The Sean Bean Syndrome vs The Steve Buscemi Buzzkill

The title of this post gives you a lot to think about already, most of us movie geeks are conversant with the repeated death scenes of these two awesome actors. Today I am going to list the many death roles that Sean Bean and Steve Buscemi have encountered. I still debate with my friends over who dies more, so for every Sean Bean death, I would add a Steve Buscemi death to rally against it. You decide whose death was your best.

SEAN BEAN SYNDROME                                STEVE BUSCEMI BUZZKILL

Don’t Say A Word( death by crushing sand)                               Lonesome Dove( killed offscreen)

Equilibrium(shot by Christian Bale)                                               Miller’s Crossing(shot in the face)

Outlaw(shot in the abdomen)                                                             Billy Bathgate(shot by gangsters)

Airborne(shot at a plane hangar)                                                     Twenty Bucks(shot by Chris Lloyd)

Red Riding(shot in the belly multiple times)                               Tales from the Crypt(shot as a diseased person)

Essex Boys(blown away by a shotgun)                                           The Last Outlaw(shot in the face)

Cash(shot in the face)                                                                             Homicide(shot offscreen in the head)

Patriot Games(thrown on a spike and blown up)                        Desperado(stabbed by Danny Trejo)

Black Death(torn to pieces by 4 horse carriages)                       Things to do in Denver…(shotgunned)

Henry VIII(hanged in front of an archway)                                 Fargo(axed and churned in a wood chipper)

Game of Thrones(beheaded)                                                               The Big Lebowski(fatal heart attack)

The Island(hanged from a collapsing platform)                          The Grey Zone(shot by Harvey Keitel)

Clarissa(stabbed in the belly)                                                             Domestic Disturbance(icepicked by Vince Vaughn)

Caravaggio(slit on the jugular)                                                           The Sopranos(shotgunned)

War Requiem(stabbed by a bayonet repeatedly)                       The Island( shot and fell through glass)

The Field(stampeded by cows)                                                          Reservior Dogs(shot by cops offscreen)

Lorna Doone(drowned)

Scarlett(stabbed in his sleep)

LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring(arrow barrage)

Goldeneye(fell to his death and crushed by debris)

The Hitcher(shotgun to the face)

Wow what a list, it appears Sean Bean won but apparently some people do not agree with me when it comes to Reservoir Dogs because Steve Buscemi’s body was never shown to be dead, but considering the amount of cops he had to face, I have to say that there must have been next to no chance of survival. So this is my list and if you have any additions, please do so. Please do not forget to rate and comment


“Hey Steve, I heard that George R. Martin and Quentin Tarantino are set to produce and direct a horror

movie that would feature us, they promised us that we would live this time”


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