Character Profile: The Scorn Chronicles

Names : Simon and Cyril Stokes

Age : 22

Interest : Food

Dislikes : Bad Odour

Phobia : Heights

Simon and Cyril Stokes were born to african-american parents. Simon and Cyril are twins born in New York City, America. They went to the same schools all their lives and refused to be separated, that was because they loved playing pranks on other people rather than on themselves. They both hold master degrees in architecture. They decided to delve into archaeology for the fun of it. They tracked down several artifacts all over the world, but the fun ceased when they accidentally pilfered a highly valuable artifact known as the Wolverine, from a russian crime gang that put the twin brothers on a never ending getaway from the russian crime gang.

However, due to an unprecedented gesture of good will from Eugene Templeton who volunteered to aid the russian gang simply known as война which meant war in russian, to obtain the Wolverine back from whom the Stokes brothers had sold it to previously. Eugene then paid the война a hefty sum of money in order to remove the bounty placed on the heads of the Stokes brothers.Eventually, Simon and Cyril decided to repay Eugene by joining his crew of adventurers. After the crash on Scorn Island, Simon and Cyril realized that the best way to survive the onslaught of the savages was to act as intelligent cowards, often playing possum  in order to evade danger. Despite their clever cowardice, they still fell prey for their one weakness………FOOD. The Stoke brothers have an insatiable love for food, once the Scorners used a buffet of pork ribs to kidnap the Stoke brothers in order to use them as leverage against Eugene and his crew.

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