Character Profile: The Scorn Chronicles

Name : Tommy Beckford

Age : 30

Interest : Power and Dominion

Dislikes : Equality

Phobia : Closed Spaces

Tommy Beckford also known as Ivan Rascolov is a 6 feet brute born in Siberia, Russia during war times which lead to his indomitable appetite for destruction. He grew up in a very obscene atmosphere, his parents worked in an underground icy mine which was before the collapse of the mine that led to the demise of his parents. Ivan was instantly orphaned but was adopted by the current leader of the russian crime ring known as война, because his father worked for them. Ivan exhibited a very boisterous and belligerent character prompting him to be the favorite of Igor Grigorevna, the leader of the война. Ivan was obsessed with power to the extent that he framed a group of Igor’s right hand men in order to move up the rank and secure Igor’s ultimate attention. He became infamously known for his ruthless executions, he never listened to apologies, once you wronged him, you were crossed out.

Ivan eventually got tired of being Igor’s pawn and decided to take him out by murdering him in his sleep. Ivan then became the head of война, he then traversed the world in search of recruits and ways of expanding his crime gang. He dealt in gambling, drugs, money laundering and other various malignant activities. Ivan then decide to naturalize into an american, which he did illegally, he changed his name to Tommy Beckford. Tommy started a new life in America under a false profile. He joined the CIA while still managing his crime ring. He initiated a personal security unit known as the S.H.A.D.E. He staged a military raid on a война hideout and apparently killed “Ivan Rascolov” in order to get the CIA off his tail. Tommy heard about the mythological Scorn Island through Eugene Templeton, who came in order to obtain a permit to explore the particular location. No one actually believed Eugene except Tommy when Eugene spoke about the Invaluabium. After Eugene’s crash on Scorn Island, he sent a signal to signify his survival on the island. Tommy secretly intercepted the signal and started deploying his agents to the Scorn Island in order to obtain the Invaluabium for himself and silence Eugene and his crew. This made him the primary antagonist due to his tireless effort to succeed on his diabolical plan.

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