr zo Loraq was spot on, depicting what general punishments can do to the innocent few.

"Change of meal, roast goat meat is on the new menu"

We are then taking to King’s Landing where various cases are being discussed from the Hound’s bounty to the rising strength of Daenarys’ army. A nice little conversation occurs between Lord Varys and Oberyn, in which the latter questions the former’s interest, to which Lord Varys simply nods towards the Iron Throne. That was a well developed scene, as it leaves most of the scene to the subtle nod. Is Varys also after the throne? The episode ends on a very climatic trial, in which everyone denies and accuse Tyrion. But none other than Shae’s testament struck a huge blow to Tyrion who decides to give a scene stealing speech that would creep the hell out of any man. The episode ends with Tyrion demanding trial by combat, which has led many to wonder whether he would fight for his own honor or who might fight for him. I personally think the council would select the Mountain as their champion which would led to Oberyn AKA the Red Viper to take the chance to avenge his sister’s death by volunteering as Tyrion’s champion. In all this was a really strong episode that picked up from the last one. What do you think? What are you anticipating the most in the next episode? Let me know in the comment section below. Till next time. Szia.

"I could have been playing blackjack during the battle at Blackwater Bay instead"

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